The idiotic Envy of a thing

2016_4$largeimg122_Apr_2016_222211433By Abdulmumin Giwa

Sheikh Sani Yakubu, a brother to Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky has now been turned into a joker by the Nigerian government and it’s Army in spreading calumny and demonizing as well as painting the person of the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria black in the eyes of the world.

In December 2015, after the massacre of 12th to 14th of IMN members by the Nigerian Army in Zaria and the subsequent abduction and detention of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, fearful of a public reaction, the Nigerian Army invited Muslim scholars and Imams to convince them that they were not against any religious sect with the incessant killing of IMN members.

This gathering which took place at the 1 Mechanized division of the Nigerian Army Kaduna received wide coverage in the media where the Army first presented Sheikh Sani Yakubu as a special guest at the occasion.

To him it was an opportunity to be heard and an opportunity to go beyond his locality unlike his brother Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky who was already an internationally respected personality by that time.

He displayed the best of his talents while addressing the guests in his position as a brother to Sheikh Zakzaky  that is happy with what befell his brother whose three children have been killed at gun point, his wife shot severally in the womb, he himself received several fatal shots and his residence demolished.

In his address he was unable to hide his naivety when he referred to Shi’ites and Christians as ‘Arna’ (unbelievers) in the presence of his host the General Officer Commanding the Army Division who is also a Christian.

He expressed hatred and enmity against his brother Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky who he condemned for being a Shi’ite while he reiterated to newsmen that Shi’ites were not Muslims and he had nothing to do with Sheikh Zakzaky.

Since then the government and Army have taken him as their joker any time they want calumny against Sheikh Zakzaky they bring him along; they have taken him to the Judicial Commission of Inquiry JCI set up by the Kaduna state government and is in the newspapers doing what he knows best.

His actions might surprise a lot of people who might be wondering what kind of a person he is that his own sentiment is thicker that his blood when it said that blood is thicker than water but there is nothing surprising about it, most especially as he is from Zaria.

It is inherent in a lot of people from Zaria to enter into competition with relations with whom they share the same father but different mothers. This kind of competition results to envy, jealousy and even hatred as in the case of Sheikh Sani Yakubu.

They even have a traditional name for this kind of competition which I personally describe as ‘idiotic envy’ among the Zaria people. They call it ‘Yan ubanci’ in Hausa.

‘Yan ubanci’ to them is that you must not only disallow your brother with whom you share only a father with different mothers to prosper but must also do your best to pull him down and out if possible.

It is sometime tragic and displeasing to see the way they behave among themselves and it is common in large family compounds, especially among the royals and scholars, in fact all circles of life. This idiotic envy comes in various other ways like between women sharing the same husband, between wives of two brothers and others.

This competition sometimes even extends from generation to generation.  There are live stories of people that have fainted when they heard that their brothers of the same fathers have bought cars or have gotten public appointments or have made some achievements or breakthrough in life. This is very common among them especially in Zaria.

Sheikh Sani Yakubu is just carried away by this Yan ubanci against his junior brother Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and that is all. To him Sheikh Zakzaky has attained heights he might not dream of getting to in his life and an opportunity has come for him to pull him down.

The government and the Army exploit this as an opportunity to defame the revered leader of the Islamic Movement, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky by using his brother to deceive the public and present the Sheikh as so bad that even his own brother is against what he is doing.

But the truth is that there is another brother and even a sister of Sheikh Zakzaky that are disciples of Sheikh Zakzaky. What is even more interesting here is that there is a senior sister of Sheikh Zakzaky, Hajiya Fatima (Goggon Kaura) that is among those burned alive by the Nigerian army during the attack on the Sheikhs residence. She stood by the Sheikh and died protecting him inn her way.

Hence, the hypocritical publicity being given to Sheikh Sani Yakubu to show the world that he was in support of the genocide in order to justify their crime against humanity is only one of the several steps being taken by government and the army to absolve themselves of condemnations.

Those dailies and media outfits that have taken him to heights in their pages as he condemns his blood brother and supports the Army attack on IMN should equally remember that there is Sheikh Zakzaky’s senior sister that was burned alive defending her blood brother.

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