Mass burials: 350 more Shi’ites might have been buried secretly –AI

isBy Abdulmumin Giwa

In addition to the 347 members of the IMN confirmed to have been buried in mass graves by the Kaduna state government after being brutally massacred by the Nigerian Army, another 350 are feared to have suffered the same fate.

This was stated by the Senior Crises Response Adviser of the Amnesty International AI, Donatella Rovera in a response to a statement condemning the AI and accusing it of being biased by the Nigerian Army.

Speaking to IBTimes UK, Rovera explained that in addition to the 347 people allegedly killed and dumped in mass graves, another 350 have gone missing and have not been found either in the hospitals or in prisons.

She explained that these people are feared killed with allegations of additional mass graves in other secrete sights.

The Amnesty International Senior Adviser stated that families of the victims are entitled to have their grievances addressed and the Nigerian Army is not doing that.

It would be recalled that the IMN published 750 names and profiles of its missing members a few weeks after the pogrom saying that they were still compiling. The IMN also stated that those on the list were either killed or in military detention facilities.

On the Judicial Commission of Inquiry set up by the Kaduna state government to investigate the said Army/Shi’ites clash, Rovera hoped it is doing its own investigation with necessary independence and impartiality.

She added that the reports of the findings of the Amnesty International that have been made public after several months since the incident would help the work of the commission.

She further explained that the Nigerian Army has committed additional crime by burning bodies and mass burying them and also demolishing the places where the massacre took place in order to cover up saying, “they are really in no place to speak about what is appropriate and what is not”.

Rovera called on the Nigerian Army to “focus on coming clean and telling the truth and speeding up the process that can hopefully lead to the families of the victims getting justice and reparation and those responsible be held accountable”.

In its report, the Amnesty International revealed that the Army after massacring the IMN members blocked roads leading to the scenes and cleaned blood on the streets removed bullet shells and all possible traces to the crime to hide it.

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