Whose Children Could Be More Children Than The Other’s?

By Abdulmumin Giwa
It’s indeed very sad that Yusuf Buhari, the son of President Buhari is involved in a bike accident that has even led to limb fracture and head injury if the media report is true. This is indeed an affliction of pains that could traumatize any family in the same situation. It’s really very sad that the young man and his family are going through these hard times.
Since the news broke out I have read a lot of postings and comments of various dimensions on Facebook concerning reactions of the public on the matter. Some of the responses were political with some others even doubting the integrity of the president as to the type of training he is giving to his children most especially with the public image he is presented with considering what happened.
Still others are even wondering how expensive the bike he was riding is and comparing all that to the situation in which Nigerians are in today especially the over four million people that have lost their jobs this year.
I was attracted to a particular post on the wall of a friend, Umar Hassan Gololo, who stated that were President Buhari to visit Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, who is in illegally being detained with the DSS today, he is sure the revered leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) will express sadness over what happened to Yusuf and even pray for his quick recovery because he has a pious heart of saints.
His post, which is also very true, pushed me into meditation on the worse situations the revered Sheikh Zakzaky is going through as a result of the suppressive actions of president Buhari and his regime on his person.
It is indeed true that the Sheikh’s level of piety, love and humanity will certainly make him feel sad for Yusuf and even pray for him and if anyone were to ask him why, he would probably say the young man is innocent unless it could be proved that he played a role in his father’s inhumanity to him. It is simply so because he wears a Godly anointed heart and enjoys the baptism of God Almighty.
This is a virtue that can never be purchased from any supermarket across the globe and is a virtue that is completely absent in President Buhari and his cohorts that afflicted the man of God with sorrow, tears and blood.
It would be recalled that just a few months after Jonathan’s regime killed three undergraduate sons of Sheikh Zakzaky and the Sheikh was hardly getting over what happened to his sons that were abducted by soldiers and taken to the army barracks and tortured to death, President Buhari took another even worse turn on him.
Not talking about the over 1000 followers of the revered Sheiikh Zakzaky that were ruthlessly murdered and buried in mass graves, with some even burned or buried alive and others tortured to death, President Buhari inflicted pains and sorrow on the revered Sheikh as a person.
Yes, president Buhari’s army threw the Sheikh’s elder sister, an old lady and his nephew, a young chap into a room, locked it and set it ablaze. She was chanting “are you going to burn us alive?” until she could shout no more and that was how they were burned to death.
Just imagine the extent of terrorism by the Buhari’s army on unarmed women and children for a crime that is yet to be mentioned by the regime that perpetrated it.
They shot the revered Sheikh severally and he was down in a pool of his own blood losing an eye and the mechanical function of a limb. They even celebrated his death and molested him by putting him in a wheel barrow and spreading the pictures on social media.
They killed three of his sons and were looking for the fourth and final one to finish to ensure that they exterminate the entire family as part of their plot. Yes to exterminate the family for their faith because not even the mother of the three children was safe as she was also shot severally in the womb and is kept along with the Sheikh in illegal detention without proper medical attention.
The killing of the Sheikh’s children was done in the most brutal manner. One of the sons was shot in the head and his brain splashed on the Sheikh’s face and the other was slaughtered with gun sons on the neck. Imagine all this brutality on an individual for no justifiable reason but what could only be described as power drunkenness.
To even show that the President is taking the whole matter personal and with rage, he defies court orders for the unconditional release of the Sheikh who has remained in illegal detention for over two years now. One could imagine the kind of pains inflicted on the revered Sheikh Zakzaky by the head of the first family now in pains on the situation of their son. Where is justice? Where is fairness? …and where is humanity?
But the revered Sheikh Zakzaky will definitely see Yusuf as the innocent young man involved in a bike accident that needs his prayers for quick recovery.
The issue here is, if President Buhari will be saddened by the situation of his son and hypocritically or not, some people will send goodwill and prayers to comfort and identify with him, what more of Sheikh Zakzaky whose three sons were murdered in cold blood by President Buhari’s army.
It is a very sad thing to lose six sons within the span of a year, three killed by President Jonathan and the other three killed by President Buhari who also killed his elder sister and nephew, razed his house to ground level and suppressively detains him even with contempt of court in his position as a democratically elected president.
Could the love for a son by tyranny, impunity and oppression be more than the love for a son by piety, love and humanity?
If the Sheikh has a saintly and pious heart and could pray for Yusuf in this condition how would one describe the heart of the one that inflicted the sorrows on the revered Sheikh? Definitely every son is a son and so are the three sons of Sheikh Zakzaky that were murdered by the Buhari’s army for a reason yet to be mentioned by his government. Indeed no children could be more children than other’s.

The Unforgivable Sins Of Buhari Regime And The ‘Buharian Army’

El-Zakzaky: Hurting memories of a massacre

December 27, 2017 • By MOJEED ALABI

In 2015, hundreds of members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), otherwise called Shi’ites, were violently crushed by the superior power of the men of Nigerian Army with mass burial allegedly conducted for 347 victims by the Kaduna State Government. More than two years after, the Sect’s leader, Ibrahim El-Zakyzaky, his wife, Zeenat, and over 200 members have remained behind bars, even against court order. MOJEED ALABI, who visited some of the victims, their relatives and the scenes of the violence, report on the religious extremism and human rights abuses that characterized the massacre

Hajia Maimuna Abdullahi Husseini is completely depressed and worn out. The 48-year-old mother of 10 no longer thinks straight as she is constantly frightened and haunted by the imagination of the horror that may have accompanied the alleged killing of her husband and six children; all in one fet’s 54-year-old husband, Mallam Abdullahi Abass, was a trained motor mechanic, but hard times later compelled him to trade in Islamic items such as books, pamphlets, audio and video tapes of lectures and teachings of Islamic scholars.

He was popular for selling recordings of the renowned leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), otherwise known as ‘Shi’ite,’ Sheik Ibrahim El-Zakyzaky. As a member of the group, he decided to venture into the new business, and this was what his family had lived on until 2015.

On Saturday, December 12, 2015, Abass was one of the hundreds of thousands of other IMN members across the country and beyond who had converged on the group’s Hussainiya Baqiyatullah –a religious and cultural centre, located along the Zaria-Sokoto Road, Zaria, Kaduna State, where they were to commemorate a flag hoisting event.

The Coordinator of the IMN’s Academic Forum, Shuaib Ahmad, told New Telegraph that the event was to mark the beginning of the Month of Rabiul Awwal (third Islamic calendar month)- the birth month of Prophet Muhammad, when the Movement’s green flag was to be hoisted, replacing the black one.

On the said date, Abass, and his six children – Abdulrazak Abdullahi, Abbas Abdullahi, Muhammad Abdullahi, Ahmad Abdullahi, Ibrahim Abdullahi and Jawad Abdullahi – whose ages ranged from 18 to 28, had taken strategic positions to display the items for sale.

Their mother, Maimuna, was also with the other four children at the centre, but at the female wing, where she had also displayed women wares and other items for sale.

The family was hopeful that the school fees needed by Abdulrasak and two of his other siblings would be made on the day. That dream never came to reality. Since that day till date, their whereabouts is yet to be ascertained. They were among those assumed to have been crushed by the men of the Nigerian Army, who had engaged the group in a fight to the finish that lasted three days.

Their remains could also have been part of the 347 bodies of the victims of the incident that the Kaduna State Government claimed it conducted mass burial for.

But two years after the unfortunate incident, Hajia Maimuna still does not want to believe her husband and six children could have been killed and buried in a manner she described as “conscienceless.”

Maimuna, who is now very feeble and fragile, had embarked on many weeks of self-imposed hunger strike, in protest of the great trauma she said has been caused her by the alleged killers of her family.

Speaking through an interpreter, who craved anonymity, Maimuna, who spoke in Hausa Language, told New Telegraph that she would have preferred that the whole family was wiped out instead of the seven who were believed to have been killed by the soldiers. The development, she said, had left her with the burden of life, especially the care of the remaining four little kids.

She said; “Every night, I see my husband and my children. They come to me in dreams and I cry a lot because when I wake up, I don’t see them again.

“Initially I did not believe they were dead, but almost two years after, I have realised the futility in the search efforts because they are neither in the hospitals nor in the prisons. We combed mortuaries too, but nothing was found. So, I believe they have been martyred, and I wished the whole family could have been so martyred.”

Meanwhile, if Maimuna is still in doubt of the whereabouts of her husband and children, it is not so for Hajia Amina Isa Ahmad, whose son spoke to her just before the soldier fired the shot that might have killed him.

Amina, who is in her 40s, is a Senior Computer Operator at the Institute of Computing and Information Technology, at the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, where her husband, Dr. Waziri Isa Gwantu is also a lecturer. She lost two sons – Hassan and Hussein Waziri (twin brothers); one stepson, Mohammed Waziri, and a stepdaughter, Fatimah Waziri.

As at the time of their alleged murder, the 19-year-old Hassan and Hussein Waziri just gained admissions to the Department of Library Science and Business Management respectively, while their stepbrother was a 300-level student of the Department of Computer Science, and Fatimah, a 200-level student of the same department, all at ABU.

According to Amina, her experience may be too traumatic to narrate; saying about two of her children had managed to narrate their ordeal to her on phone shortly before their last breath.

“But unfortunately, the soldiers had cordoned off everywhere and I could not rescue my children at the point of their death,” she told New Telegraph.

Responding to questions from our reporter, who had traced her to the ABU Teaching Hospital (ABUTH), Shika near Zaria, where she had taken one of her remaining eight children for treatment, Hajia Amina’s eyes were full of tears, using her long scarf to mop it.

She explained; “On that very day, my husband had taken the children to Hussainiya Baqiyatullah. But while on his way, he heard gunshots and found out it was due to a misunderstanding between the military and the IMN members. He wasn’t surprised because about six months before then, Sheikh Elzakyzaky had informed members that he received security reports that the military was trying to feign an attack by IMN members so that they could hide under such false alarm to attack the Movement.

“He then decided to take the children to the home of Sheik instead of the event centre, hoping that they would be safer there, but he was wrong. When the soldiers finished with those at the Hussainiya, they moved to Sheik’s house and leveled the whole place.

“Where I was hiding, I saw Hussein when he was shot and was being taken by the members of the Movement’s medical team to a makeshift treatment centre. I wanted to jump out, but the other women held me back and tried to calm me down. In the evening on Sunday, December 14, my son called me on phone and could hardly talk because he had lost so much blood. He was gasping and told me the soldiers had found them out and were killing everybody. He said there were only few people to be killed before it would be his turn, and he prayed for forgiveness if he had offended me in any way. That was my last communication with my son.”

Amina further explained that his stepchildren, who she had been taking care of in her about 21 years of marriage, also died in similar circumstances. They were part of those allegedly gruesomely murdered by the soldiers at the home of the group’s leader.

Expressing his grief to New Telegraph, Amina’s husband, Dr. Waziri, said what was more painful to his family was that after killing his children, he was denied access to their corpses and could not bury them according to Islamic rites.

“They were buried in mass graves. What offence have we committed to deserve this kind of oppression? Not even in war is this permitted by laws”, Waziri cried.

In a similar development, the duo of Idris Umar and Alhaji Monsur Alli also had each child killed during the attack. Mahdi Idris was a 20-year-old son of Umar, while Alli’s Mohammed Kabir was 24 years old when they were mowed down.

According to the two parents, that their children were martyred had lessened their pain, but the fact that they were buried like animals was a sin they would never forgive the government for. They said they were ready to lose their lives for their faith and accused the Nigerian government of impunity.

Meanwhile, Jubril Tukur and Yusuff Abdulkareem, who live on 27, Mamman Yola Street, Hayin Dogo, Samaru Area of Zaria, were some of the lucky victims of the incident. They escaped the scene of the violence with wounds from gunshots.

According to Abdulkareem, he was shot on the thigh and suffered Femur Fracture. He had just gained admission to study Computer Science at the Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) shortly before the incident, and two years after, he is still nursing the wound and may have forfeited the admission.

Narrating his escape experience, he said he was just lucky to have fallen into a drainage after being shot, and that more than 10 hours after he was shot, he could not move out of the gutter.

He said; “But the following morning when men of the IMN medical team were moving round, they discovered my body. They had thought I was dead, but one of them saw my fingers moving, and picked me alongside others to the teaching hospital.

“But after few days at ABUTH, there was report that the soldiers were coming to raid the hospital to kill us, so we were moved discreetly to Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital, Kano where I spent five months at the orthopeadic unit. The Movement later flew me to Al-Zam Hospital in Tehran, Iran, where I spent a month between June and July, 2017.

“Today, I walk with the aid of the crutches and as soon as things improve, I hope to return to school.”

On his part, the 36-year-old Tukur, a shop owner and father of two, spent a year at the Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital in Kano, and since he was discharged, his ankle where he suffered gunshot was yet to fully heal.

Tukur’s business has since run down and now lives at the mercy of what his wife could make from her petty trading. “As you can see, where can I go with this leg for now? Until it is finally healed, I am living on the help from Allah and my wife is also trying to do her best. But no matter how hard, I still strongly believe in my faith and it cannot be killed by bullets from mere mortals.”

There are hundreds of similar stories across many homes in Kaduna, Zaria, Kano and every other cities and states, where members of the IMN live or lived, as the case may be. Many children are today orphaned and wives widowed as a result of an avoidable crisis.

How the crisis started

On Saturday, December 12, 2015, the Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Lieutenant General Tukur Yusuf Buratai, reportedly travelled from Dutse, Jigawa State capital to attend the Passing out Parade (PoP) ceremony of the 73rd Regular Recruits at the Nigerian Army Depot, in Zaria.

On the same day, the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) was to commemorate its flag-hoisting event at its national headquarters- Hussainiya Baqiyatullah, which is located along the major Zaria-Sokoto highway, where the Chief of Army Staff was scheduled to pass.

Ahead of Buratai’s arrival and as it was the practice of the security operatives, advanced team of the Army Chief had staged patrol along the road, including the venue of the IMN’s programme. And on its part, members of the IMN, including men of the security and road traffic units, who were allegedly armed with batons, knives and machetes, also took positions on the road.

However, investigations by New Telegraph revealed that members of the IMN were scared of the presence of the soldiers at its event location. The fear, sources disclosed, might not be unconnected with similar clashes with the military in the past, especially on July 25, 2014, when about 34 members of the movement, including three sons of the leader of the Movement, Mahmud, Ahmad and Hamid Elzakyzaky, were killed.

The trio had taken part in the Movement’s annual procession, otherwise regarded as Quds Day Celebration, which was in solidarity with Palestinians over massive attack from Israel. The soldiers had allegedly opened fire on them following disagreement over rights of way.

As at the time of their death, Mahmud was a student of Al-Mustapha University, Beirut, Lebanon; Ahmad was studying Chemical Engineering at Shenyang University, China; and Hamid was an Aeronautical Engineering student at Xian University, China.

Thus, according to the Academic Forum of the Movement, the argument that ensued between the soldiers and the members of the Movement was not unnatural.

Meanwhile, while the argument was still on, the Chief of Army Staff arrived the scene, and his men forced their way through the crowd leaving many members of the Movement dead.

The Coordinator of the Academic Forum, Shuaib Ahmad, told New Telegraph that; “About an hour after the Army Chief left, there was reinforcement of the Army carrying heavy arms and box of ammunitions that resumed killing indiscriminately. We saw the Nigerian Army killing children who were confused and running for refuge outside the Hussainiyyah. They remained in that situation, killing any of the members at sight, while the brothers and sisters of the Movement, who were also armless, took cover inside the Hussainiyyah.

“The soldiers called on those inside the Hussainiyyah who are in their hundreds to come out of the Hussainiyyah with their hands up which some of them did, but were shot by the soldiers as they went out and this prevented the others from conceding. Later that night the Nigerian Army threw grenades at the Hussainiyyah, pulling down part of the wall to gain access. Those inside were taking cover as the soldiers have surrounded the entire building and were shooting indiscriminately and there was nowhere to go to.

“Soon, they cordoned off the entire area and took away the corpses of those they murdered. Some of the corpses at that time were deposited at the Mortuary of Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital in Shika near Zaria. They later brought down the frontage of the Hussainiyyah and later leveled the entire structure on Sunday, 20th December, 2015.”

Attack on El-zakyzaky’s house in Gyallesu area.

Investigations by New Telegraph revealed that at about 9:00pm on the same day, more soldiers in some trucks arrived the residence of the leader of the Movement at Gyallesu Area of the city through the Congo Campus of ABU and shot ‘indiscriminately.’

Workers at the Federal College of Education, including a security personnel on the campus, who identified himself simply as Ilyasu, described the scene of the attack at the Gyallesu Area as Commando-like.

According to Ilyasu, the soldiers shot sporadically at the crowd and that rather than giving in, the IMN members simply kept shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ (Allah is great), and that as they attempted to remove the corpses of their fallen members, the soldiers kept shooting and killing more, until they finally gained entry into the Sheik’s compound.

Ilyasu said in Hausa Language; “Few of us who were brave enough to watch, climbed up trees and saw the whole thing. I was afraid myself because anyone the soldiers saw in the neigbourhood was at risk. It was like a film.”

Ahmad said apart from the numerous members of the group who were killed at El-zakyzaky’s house, leading brothers of the Movement, including Sheikh Muhammad Mahmud Turi, “were martyred.”

“Also, they killed 3 children of Sheikh Zakzaky, namely Hammad, Ali and Humaid, and their mother, Hajia Zeenat Ibraheem was shot severally. Also killed at the scene was a journalist working with the Kaduna State Media Corporation (KSMC), Alhaji Ibrahim Usman. And at last, Sheik was brutally shot and was arrested with his wife and has since been kept in detention, even against court order,” he added.

Attacks on IMN’s cemetery, film village and park (Darur Rahma)

In furtherance of the attack, soldiers from the same 73rd Regular Recruits at the Nigerian Army Depot also moved to the Movement’s park, which comprises a film village, cemetery and farm, occupying a large expanse of land located in Dambo Area of the city.

When New Telegraph visited the site, there were rubbles from the demolished structures on the land and the burial ground which were scattered during the attack.

According to Ahmad, many lives of the Movement’s members who had taken refuge at the location were also claimed by the violence, and that the soldiers allegedly moved the bodies to the mortuary at the ABU Teaching Hospital at Shika.

Nigerian Army reacts

Though when New Telegraph tried to speak with the Nigerian Army’s Spokesman, Brigadier General Sani Usman, he failed to pick his calls on many occasions, and when he did pick, he requested that messages should be sent.

But when questions were sent to him via a text message, he refused to answer. However, the newspaper’s Defence correspondent (name withheld), who the Brigadier General Sani was already familiar with, sent the same questions through a text message by phone. But rather than responding to the questions, Sani simply sent a warning message that read; “Don’t ever send me this kind of thing.”

Meanwhile, in its memo submitted to the Judicial Commission of Inquiry that was set up over the crisis, in January 2016 by the Kaduna State Government, the Army had claimed the clash was an attack by the IMN on the convoy of the Chief of Army Staff (COAS).

The report of the Commission reads in part; “The COAS and his entourage left Dutse for Zaria at about 11:30va.m., and arrived at about 2:20 p.m. However, along Sokoto Road, close to the IMN’s shrine called “Hussainiyya Baqiyyatillah”, a group of suspected IMN members in their hundreds, armed with dangerous weapons, blocked the convoy of the COAS. Efforts were made to appeal to them to allow the COAS and his convoy passage, but they remained adamant, saying that it was only “Mallam”, meaning the leader of the movement, who could instruct them to grant access to the COAS. Specifically, the Director, Military Intelligence, Provost Marshall (Army) and the Acting Director, Public Relations pleaded with them for about thirty minutes to no avail.

“The Nigerian Army noted that the senior officers in the COAS convoy took considerable personal risk by leaving their vehicles and trying to persuade IMN members. After about thirty minutes, what appeared to be gunshots were heard coming from the direction of the shrine while some of the IMN members appeared to be flanking the Nigerian Army delegation from the sides as if to encircle them.”

The report added; “The troops responsible for the safety and security of the COAS had to act and clear the road when it became obvious that he was in danger. The NA further noted that prior to the incident, Zaria was peaceful and the team that came to receive the COAS and his entourage transited through the same route 20 minutes to the blockade without any sign of procession.

“The Nigerian Army also posited that the “ambush” was pre-planned and premeditated with the aim of causing harm or even eliminating the Chief of Army Staff as the IMN members’ motorcycles and cars were neatly parked and the road was littered with heavy stones and bonfires. This and the prevailing security situation in the country, as well as a previous attack on the COAS in Borno State, were given as the context from which the Nigerian Army’s action of ‘shooting through the blockade’ was taken.”

However, in its defence of the actions on the following days, the Nigerian Army noted that security reports had indicated that members of the IMN were planning to retaliate and that arms and ammunition belonging to the group were already stockpiled at the three locations of Hussainiya Baqiyatullah, El-zakyzaky’s house at Gyallesu and the Daruh Rahma on Dambo Area of the city. This, according to the report informed the Nigerian Army’s decision to descend heavily on the locations.

But in the report, the Nigerian Army did not list the weapons recovered from the locations, and never gave the number of casualties recorded on the part of its victims

Can Tyranny, Impunity, Blackmail, Mischief Change The Truth?

SENATOR SHEHU SANI ONCE SAID ABOUT SHEIKH ZAKZAKY IN AN INTERVIEW…comrade-shehu-saniPresident Muhammadu Buhariis-210299071_1657394451201758_5874517390390978602_nCOAS Lt. Gen Tukur Buratai
Senator Shehu Sani: “You see, I am not a member of the Islamic Movement but, there is something, I am a human rights activist and a leftist revolutionary. But, what ever belief you share, there is a lot you can never run away from; what ever belief you share you cannot run away from the influence, prestige and condor of Malam Ibraheem Zakzaky. I’ve always said it that as an activist who has been involved in activism for a very long time, each time I feel depressed and I feel weakened and I feel as if demoralized, as a human being, in the sense that all what we have been struggling for, for a new society, for a change in our society has not been able to materialize; each time I have this emotional depression I take it upon my self to visit Malam Zakzaky and by the time I see him I have a lot of strength. Because he is such a person that is full of energy and he is such a person that is a model for consistency and resolve. I so much admire him more than any other person you can ever see in this country. There is no Islamic scholar with a popular broad achievement and with a very strong support from his own followers in the whole of this country if not the whole of this West African sub-region like Malam Ibraheem Zakzaky. If Umaru Musa Yar’adua today wants to gather a crowd and address them, what will happen is that his governors will have to be involved, the ministers will be involved and then there will be people to rent crowds and people to attend and listen to the speech and be paid. But the spiritual significance of Malam as far as his ability to hold on to his belief and the movement which he has led right from late 70s to date is unbelievable. He is such a man that symbolizes principle and struggle and change. He is a strong advocate of revolutionary change in the society. People who will admire Malam are far beyond people who are even members of the Islamic Movement because the very fact remains that today he still remains a reference point. He is somebody you can die for and he is somebody you can defend at any time because you know he is not going to sell you over. He is somebody whose life epitomizes what he believes in and he is somebody who has for all this period and the persecution he has undergone that which I have seen, has never bulged even for an ounce. I become highly impressed as an activist that all the prisons I have been taken to as a prisoner, each time I am there I hear that Malam Zakzaky was also there at a certain time and in the years gone by. I can say it very well that Malam Zakzaky is not a leader of Islamic Movement but he is a leader of any person who believes in the change of a society, who believes in the fight against injustice, tyranny and repression. He is a leader whom if every Nigerian recognizes and knew very well, he can also die for him. There is nothing required from a leader… first of all he is someone who is not going to betray you and he. has already displayed that. In all these years we have seen the rise and fall of Islamic clerics and how most of them will come out like a wave and suddenly they will fizzle out but he has remained firm and consistent. He is a Dutch fighter and he is a model for every kind of struggle not only that of the Islamic Movement.”

IMN Members Join Christians to Celebrate Birth Of Jesus Christ

By Abdulmumin Giwa
In its traditional manner of bridge building and extending love, brotherhood and the message of humanity, members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria have joined Christians in celebrating this years Christmas.
Among the Churches visited by the IMN members on Christmas Day were ECWA Church at Marafa in Kaduna and Evangelical church Ministry st Sabo in Kaduna. Several other churches were visited by IMN members across the country.
As Christianity preaches love and Islam Preaches peace, IMN members say there is no reason for any crises or unnecessary violence between adherents of the two faiths. It also called on Christians to join hands with IMN in the struggle for the establishment of fairness and justice by chasing away tyranny and oppression.
IMN thanked thee Christians who in true spirit of godliness have rendered their voices to the call for the unconditional release of the IMN leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky.26047418_1622132097824972_6589021675493526763_n
More so, members of the Movement also paid a visit to Arch-Bishop Peter Jatau at his residence in Kaduna.

Call Us What You Like, We Remain Focused And Resolute

Suppoort for Palestine
By Abdulmumin Giwa
The issue of the clampdown on the Islamic Movement in Nigeria by the Buhari regime is a plot beyond the borders of Nigeria with its real architects in US, Israel and Saudi Arabia. It is based on a simple plot of taming the influence of the Islamic Republic of Iran and ensuring that its ideologies do not go beyond its borders.
US provides the arms and political initiatives, Israel provides the training and Saudi Arabia provides the funding. With or without any dram of road blockage we were due to be attacked by the regime, our leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky be killed, we the followers dispersed and the Movement be proscribed.
The same plot was hatched in places like Saudi Arabia where Sheikh Nimr an-Nimr was murdered by the Saudi regime, the clampdown on Yemen and that of the IMN in Nigeria.
The Case in Nigeria is the worse as it is taking place in the largest black nation in the world and on the African continent, the control of which the imperialists fear losing to Iran. The CIA had since 2005-6 declared the IMN leader as a threat to their interest and compelled its Embassy in Nigeria to pressure the Nigerian government to proscribe the movement, disperse the members and kill the leader. This was revealed by Chidi Okpar website.
Several attacks have taken place in a covert manner but unsuccessful and these even include assassination attempts on the leader. One of the major attempt was that of July 2014 where 34 unarmed IMN members were murdered by the Nigerian Army in Zaria after a peaceful pro-Palestinian protest.
It didn’t go down well with the perpetrators because due to political heat the whole plot was messed as politicians and high ranking people condemned the killing and condoled the IMN leader.
They were quick to realize that using a Nigerian leader from the southern geo-political region and also a non-Muslim will not give the required result. That was why they opted for a northerner and a Muslim for which they used Buhari.
They thought of a better result because with the involvement of Saudi Aarabia in the plot they were sure of a massive support from the majority Sunni population in who false and lies about Shiah has been induced and they have been brainwashed.
The plot was executed but unfortunately for them the revered leader of the IMN was not killed despite all attempts to and that was why he was shot in the eye with the intention of blowing off his brains.
The entire plot failed even with the media blockade it got and the congratulation to Nigerian government by the Saudi regime for killing what they called terrorists. The entire massacre did not get media coverage in the main stream media across the globe as though those killed were not humans.
The entire plot was not as successful as planned and now in a way the Nigerian regime is left to manage it and is using all sorts of plots to do that as well.
When the Kaduna state government established the Judicial Commission of Inquiry JCI to produce a report on the Zaria massacre of IMN members by soldiers, one Nafi’u Baba-Ahmed of the Sharia Council, in his presentation before the JCI stated that Islamic Movement in Nigeria, as we are known, is a very good name that we are not worth. We shouldn’t be the ones bearing that name.
It is a name that depicts Islam and Muslims in entirety and we should not be the flag bearers of that name and must not be allowed to. It will give us sympathy and support which we don’t deserve. Hence for us to be referred to as the Islamic Movement in Nigeria is a big mistake.
I could remember what the IMN leader told us during a gathering that we are the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and not Islamic Movement of Nigeria. This is because the Movement could be in any part of the world as it is a global affair. Meaning it could be Islamic Movement in Ghana, or in London or anywhere else. Against this backdrop the acronym IMN was founded and that is how we have been known for years even in our past correspondences prior to the massacre.
Yes we are members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) as explained to us by the revered leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and so shall we remain.
We are also aware that the DSS is working so hard to induce internal crises in the Movement in order to justify its mischief against it. Hence, what is now our concern is the continued and persistent exposure of the crimes committed by the Buhari regime that murdered over 1000 members of the Movement in Zaria and not a debate on what we are addressed as.
Call us what you like but we are what we are and will continue to remain what we are. There is no amount of pressure that will take us away from exposing the inhumanity, human rights abuse and excessive crimes against humanity committed by the Buhari regime.
We will never waste our time in unnecessary and irrelevant arguments about what we are addressed as which is the wish of the perpetrators of the crimes against humanity that butchered thousands of innocent unarmed women and children. We know the perpetrators want to blackmail us and give us a bad name in order to justify their dastardly act of extra-judicial killings.
The perpetrators of this act of genocide have done and are still doing all efforts to derail us from the campaigns for the release of our leader through the introduction of various gimmicks that even include lies and intimidation.
They have unnecessarily attacked us and killed us during peaceful religious gatherings in order to intimidate us into violence. They have used this method unsuccessfully.
During the fundamental rights case we won before the Federal High Court Abuja they concocted blatant lies that were insulting to the personality and integrity of the IMN leader who they claimed has ordered that DSS be removed from the list of those sued at the High Court because they are taking good care of him. It was most insulting especially when they came out with a group photo showing the leader among some visitors and in front of him were food and refreshments. They also didn’t succeed here too as the case continued and was won and the DSS was ordered to release the IMN leader to the police.
They have also attempted hijacking the case and handing it over to their lawyers because they were afraid of the legal team led by human rights activist Femi Falana SAN. There too they used the name of the IMN leader that he was the one that gave the instruction. We escaped that plot also and the case was successfully won under the Falana’s team.
The same mischief makers wanted to push the IMN into chaos by introducing other ideas to instigate members into violence saying that they should carry arms. They go about propagating ideas that are alien to the Movement in order to cause chaos. They have also not succeeded in all these.
It was also a plot by the perpetrators to render the IMN voiceless or make it chaotic to the extent that its opinion and the sources from which they come remain in diversity and not unique. This to them will reduce the pressure on them and will also give them opportunity to induce their own opinions in the name of the IMN and also make the world see the Movement a bunch of miscreants that lack focus.
It is for this reason that they declared the President of the Media Forum MFIMN Malam Ibrahim Musa and signatory to all the press statements and official correspondences on behalf of the Movement wanted. They wanted to render the IMN voiceless and promising to pay N50,00:00 and later made N500,000:00 by Nasiru El-Rufai to anyone who leads to his successful arrest. This too became a failure as all the usual campaign activities for the release of the IMN leader were still sustained.
No positive-minded and enlightened person will read the Compendium made into a book form containing all the correspondences between the IMN and the Nigerian government and others mostly signed by the MFIMN President Malam Ibrahim will open his mouth and utter trash that the IMN has no spokesman. It will be indeed very stupid.
It will tantamount to gross ignorance about the modus operandi of news writing and reporting by newsmen who call anybody that speaks on behalf of others their spokesperson. To the movement he is heading the Media Forum established by the leader and when he speaks to the media they say the spokesperson and this is the professional language.
As the IMN remains focused and resolute and has attained recognition and sympathy across the globe which has affected the Buhari regime and its performance, they are now concentrating on generating internal crises in the Movement. Their intention is to disperse the IMN members and engage them in violent and unnecessary contest amongst themselves such that they do away with all responses against them.
The IMN has successfully made the bad human rights records of the regime clear to the world such that reputable human rights organizations have presented the regime in their reports as having bad human rights records. This has become so serious that the US senate is condemning arms sales to Nigerian regime sighting Zaria massacre as an example.
These activities of the IMN have forced the Nigerian regime to institute an investigation into the blatant abuse of rights by the army where they indirectly refused to allow IMN leader to speak before the panel so that they could be able to produce a report that will be soft on the army and on them as well.
Their inability to find a way out is even one of the reasons why the Buhari regime has to extend the service periods of the military chiefs in order to avoid what will follow when they lose immunity.
Be rest assured that you can never divert us from our course by inducing unnecessary debates on what our identity should or should not be. Call us what you like as we remain members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the revered leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H). We shall continue with our widespread campaign for his release.
We all know and understand that whatever you call us will not change our ideas and philosophy as we remain what we are and shall continue to remain focused and resolute on the path of non-violence until we attain fairness and justice to all.

Soldiers Abduct Members Of The Islamic Movement In Jigawa For No Just Cause

Heavily armed Soldiers of Operation Lafiya Dole in 3 trucks yesterday, 20th December, 2017 arrested two members of the Islamic Movement, Musa Dauda and Misbahu MuhammadNig Army living in Tsangarwa of Gwaram Local government of Jigawa state for no just cause. The soldiers initially arrived the town allegedly acting on a tip off and conducted a house to house search on members of the Islamic Movement but found nothing incriminating.

The soldiers claimed they were tipped that members of the Islamic Movement in the town were piling up arms with a view to taking revenge for the Zaria massacre by the military in December 2015. This ridiculous allegation is clearly a pretence by soldiers to execute their hidden sinister motives.

We have always made it clear, times without number, that Sheikh Zakzaky-led Islamic Movement in Nigeria is a peaceful mass Movement, whose forty-year history is devoid of any resort to violence in the pursuit of its objectives. Not even after the murderous mission of the military in Zaria, were arms recovered as attested by the report of the Kaduna state Commission of Inquiry. This is a clear vindication of our position on use of arms, that only the insane would use weapons to propagate ideas rather than positive thinking, reasoning and use of proofs.

We therefore strongly condemn the military action in strong terms, and call on them to unconditionally release them immediately. They have committed no offense. We also insist that there must not be a repeat of such intimidation anywhere again.





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Copied from FB… Just On Age President Buhari Is A Monumental Fraud. Please Read:


Our liar president made us to believe that he’s 75yrs old yesterday when indeed, he’s already a grand octogenarian.‎

Be the judge with this simple arithmetic…‎

Let’s play…‎

Buhari Obtained his controversial, questionable and still missing WASC in 1953!

2017-1953= 64yrs ago‎

‎Marking his 75th Birthday today…

75 – 64 = 11yrs‎


Our liar president obtained his WASC at the age of 11 in 1953? Wow! What a genius pupil he was in his days hey?! 😅

I still wonder how many kids in those days finished from the high school at the age of 11 except for a genius like Buhari….‎

Further more‎, because 1957, the year that he joined the army is a constant that can NEVER changed, back or forward dated on any record it means that our liar president joined the army at the age of 15.

2017 – 1957 = 60yrs ago‎

Subtracting the year that he joined the army from his age today…

75 – 60 = 15yrs‎

This means that Mohammadu Buhari was commissioned into the Nigerian Army as a full lieutenant with 2 pips (stars) ‎at the age of 15…

Another genius and brilliant feat there! 😅😅

You can fool some people sometimes, but, you can not fool all the people all the time…‎

The question is, do we still need a docile octogenarian to continue to rule this country when a couple of civilised countries have sound, agile and brilliant presidents even in their 40s?‎

Change begins with you!‎‎


Zaria Shi’ite Killings Genocidal, Silence Truly Criminal

By Abdulmumin Giwa
The need for the recent statement attributed to Senator Shehu Sani representing Kaduna Central Senatorial Zone at the National Assembly, that “Silence over Zaria killings is criminal” cannot be over-emphasized.
At least not when the Nigerian Army goes on a killing spree on unarmed civilians that not only include women and the aged, but also children, chasing them all over the place even as they strive for to hide and simply killing them.
Over one thousand unarmed citizens were murdered by the Army in cold blood and extra-judicially in a manner that could only be described as an act of state terrorism with many burned alive by the Army.
The Nigerian government has refused to even look into the matter or consider it as unacceptable or condemn it.
Some of the most embarrassing things the government did in the attack include the way they killed the sons of Sheikh Zakzaky in the most terror laden manner. One of them was shot through the eye and his brain was blown off that it splashed on his father’s face who was already down in his own blood after also being shot severally. The other was slaughtered on the neck with gun shots by the Nigerian Army.
Nigerians are aware that all these crimes against humanity undeniably took place on this minority group to the extent that the Nigerian government led by president Buhari was already identifying with a majority Islamic sect which helps them celebrate the incessant killings and legalize it in public.
It is all over the social media that the Chief-of-Army-Staff COAS, Lt. General Tukur Buratai is referred to by them as the hero of killing Shias. They seriously celebrate him and the government and its agent are aware of this but remain mute in acceptance.
In fact the celebration of killing the IMNers didn’t just stop in the presidency where a Saudi contingent of scholars along with some Nigerian scholars were given special reception in the Villa, it went as far as Saudi Arabia, the headquarters of Wahabism and sponsors of global terrorism. Nigerian president was given a special reception and the doors of the holy Ka’bah were opened for him for killing Shiahs in Nigeria.
The IMN in Nigeria is known as a peaceful, assembly of non-violent and peaceful progressive minds that preach fairness, justice and love to all irrespective of tribe, race, region or religion in Nigeria and has set many records and benchmarks in its social development history as well as aid and relief activities in times of need. It has no single reference of any indictment or act of violence attributed to it in it’s about 40 years of history.
It is against this backdrop that the IMN sued the Nigerian government for illegally detaining its leader thereby violating his fundamental rights as a citizen and the High Court in Abuja judged in his favor. It ordered for the unconditional release of the leader, payment of damages, provision of residence and police protection for him until what they claimed before the court of his life being in danger is totally cleared. In this regard the government acted in contempt of court and refused to obey the court order.
Contrary to this generally known fact about the peaceful dispensation of the IMN, the Wahhabi Saudi Arabia was the first to congratulate the Nigerian president for killing Shiahs and referring to them as terrorists. The president was comfortable with it and Nigerians remained mute probably due to the cancer of lack of patriotism and lack of justice and fairness eating deep into the nation.
What is worse is that the accomplices of this crime against humanity, where the ‘Buharian Army’ called Nigerian Army murdered over 1000 innocent unarmed women, children and the aged from 12th to 14th of December 2015 in Zaria, no single genuine reason or justification has been given for that action by the Nigerian government two years after.
Starting by the president, he claimed that miscreants blocked the convoy of COAS and were hitting the chest of a General. Contrary to this claim, even the video produced by the government and used for its propaganda on national television after the genocide didn’t show any miscreant hitting the chest of a General. What the video showed was Colonel Usman Kukasheka (now a Brigadier General), the Army spokesman, hitting the chest of a young man complaining to him of something.
More so, does the hitting of the chest of a General by a miscreant justify the extra-judicial killing of over 1000 innocent unarmed civilians, most of who were not even at the scene of the crime? What are the police for? What are the courts for? What is the judiciary for?
The government also claimed that the IMN members blocked the convoy of the COAS, the COAS told pressmen that the IMN members were after his life but he survived, the army claimed that the IMN had stockpile of arms and were planning a reprisal, also the government told the court that they were protecting the IMN leader because his life was in danger hence he is under protective custody.
Also, the government told the public that IMN is worse than Boko Haram terrorist group and the government also told the public that no Nigerian wants to be a neighbor of Seikh Zakzaky that is why they are keeping him in protective custody but were shamed by some Nigerians including Christians who even offered their residence for him.
The government after refusing to obey the court order for the release of the IMN leader also claimed that it was going to appeal the judgment ordering his unconditional release but now is over one year yet nothing has been heard of it.
The Kaduna state Governor Nasiru El-Rufai accused the IMN of plotting a revolution, not voting during elections, taking over schools during its events, Harrassing and causing nuisance to the public, to the extent that he went above the Nigerian laws with impunity and arrogance to announce that he had banned IMN in the state for which the lives of the members were placed under undue insecurity to the extent that several more were extra-judicially killed by the ‘El-Rufaian Police’ in the state.
Nasiru El-Rufai also sued about 200 IMN members, now in Kaduna prison for some concocted charges of killing one Corporal Dan Kaduna and unlawful assembly. These innocent people are inn Kaduna prison for two years now and the case has gotten nowhere.
He set up a Judicial Commission of Inquiry JCI to investigate the Zaria massacre in the process of which it was revealed that the state government and the Nigerian army buried 347 IMN members in a mass grave at Mando, Kaduna, about 100 km away from the scene of the crime.
Even as the IMN refused to go before the JCI due to its composition of members who suspiciously were there to cleanse the government of any faults in the genocide, the JCI indicted the army of going against its rules of engagement. It declared the mass burial as being against all known laws in its report. Contrary to the report, Nasiru El-Rufai produced a whitepaper solely indicting the IMN
More so, the government’s Wahhabi partners in the crime are busy propagating lies upon lies and hate and dangerous speeches that the IMN members are infidels, they insult the companions of Prophet Muhammad SAWA, they exchange wives, thereby polluting the minds of the public with rubbish in the name of preaching religion.
All these irregularities and many more that have caused Nigeria so much have taken and are still taking place in this country in the last two years.
The IMN has gone to courts across the country seeking rights protection, the IMN has taken its case to International Criminal Court ICC in The Hague, the IMN has complained before the National Human Rights Commission, the IMN has complained to the National Assembly and the house of Representative, the IMN has complained to various diplomatic missions, the IMN has contacted various groups and individuals as well.
Also, the IMN has gone before the United Nations Human Rights Commission, the IMN has complained to the Amnesty International, the IMN has complained to the Human Rights Watch and the Islamic Human Rights Commission of London. But the Buhari regime has refused to heed all the calls from the various quarters.
Internationally again, embarrassing incidences of protests against this injustice by the Buhari regime have taken place in places like London, at the Nigerian house severally, in India, Pakistan, France, Germany, Australia, New York and various other places too numerous to be mentioned.
This incident has been raised in the American Senate in the US where a Senator insisted that arms must not be sold to Nigeria because the Army is using the arms to kill unarmed civilians sighting the Zaria massacre as an example.
As a result of this, the Nigerian government has been forced into setting up an inquiry to investigate the Nigerian Army’s bags of rights abuse but will not allow a major victim of this crime to speak in public but in camera due to cowardice and hypocrisy. Such investigation has now gone without any mention of the army’s crime on IMN virtually because the investigation wants to avoid the issue of the revered Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky whose rights and those of his followers have been violated.
This has turned into global issue with accusations of genocide against a minority group being labeled against the Nigerian government led by Muhammadu Buhari. What is even more dangerous is how Nigerians remain indifferent about the matter with some religious and political bigots and extremists even seeing it as something good simply because the major stakeholder in the crime is their political and religious hero, President Buhari.
It implies that Nigerians are not safe because the government can at any time kill members of any group at will and self-appointed adversaries of such groups will simply support the illegal act by government.
We have seen those in authority today who have sworn with their religious books before the world that they will protect the lives and property of all citizens irrespective of their inclinations. The president went as far as borrowing a statement to add to it that he belongs to everybody and belongs to nobody. Unfortunately, here he is two years after belonging to somebody and not belonging to everybody and turning IMN members into his adversaries.
With these and many other facts, one cannot help but accept that it is indeed criminal for the Nigerian government not to investigate the Zaria massacre it is a violation of fundamental human rights and is even more criminal for the government to have engaged in act of state terrorism by attacking unarmed minority group as it is an act genocide.

Thank You All For Being with Us, We Are Tremendously Inspired


The Islamic Movement in Nigeria successfully commemorated the second year of the Zaria massacre in Abuja between 12th and 14th December, 2017 with series of activities ranging from rallies, processions, advocacy visits, and public as well as media engagements. The events loudly called for the immediate release of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and his wife from illegal detention. Both are being subjected to unconstitutional denial of their freedoms for the past two years despite a Federal High Court judgement. It was the first time IMN was holding such events for three days consecutively and it was unprecedented.

Except for the first day when policemen attempted thwarting the procession from reaching its destination, the Three Arms Zone where letters were to be delivered to the leadership of both Chambers of the National Assembly, there was no serious inimical occurrence. That the occasion was peacefully done over these three days puts to shame all purveyors of violence, whose main aim, had always been to portray us as a violent group. This is only a further evidence of our peaceful disposition contrary to these agents of doom.

To this end, on behalf of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, we extend a very hearty thanks to all those who turned up en masse for all the activities. Particular mention must be made of Human Rights groups, activists and various local and international media houses for gracing our important activities for the second year commemoration of the Zaria genocide. We cherish their support and passions for justice for Zaria pogrom victims and for the unconditional release of Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife as well as other prisoners of conscience still being held unjustifiably at various detention centres across the country.

We are individually and collectively resolved to keep the fire burning and shall not relent until the total freedom of Sheikh Zakzaky is achieved. We will not leave any stone unturned until our all our members also being detained for no other reason but their faith, are freed. We will not rest on our oars until those who perpetrated this heinous crime against us, are brought to book in our local courts and at the International Criminal Court at The Hague.




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Copied… Silence over Zaria Shiite killings criminal – Sani

By Ismail Mucomrade-shehu-sanidashir

President Muhammadu Buhari should urgently order full scale investigation into the killings of members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria sect in Zaria by the Nigerian Army.
Senator Shehu Sani (APC, Kaduna Central) said in a statement yesterday that the attacks on the homes and members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, “is nothing but an indiscriminate and disproportionate use of force by the military.
“Silence and neutrality to this amount to nothing but aiding and abetting a clear and undisguised abuse of fundamental human rights,” the senate committee deputy chairman on foreign affairs said.
“It’s absolutely wrong for the members of the group to deny the convoy of the Chief of Army staff the right of passage. However, killings and arson is not the legal, civilized and proportionate response to “road blockage,” he said.
“The Islamic movement and their leader have repeatedly denounced terrorism and insurgency. The Zaria killings was an avoidable tragedy. The use of force must always be the last resort and not the first resort and must be done within the principles of international best practices of rules of engagement,” he said.
“Nigeria is a democratic state, the professional conduct of the apparatus of the state must be done within the ambit of the law and respect for fundamental rights of the citizenry,” he said.
“Any excuse to circumvent human rights, is a step towards tyranny. Northern Nigeria have in the last seven years been neck deep in violence and soaked in blood opening a new front will not augur well for the peace and stability of Nigeria,” the lawmaker said.