APC On The Brink of a Precipice: Losing Its Pillars One After The Other

12472825_1728684667412823_1842751412541581187_nPresident Muhammadu Buhari
By Abdulmumin Giwa
It is not disputable that political parties have certain individual politicians in them that add value and prestige to them. Such politicians are seen generally as the pillars of such political parties that keep it standing. To clarify this point we could make reference to what happened to PDP when most of its stalwarts dumped the party prior to the 2015 elections. We all witnessed how former President Olusegun Obasanjo kept away from the PDP. The party virtually became empty and gave up.
This also attracted a lot of other people away from the PDP some of who remained neutral and others joined the APC. By joining the APC, the prestige and dignity of the party was raised to a certain extent. The former Vice President Atiku Abubakar and Waziri of Adamawa was among those who were celebrated for joining the APC and giving it hope and dignity in the eyes of the public.
Just last week the APC was faced with the same cancer when a strong pillar of the party dumped it in protest against how it had failed the public and engaged Nigerians in untold hardship and hopelessness.
Alhaji Atiku Abubakar was bold enough to protest against the focuslessness and hopelessness of the APC which has no agenda in place that supersedes serious crimes against humanity, under-development, inflation, complex insecurity and religious fanaticism.
Although for political reasons people might give a lot of meanings to the action of the former vice President but what he said about deceiving Nigerians is certainly true, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
The Kaduna state Governor Nasir el-Rufai who was brought to limelight by Atiku but later betrayed him as usual was among the first people to respond to the action of the former VP. He claimed that Atiku’s action cannot threaten the chances of President Buhari’s reelection come 2019.
There is nothing surprising about that anyway because he relies totally on President Buhari in achieving his political scorecards for now before he will finally betray him as he did to others in the past.
He is only a cheap beneficiary of the blind support the party got in the name of supporting Buhari alone and whosoever is with Buhari. But everything is going to change because the people are on their way dumping Buhari and his true color will come to bare.
Then the public will come to understand how El-Rufai betrayed even the IMN he is now fighting against and as he embraces the same Wahhabi/Salafis that voted against him in 2015. They printed pictures of him shaking hands with Sheikh Zakzaky when he visited him to condole him for the death of the first set of his three children killed by the Nigerian Army calling on their followers not to vote for him that he was Shiite. They are the same people around him today because they share the same objective of eliminating the Shiites.
He betrayed Atiku in the past, he betrayed former President Olusegun Obasanjo who described him as a pathological liar and will most certainly betray President Buhari when the time comes.
He is just like the leaders in the north who use the name of Sir Ahmadu Bello Sardauna of Sokoto any time they want to deceive the masses.
It has become such that APC in northern Nigeria is now similar to belonging to Wahhabism/Salafism. Its leaders are at war with all other religious faiths within and outside Islam. They cannot tolerate other views or religious schools of thought.
The APC regime had attacked and caused the forced disappearance of about 127 followers of the Tijjaniyya Sufi order at the Sheikh Ainoma Gaidam Islamic Center amongst who are 80 memorizers of the holy Quran. Their crime is clearly simply because they belonged to the Tijjaniyya Order.
The APC regime is even fighting against the commemoration and celebration of the birthday of Prophet Muhammad simply because those who practice it are not of the Wahhabi School of Thought.
To make it clearer to those who are not Muslims, the APC is acting with fanaticism by supporting the idea of a state religion like a Catholic in power using his authority to fight against Anglicans and others. That is exactly what APC is doing.
It is in the same spirit that it has murdered over 1000 citizens for belonging to the minority Shia school of thought under the Islamic Movement in Nigeria IMN, demolished their worship centers and jailed their leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky.
The APC regime continues in the way of crises spreading all sorts of lies using the hungry religious clerics and causing division and suspicion among Nigerians especially in the north.
It is the same APC government that has closed down mosques and Islamic centers belonging to the Ashabul Kahfi under the Qadiriyya Sufi Order simply because they not Wahhabi/Salafists. The APC regime in the state also threatened te leader of the group Sheikh Abduljabbar Nasir Kabara for no just course. It is also the same APC that has invited the Wahhabis to Nigeria and paid special visit to Saudi Arabia who have also opened the gates of the Ka’bah to the Nigeria’s APC regime.
It is such that no Muslim in northern Nigeria is safe if he does not belong to the Wahhabi sects because he could be attacked any minute and molested for not supporting the APC regime.
Apart from the sorrow, tears and blood it has caused hundreds of families in Nigeria who have lost their loved ones as a result of the actions or inactions of the APC regime many more have been forced into institutionalized poverty.
Workers stay several months without remunerations in many states while inn other states the APC regime introduces stringent economic measures forcing people into untold hardships. The APC regime rules by impunity and does not have any regards for the judicial system unless it is in its interest.
In Kaduna state, for no tenable and justifiable reason the Governor spent billions of naira claiming to be feeding pupils in schools in which over 100 pupils in a class mostly sit on the floor with no furniture under damaged roofs and others seat in temporary tents.
In the same state about 22,000 teachers were sent packing, over 7,000 local government workers were sent packing, about 4,000 local chiefs were sent packing and some markets are set for demolition.
More so, the APC regime has set a selective fight against corruption in which opponents of the regime are victimized.
As a result of all these lack of civility by the APC in Nigeria especially in Northern Nigeria where anybody protesting or rallying against some policies of the regime is attacked and extra-judicially killed more and more people have lost hope in the regime.
In the early days of the regime people were full of praises to the leadership but today everything has changed such that people now publicly condemn the regime and its incompetence.
The public accuses the APC of telling lies to the public. They lied to them before they voted for them and now that they are not fulfilling their promises they are telling them lies to justify their lack of performance. The hospitals are now in worse states they have ever been before, education has deteriorated the more, jobs are more difficult to find, insecurity has increased especially on the side of kidnapping, armed robbery, political thugs, and even terrorism. Power supplies have worsened up, healthcare delivery services have deteriorated and more and more people are not only plunged into poverty but are also plunged into diseases and hunger all courtesy of the APC.
Nigerians truly feel deceived and misguided by the APC and the party is already losing its pillars and is close to crashing down. Nigerians see the party more as an enemy than a savior as whenever they speak to the public they tell them lies, when they make promises to them they fail them and when the public trusts them they betray he public.
Some of the leading APC in Nigeria are potential candidates of the International Criminal Court ICC in The Hague due to their role in the murder and forced disappearance of citizens in the country.
What remains clear is that very soon more and more people would like to cleanse themselves of all these filth founded by the party and would have no choice but to dump the party and we shall see who will vote it back to power in 2019.

IMN Sues Sokoto Govt Over Rights Infringements

Aminu TambuwalBy Abdulmumin Giwa
Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) has filed an application on Thursday before the Federal High Court in Sokoto seeking the enforcement of its fundament right to religion in the state.
This is contained in a statement issued to newsmen and signed by the president of the Media Forum of the Movement Ibrahim Musa.
The statement said “The prayers sought in the suit filed yesterday in Federal High Court Sokoto, request among others, that the state government and/or any of its agents and the security agencies acting in Sokoto state be restrained from infringing on the religious rights of the Shia community.”
The action was filed by counsel to the IMN, Barrister Alex Adojo and the court has since set 29th of November 2017 as date for hearing in the case.
The IMN said it was necessary to sue the state government in order to arrest any reoccurrence of past clampdown on the Movement initiated by the state where its members were wrongly imprisoned and their property worth hundreds of millions of naira destroyed by sponsored mob.
“Now, if we again allow the government to have its way, to unleash mayhem on a group just because of their belief, thoughts and religious observances, the bitter experience of 2006/7 in Sokoto, when a lot of our members were arrested innocently, prosecuted but eventually vindicated by the Court of Appeal in Sokoto, in the popular case of Malam Kasim Muhammad and 112 others Vs Commissioner of Police could be re-enacted. If we allow a repeat of the situation in Sokoto at the moment, it might spill over to other states of the Federation. We have to let the court enforce our fundamental rights” the statement added.
It further stated that it filled the application for two reasons including “…to express our pains to the entire Nigerian Society and the World at large that this is what is happening in Sokoto state, and by extension in many other parts of the country” and “…we are looking at the gain of taking on this action, because the issue is not who is involved now or where. The issue of the breach in fundamental human rights does not really depend on who is involved and where. The fundamental issue is who is next.”
The statement also warns on the dangers of keeping mute to religious rights infringement by those in authority describing the dangers involved.
“If we close our eyes and watch this kind of activity go on with impunity, one day it could be you or some other group. Somebody could tell any other person in Nigeria not to practice his faith, and there will be total breakdown of law and order.” The statement explained.
It further drew the public attention to an earlier statement calling on the state Governor Aminu Tambuwal to respect and protect the religious rights of the Shiah community in the state as provided by the constitution of country for which it said the Sokoto state government has refused to take responsibility.
“This action became necessary because of the recent developments in Sokoto State where the government has refused to take responsibility. It will be recalled that early this week we issued a press statement in which we said we would hold Governor, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal responsible for any attack on our persons or properties.” The statement said.

IMN Calls On Int Community, UN, EU, AU, ECOWAS, ICC To Put Pressure On Nig Govt

10418340_232482263765721_271358356619524738_nto Free Leader
By Abdulmumin Giwa
Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) has called on the international community, UN, EU, AU, ECOWAS and the ICC to pressurize the Nigerian government to respect its rights and those of its members especially its leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky or impose due sanctions on it.
“We call on the international community, and especially the UN, EU, AU, ECOWAS and the ICC to add more pressure on the government to live up to its responsibility as regards to the issue of the Islamic Movement in general and Sheikh Ibraheem Zarkzaky in particular or be prepared to be ostracized and be convicted”
This is contained in a statement issued to newsmen today by the IMN in Kaduna and signed by Sheikh Abdulhamid Bello to commemorate the two years anniversary of the Zaria massacre.
The statement also demanded that the corpses of all those killed, including those in the mass graves, be exhumed and returned to the IMN for identification and befitting burial according to Islamic rights while it called for the immediate and unconditional release of Sheikh Zakzaky, his wife and hundreds of those detained in various detention facilities across the country.
It further called for an open, independent and impartial inquiry to unearth the truth about the December 2015 crackdown on the movement adding that such an inquiry must have as members, persons with credible character, and there must be full participation of internationally accepted human rights groups as observers.
As the statement called for those responsible for either planning or executing the horrendous attack on the Movement to be brought to book irrespective of their status in the society, it also expressed appreciation to all those that stood by the IMN during its period of travails.
“We appreciate those who for the past two years have stood by us in rain and in sunshine. May Allah reward them abundantly” the statement added.

Re: Coalition Wants FG, AGF To Declare IMN A Terrorist Group

12932651_1052905004747687_1924224296205528091_nBy Abdulmumin Giwa​
This is in response to a write-up by one so-called Coalition of Civil Society Organizations for Transparency and Good Governance COCSOTGG which was sponsored by the perpetrators of the Zaria genocide to blackmail the Islamic Movement in Nigeria IMN and its leader.
The fabrications and false claims alloyed with some form of insanity contained in a statement they issued to the press are what made me to write this rejoinder as a reminder to our right thinking Nigerians who are so resolute and can never be deceived by this regime of liars.
In my opinion, this group claiming to be speaking on behalf of Nigerians is only a collection of mad people who are not only insane but irresponsible. How can we as Nigerians watch the Nigerian government engage in acts of state terrorism and murder of innocent unarmed civilians killing over one thousand of the IMN members including hundreds of women and children, burning some of them alive and burying some of them alive in mass graves and you will come and start telling us this trash?
It is these same IMN the group is blackmailing that have refused to be pushed into violence by the incompetent Nigerian government despite efforts. We have watched the IMN take the path of peace in seeking redress despite the terrorist acts of the Nigerian government they still went to court and won a case against the government.
The Federal High Court in Abuja ordered the release of Sheikh Zakzaky the IMN leader and compensation for violating his right but the government that sponsored this blackmail against them acted in contempt of court and blatantly refused to respect the judiciary. The IMN still remains calm and engages only in peaceful rallies and protests calling for the release of their leader and yet this coalition of idiots are coming to tell us rubbish trying to blackmail innocent people. We have ll seen how the Nigerian government has been killing them any time they come out for peaceful protest calling for the release of their leader, which is allowed by the constitution, but they still remain calm and resolute.
To even display their stupidity the so-called coalition is telling people lies that dont exist. The IMN is Shiah and ISIS is Sunni founded by Saudi Arabia, America and Israel who are they fooling by linking ISIS to Iran? Are you trying to tell us that those who practice same faith should not relate to their brothers in other places, the Wahhabi Sunnis should not relate with Saudi, the Catholics should not relate with Rome the Anglicans should not relate with England the Sufi Sunnis should not relate with Morocco and the Shia should not relate with Iran.
If you are so foolish to call Iran a terrorist state i think you should start by calling on Nigeria to cut diplomatic relations with Iran to prove that it does not support terrorism. From there you can extend it to the illegal state of Israel which is illegally occupying the Palestinian lands and calling itself a state and yet Nigeria is befriending it..Iran has nothing to do with terrorism but is ather a victim of terror activities perpetrated by Anerica, Saudi and Israel the triangle of evil. .
The IMN has existed in Nigeria for the past 30 years and has no record of any violence but is always a victim of extremism by the majority Sunni who cannot accommodate any understanding other that theirs. It is the same Sunni group that the Nigerian leaders that perpetrated the murder of IMN members belong to because they are intolerant and cannot accommodate other views including the president.
Now that the government is so fearful of the protest it is sponsoring these hungry idiots to feed the public with lies which has been their usual trade in its usual pattern of deceiving the public.
I think a responsible group will speak against the crimes against humanity being committed by the Nigerian government under Buhari that is murdering innocent unarmed civilians. Reputable internationally accredited groups like Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the IHRC of London have all spoken against the Nigerian government on this matter and have called for the prosecution of those involved. For the information of this coalition of idiots the International Criminal Court has since commenced preliminary investigations into the matter. The same genocide perpetrated by the Nigerian government has pushed Senators from the US to vote against any sales of arms to the current Nigerian regime because they use such arms to kill innocent civilians siting the Zaria pogrom as an example.
I think those in this coalition should try and find jobs for themselves because if at all they exist they cannot make any fortune promoting tyranny and oppression perpetrated by this regime.
I think with a display of this stupidity by Patriot Sabo Ode, if at all he exists, he truly needs to see a psychiatric doctor.

Copied… The blind thought about IMN becoming violent due to government’s deliberate persistent suppression

By Aliyu SmithPresident Muhammadu Buhari
Well many self-acclaimed pundits seem to continuously warn that the continued brutal crackdown on the Shiites would in the long run leave them with no option but resort to insurgency. This is a wrong prognosis promoted by uninformed analysts whose visceral hatred towards the IMN prevents them from properly understanding the dovish mission Sheikh Zakzaky has for decades accepted.
The media outlets are hell-bent on likening members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria to potential terrorists, comparing their persecution as a time bomb, similar to the same device as was used to create Boko Haram but the media will never tell you, if pushed to the wall, we can be forced to use our swelling population as a weapon to punish our killers during elections with our voters’ cards.
Even Zakzaky’s eldest son, Muhammad Ibraheem once wrote an incisive missive to remind the government that all option was on the table. They will hardly tell you that our activities are never meant to inflict harms on anybody. It is a non-violent movement that aims to reform souls and institutions via good conducts, altruistic service to humanity irrespective of religious or sectarian inclination. This is why no matter how bias a person is he will never cite an instant where we have for once killed any person; in fact, this is why Zakzaky has been able to converts millions of followers in just a few decades.
I admit persecution is forcing us to rethink our stance, but do not ever think that we will resort to violence. Think of Jews: they had been subjects to massacres, genocidal policies, marginalization and expulsion for many centuries, but believe me, without the persecutions, Jews would not have been able to be who they are today. They are less than 20 millions on earth but they have, by utilizing their persecution, controlled every powerful institution in the world. This is a fact nobody can deny.
Necessity, they say, is the mother of invention. Shiites are being killed and media are being used to cover the atrocities, but one of the greatest blessings of the ongoing persecution is Zakzaky’s followers are more united than ever, many of them are devoted to channeling their energies in academia, businesses, entrepreneurship, thank God, persevered members are now bagging PhDs more than ever before.
The new generation of Shiaprenuers has emerged (no details for now) and many people now resort to believing that creative imagination, education and commitment are integral parts of the Islamic Movement under Zakzaky. Unlike Salafists who often transmogrify into terrorists whenever they are provoked, be it in Nigeria, Middle East or Central Africa, Shias on the other hand respond to persecution and provocation by rethinking their ways, and I am very sure, we too here in Nigeria, will respond to change. It is just a matter of time!
The path to prosperity may be filled with spikes, hardships and seeming insurmountable setbacks; the persecution may not stop at this time of adversity, but we will surely survive as we always used to.

Members Of The Islamic Movement In Nigeria Arrive Karbala

karbala arive
By Abdulmumin Giwa
Members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria participating in this year’s Annual Arba’een trek to the shrine of Imam Hussain AS have arrived Karbala after trekking from Najaf for three days.
The trekking commenced as usual from the city of Najaf along which people from various countries and of various nationalities participate in the event.
The grand event is going to commence on Friday the 10th of November which is the fortieth day remembrance of imam Hussain AS, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad SAWA.
Meanwhile the three days trekking was successful and pleasing as it was peacefully enjoyed by the participants with the expression of love and brotherhood.
Speaking to pressmen on the Arba’een trek, Professor Tahir Yahya of Bayero University Kano, also a participant expressed satisfaction with the conduct of the event and explained that this is the bane of unity and respect to the Household of Prophet Muhammad SAWA.
There were other prominent members of the IMN present at the event this year among the estimated 25 million participants this year.

Nigerian Police Murder IMN Members In Kano As They Commence Arba’een Trek To Zaria

By Abdulmumin Giwa

Members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) have been attacked been attacked by the Nigerian police in Kano using live bullets and teargas at the commencement of the peaceful annual Arba’een trek in which two people have already been confirmed dead.

Hussaina Dauda Nalado, an engineering student from Bayero University Kano is among those confirmed to have been extra-judicially mu/rdered by the Nigerian police.

Thousands of IMN members started the trek from Kofar Mazugal inside Kano metropolis in the morning around 10:00am, prayed afternoon prayers at Kofar Nasarawa and terminated today’s trek at the popular Lado overhead bridge.

It was while people were dispersing that mobile policemen arrived the scene and started firing teargas and eventually live bullets.

It is also confirmed that the police took away two corpses after murdering them in cold blood during the attack as many members of the IMN are reportedly injured.

Meanwhile a London based human rights group, IHRC, has issued a press release calling for restraint on the part of the police authorities.

“We are deeply concerned at reports of this build-up given the past attacks on the Islamic Movement by the police and armed forces. We demand the Nigeria police and authorities de-escalate the situation immediately,” said Islamic Human Rights Council (IHRC).

However while terminating the trek, a leading member of IMN, Dr. Sunusi Abdulqadir, called on members of IMN to go back home peacefully as they came, and return tomorrow to continue the march to Zaria.


IMN Members From Nigeria At The Annual Arba’een Trek to Karbala

By Abdulmumin Giwa
Nigerians who are members of the Islamic Movement Nigeria (IMN) have participated in the annual Arba’een trek to the holy city of Karbala in Iraq where hundreds of them trekked from Najaf to the holy city of Karbala.
Shi’ah Muslims from all parts of the world have commenced the annual Arba’een trek to Karbala in commemoration of the annual fortieth day remembrance of the murder of the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA), Imam Hussain (AS).
People from different parts of the world are fascinated by the presence of the Nigerian contingents at the annual event as people from other parts of the world are anxious to also be given the chance to lift the Nigerian flag inn appreciation.
A lot of the attendants at the event continuously ask about the health condition and situation of the IMN leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky while some even carry his pictures in solidarity.
Hundreds of thousands of people have condemned the continued detention of the IMN leader who they describe as oppressed while they also prayed for him.
The Arba’een event is the largest gathering of human beings in the world where an estimated 25 million people have gathered to mourn the murder of Imam Husain AS who was beheaded by Yazid bin Mu’awiyya on the 10th of Muharram for which the 40th day remembrance is commemorated annually on the 20th day of Safar of the Islamic calendar for refusing to pay allegiance to him.

Presidential Investigation Panel Sets Another Date For IMN Leader, Gets Angry As Its Lack Of Independence And Credibility Gets Exposed


The Presidential Investigation Panel looking at cases of human rights abuses by the Nigerian Army has set yet another date, Wednesday, 8th November, 2017 for possible taking of evidence from the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky.

This was communicated to the legal team verbally when the later made inquiries into possible date the case will come up seeing that initial dates earlier scheduled was fast ending without the case being listed for hearing.

The case earlier scheduled to be heard between 30th October and 3rd November could not be listed among the cases to be heard by the Panel because it didn’t get a response to its request to the DSS seeking to allow Sheikh Zakzaky to make an appearance before the Panel. Similarly, the legal team of the IMN had requested to see their client, Sheikh Zakzaky before making any appearance, and that request too was not replied to by the DSS, the government agency contemptuously holding the Sheikh.

It will be recalled that the Panel shifted the taking of evidence from Sheikh Zakzaky and IMN from Kaduna to Abuja partly because it wanted to possibly have access to the Sheikh, insisting that his evidence would be taken in camera. The legal team however insisted that they will not make any appearance in camera except if the Sheikh directs otherwise. They therefore insisted that they must be allowed to debrief the Sheikh adequately and that has not been allowed. Already the IMN, human rights bodies and other activists have variously criticised secret hearing in the matter, describing it as a way to cover evidence against the military.

In another development, the Investigation Panel has cried bitterly over what they said was IMN description of it as “Kangaroo court” on social media. The complain was made following a vigorous campaign by the media forum of IMN, Free Zakzaky Campaign Committee and others particularly in opposition to secret hearing.

Doubts and concerns cast on the Panel
about its independence by the the IMN appears to have been right after all especially with the panel unable to be given immediate access to a victim who has submitted a memo to it. Furthermore, the selective nature of its hearing that appears to exclude journalists and rights groups makes it look as if the initial purpose of the Panel is merely launder the battered image of the Nigerian army.

The IMN had pointed out its concerns about the purpose and composition of the Presidential Panel through a letter sent to the President and published in paid advertisements. Other areas of concern expressed by IMN in that letter include the possible exclusion of those being detained who may not be allowed to make their own submission and the traditional recalcitrant attitude and lack of cooperation of the military in previous attempts at investigating their crimes, all of which are now playing out.

In yet another development, the Panel has indicated that it will serve the IMN notice of a petition written against it by one Muhammad Ali. We first reported this when he was spotted in Kaduna at the Panel’s sitting then being urged by top Military officers to hurriedly present a memo.

Muhammad Ali and his phantom organization was the main consultant given the contract of demonizing the IMN, especially during the sitting of the Kaduna State Judicial Commission of Inquiry in Kaduna last year. It remains to be seen how that fits into looking into human rights abuses by the military.

We will continue to update you with any development in this regard as it happens. Keep a date with us.

*© #FreeZakzaky Campaign Committee, November 2017*