Happy Democracy Day 

By Aliyu Smith 

Two years since he was sworn-in with pomp and fanfare, the man, Buhari has proven to be the most confused leader that ever ruled Nigeria. He has woefully failed in virtually everything he promised to fulfill during his electioneering. He attracted votes from mostly poor voters who madly needed security, jobs and sense of belonging, as a result of his seeming hard stance on corruption, a cancer many people blamed for their economic and social stagnation. Shortly after his inauguration, the man went haywire, focusing the radius of his anti-corruption crusade on his political enemies while the looters who worked for his victory are walking freely. On economy, he promised to create jobs for millions, strengthen the naira, subsidize fuel and attract foreign direct investment, but two years after, our economy is still in recession, millions of jobs were lost; poverty is unprecedented since the return of democracy and inflation has reached an apogee. 


On security, he claimed to have defeated Boko Haram, but the victims are abandoned to starve; the Nigerian army under his command, descended on the members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and massacred over one thousand people including women and children with impunity. Suspected Fulani herdsmen have killed thousands of innocent Christians and nobody is booked. Biafra activists are being killed like ants and the president isn’t there to do anything. The state of fear Buhari has created, has made Nigeria one of the least stable countries on earth. Human rights do not exist in his dictionary. If failure is the dividend of democracy, if flagrant violation of human rights and lopsided economic policies are the rewards for voting the ruling party, if marginalisation of other sections of the country has now become synonymous with inclusive leadership; if lies, deceit and phantom promises are what people deserve for their sacrifice, then we have reason to celebrate democracy. Happy democracy day!

Nigeria: Two years of state terrorism

By Abdulmumin Giwa
It is exactly two years on 29th May since the global terror managers represented by John Kerry visited Nigeria to witness the swearing-in ceremony of their new stooge President Muhammadu Buhari whose job is to exterminate some Nigerians that have found themselves in their black books.
Basic among those they want exterminated are the leadership and members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) who they see as an influence of their enemy Islamic Republic of Iran. They immediately initiated the new President Buhari to their global cult of terrorism made up of America, Israel and Saudi Arabia.
President Buhari who is known to be having a military background devoid of any tribal or religious sentiment was soon converted into a Wahhabi/Salafist and initiated into a cult of sectarianism based on an Islam founded by the CIA and spread as its officially recognized Islam. It is the same official Islam of Saudi Arabia and all the terrorist organizations they have founded. It is the Islam of Al-Qaeda, Daesh, ISIS, Taliban, Boko Haram and Al-Shabab. To them everybody is an infidel if he does not practice their form of extremism as Islam.
In the international scene, America and Israel are in an all-out war against Islamic Republic of Iran and all its supporters and allies. For this reason they oppose Iran that is even practically more democratic than America and embrace Saudi Arabia that is undemocratic and runs a royal authoritarian system. They go about across the world castigating and blackmailing Iran and its allies while everybody watches as Saudi Arabia is busy along with America terrorizing other nations.
They see any influence of Iran anywhere across the world as a threat to their interest and to them the IMN is a major threat to their interest most especially with the way it is fast growing with millions of members.
They could not provoke the IMN into violence because its activities are all peaceful and educative and are based on public enlightenment.
The imperialists see the IMN as a threat to the way they are exploiting the African continent and carting away resources through the unpatriotic and wicked leaders. They see the IMN as a source of enlightenment to the suppressed and exploited Africans and what is more disturbing is that this awareness is coming from Nigeria the largest black nation in the world.
In an earlier attempt when the Americans under former President Jonathan tested the plot of exterminating the IMN they realized after killing 34 members including three sons of the IMN leader that were abducted and tortured to death that they would prefer a president that is a northerner and a Muslim in order to avoid the IMN getting any form of sympathy from the public. For indeed there was sympathy and it was, turned into a political issue where the current Kaduna state Governor Nasir El-Rufai issued a condemnatory statement to that effect.
The Americans selected Buhari for president with the agreement that he will kill Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, disperse his followers and outlaw the Movement. They staged a drama of road blockage under which pretext they murdered over 1000 IMN members in cold blood. The manner of attack was the worst terrorist attack ever to have taken place in Nigeria before. Several people were burned alive including the elder sister of the IMN leader and his nephew. Women had their breasts cut with bayonets and sharp objects placed in their private parts. Unarmed civilians were summarily and extra-judicially killed after coming out with their hands up.
Heap of corpses were gathered along with injured persons all of who were buried in mass graves hundreds of kilometers away from the scene of the killing too hide the crimes. They washed off blood stains and picked up bullets and bomb shells while the Kaduna state government used state machinery to demolish the affected places and pack away the rubbles all in attempt to hide their heinous crimes against humanity.
They have at the wake of the operation attempted killing the IMN leader and his wife after murdering additional three of his sons in his presence. They shot the IMN leader severally including in the eye while they shot his wife severally in the womb.
They took both of them into an illegal detention they coined a deceptive name for claiming that the IMN leader is being kept in ‘protective custody’, a phrase they failed to defend before the court when the Federal High Court, a court of competent jurisdiction in Nigeria ordered the release and compensation of the IMN leader and they acted in contempt of court.
For the simple fact that this government came in to exterminate the IMN, apart from the state sponsored genocide against the IMN there is no other thing to show by the regime two years after forcefully been placed in power by the imperialists to serve their bid.
People are now living in hardship and extreme poverty with an ever-rising inflation that is beyond 150%. More and more people have lost their jobs as more and more industries have closed down in the country as a result of severe economic policies.
Virtually those Nigerians that have been deceived into accepting the Buhari regime as a hope for the future have lost hope completely in the government and are even saying it that they never knew Buhari had no idea of a way out.
In a deceptive and selective anti-graft war being fought by the government also nobody could explain exactly what is happening, wh.at is being recovered, from who it is being recovered and where it is being taken to. The close friends of the regime have immunity from being challenged no matter how corrupt they are in such a way that the president is circulated by the most corrupt Nigerians.
It is under this regime that a lot of lies have taken place. Innocent people have been killed incessantly. There have been cases of herdsmen whose cattle have been mischievously taken away from them only to be announced later that government has recovered them from cattle rustlers and some of them are given back to them.
This is not talking about diseases that have raised the death rate in the country especially in the north where the disease is name ‘sak’ after a campaign terminology. The economic recession being faced can never be likened to any period of time in the Nigerian history.
In fact concerned independent public observers and analysts have mentioned over 80 campaign promises that the regime has failed to fulfill some of which included public declaration of assets which bothers on morality. It promised bringing back to life the Ajaokuta Steel Rolling Mill and banning government officials from seeking medical aid abroad which not even the president could fulfill.
They even claimed that they had no plan of Islamizing Nigeria which they have failed by submitting the nation to the President’s new religion of Wahhabism for which the gates of the Ka’bah were opened for him and for which he hosted some Wahhabi scholars at the State House in Abuja and also declared war against the Shiite Nigerians using state machinery.
This is government with the worst human rights records under which several people have been killed for protesting peacefully while others are jailed. It is a government that does not have regard for law and order nor does it respect the court, in fact not even the ECOWAS court does respect.
These two years of governance by this regime that came in preaching the change mantra were a display of state terrorism and economic deterioration in Nigeria. They are the worst years any Nigerian has ever lived before. All it has come with are sorrow, tears and blood.

The Law of ‘Mahadism’

By Abdulmumin Giwa
The Law of Mahadism has no better period to be discussed than now, the 15th of Sha’ban, the birthday of Imam Mahdi (AS). It is the period in which the commemoration of the birthday of the Imam is trending within the circles of the followers of the holy Household of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA). He is the 12th Shiite Imam, also called Qa’im, Imamul Hujja, Sahibul Asri, Sahibul Zaman and others.
One would wonder what ‘Mahadism’ is. There is nothing surprising about the concept and idea for which a brief analogy would follow. It is mentioned in a popular prophetic saying accepted by both the Sunni and Shiaa schools of thought that even if it remains one day for this world to end, God Almighty will elongate that day and hasten the appearance of a leader that will fill the earth with justice and fairness after it had been filled with tyranny and oppression. That leader will hail from the Household of the Prophet SAWA and will also bare the name of the holy Prophet SAWA.
This law of Madism is derived from the simple saying that injustice and oppression will take over before the Imam will appear to fight it and establish justice and fairness. It should be noted that Islam had already been established by the Prophet SAWA but due to advent of time the Islamic system is given an entirely new dimension. This could be as a result of introduction new ideas, innovations, concoctions or others or even as a result of accepting part of the System and rejecting the rest.
When a situation like this takes place, it is not that Islam would have to be established again but that revivalism will take place. Revivalism or ‘Tajdeed’ in Arabic is what takes place. Why it is like this is that there is a difference between living in a totally zero Muslims, zero Islam world as it was when the Prophet Muhammad SAWA came and having societies where Muslims exist but there is no Islam as a system. These are the two distinct states. As the former necessitates the establishment of Islam, the latter necessitates the revival of the system.
The condition that necessitates revivalism is founded by the absence of the Islamic system despite the presence of Muslims in a given society. Tyranny and oppression shall reign and impunity shall be the order of the day. Islam would be limited to certain religious practices and not adopted as it should be, that is as a complete system of life. It is even named like other religions with people seen practicing part of it and leaving other parts. When it comes to spiritual aspects like fasting, prayer, hajj and others everyone is a Muslim. But when it comes to social, political, economic and judicial aspects Muslims adopt something else. It is as if they are part Muslims and part something else.
The law of Mahadism is the process through which the revivalism takes place. This is talking about the mass movement of the people, strong leadership, declaration and others. This is as against those who invent ideas in the name of bringing about change or establishing the Islamic system using their own ideas.
The law of Mahadism is the struggle for the establishment of fairness and justice. It is done under a leadership and Islamic ideology. It is not an armed movement but a movement for enlightenment and spreading of awareness. It has a lot of milestones and it is the one and only prophetic method of revivalism. People do introduce a lot of ideas like political and joining of system or voting of a particular leader and so on. But never had any of these ideas ever successfully worked before in history. We have seen such ideas in places like Algeria, Egypt and even in Nigeria where those weak ideas have woefully failed.
On the other hand there are several examples in which the law of Mahadism has been implemented successfully in history.
This is a concept of striving to establish fairness and justice where tyranny and oppression has prevailed. You fight against oppressors and tyrants and emancipate the oppressed and suppressed and give them a new life.
This concept has been applied in several ages in history that include the revolution of Sheikh Uthman bn Fodio who fought against tyranny and oppression of the Hausa Kings until he established the Islamic system based on fairness and justice. He fought against unnecessary taxes, witchcraft, oppression and impunity. He was successful after applying the law of Mahadism in his struggle.
This same concept can be seen in the Islamic Revolution of Iran. Imam Khumaini implemented the law of Mahadism there as well. He flushed out a western stooge and tyrant from leading the Iranian nation thereby establishing fairness and justice. There too the law of Mahadism is seen practically implemented.
Today it is also happening in Nigeria where there is oppression and tyranny by leaders. They have turned the nation’s coffers into their private accounts. They exploit the nation for their own personal whims and caprices to the detriment of the entire people of the nation. They disregard the principles of civility that call for law and order and always act with impunity, injustice and oppression.
This brings us to the emergence of another Mahadist in Nigeria who is striving to fight against tyranny and injustice. He is facing all the Mahadists features and crossing all the milestones and also having all the characteristics of Mahadism. Tyranny, oppression and injustice are now trending and Sheikh Zakzaky is applying the law of Mahadism in his struggle for the establishment of fairness and justice.
Coincidentally Sheikh Ibrheem Zakzaky was also born on the 15th day of Sha’ban just like Imam Mahdi (AS) which is equivalent to the 3rd of May 1953. He is today exactly 66 years of age. He is practically interpreting the law of Mahadism in its entirety.
Hence this law of Mahadism is the only genuine methodology of establishing the Islamic system it is the only way by which people get enlightened and mobilized towards true freedom and emancipation from suppression and tyranny. The law of Mahadism is the only law by which we can all become human again.

The mirage of Voters Card

By Abdulmumin Giwa
The 2015 general elections in Nigeria would remain part of the history of the country because for the first time there was a massive effort of curbing rigging through the use of partly electronic voting. Partly because it is not the entire elections that was digitalized but the process identifying and clearing qualified voters while the voting while counting and compilation of votes were all manual.
I was one of the journalists that reported the entire elections activities in Kaduna including results announcements which was coordinated through tracking activities such that we had details of the results from all the local governments before it was finally announced by INEC.
Prior to that, I was also part of the campaigns that brought APC to power simply because I was hoping for a new regime that would investigate the killing of 34 members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) including three sons of the IMN leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky by the PDP government of President Goodluck Jonathan. I was looking forward to seeing the soldiers that perpetrated the murder arrested, tried and prosecuted accordingly while hoping to also see the victims compensated.
I was encouraged into this by speeches attributed to several APC leaders then like the current Kaduna State Governor Nasir El-Rufai who condemned the killings describing the Army as the ‘Jonathanian Army’ and even visited the IMN leader to condone him. I even encouraged a lot of my friends in the IMN to help vote out the PDP in order to achieve Justice and many did in their own way.
While doing that we were aware that the IMN has principles and policies binding its public status as a Movement. We knew definitely that for as long as Nigeria continues to be run on the same system no matter who is elected as leader no change could be achieved. This is simply because whosoever gets elected would run his government based on the system existing. More so, the history of elections in the country has shown that Nigerian leaders are not actually elected but selected. This means that voting is only an exercise of justifying and giving credibility and integrity to whosoever is made the president.
To divert a little, there have been times in the past elections when the total numbers of those who voted have exceeded the numbers of those registered to vote and those claimed to have won elections were sworn in as elected Nigerian leaders despite the short-comings. Hence whether one votes or not whosoever is selected will be sworn-in. For this reason, a lot of Nigerians, especially the elites never bothered to vote.
The 2015 election came with a difference that brought about many registered voters which led to the APC winning the election. This is not because the PDP could not declare itself winner but for some anonymous reasons. All the PDP needed to do at that time was to declare itself winner and manage the post-elections crises for a few days and that is all. But there were foreign interests in the whole matter that witnessed the several comings to Nigeria of the American Secretary of State John Kerry and the several visits to Europe and America of President Muhammadu Buhari. It is even because of the anonymous agenda that the main stream media on the global stage gave President Buhari all the publicity he needed.
To even prove further that there was foreign interest in the elections the then incumbent president Jonathan congratulated President Muhammadu Buhari for winning the elections even before the results were announced.
The elections took place and the APC politicians were sworn-in and the government never showed any interest in investigating the 2014 massacre of IMN members by the Army despite several moves by the IMN.
The country witnessed the several foreign travels of President Muhammadu Buhari despite stringent economic situations during one of which he visited the leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran Sayyid Ali Khamenei. This even raised more hope in certain quarters that the government might soon decide to investigate the 2014 massacre. Some members of the IMN media team in an interview with the Chief of Army Staff Lt. Gen Tukur Buratai raised the same question for which he promised action but did nothing. This is not talking about submissions made to the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) all with the intention of seeking redress through civil and peaceful means.
It was later that it came to be known that PMB was selected, anointed and brought to power by the foreign interests one of which is clearly to deal with the IMN which they see as a threat to their interest in the region and Africa at large. America, Israel and Saudi Arabia all want IMN eliminated. They want Sheikh Zakzaky killed, his followers dispersed, and the Movement banned. It is the job of PMB as a pay back to his foreign masters for bringing him to power.
Under a flimsy pretext of traffic obstruction the government found an excuse and clampdown on the IMN. They killed over 1000 members of the Movement, buried both dead and living in mass graves, some of who were burned alive, they demolished IMN property, blackmailed the Movement, they killed the IMN leader and his wife but they refused to die and they murdered three more of their children.
Here as in other places across the world using Voters Card to achieve justice and fairness further became a mirage. The same people voted for to help seek justice and fairness turned out to become tyrants and oppressors who serve as stooges and could kill their own people to satisfy foreign interests.
In as much as at individual levels members of the IMN could be active in politics, for which I know some that have contested in some of the party platforms or even worked at various cadres of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and even as journalists that have tracked the elections processes like myself, but not the Movement as a body becoming political. This is so because its members are Nigerians and have the right to enjoy all rights enjoyed by citizens. All these are simple principles and policies.
These and many more dismiss the claims by Governor El-Rifai that the IMN members don’t vote nor recognize those in power for what they are as bloody lies and cheap blackmail. Definitely, no right thinking person would expect the IMN to belong to or identify with any political party because some of its members already belong to various parties depending on their political and community interests. So logically the IMN as a Movement cannot belong to any political party nor can it use politics to achieve its aims and objectives.
We have seen various Movements across the world that have been ousted by simply violating their principles and policies and becoming political. The FIS of Algeria won elections from the presidency to the wards but is now no more because it violated its own principles and policies; the Ikhwan of Egypt did the same and even won presidential elections but they were mischievously and hypocritical ousted in a coup de tat supported by global powers; even after a massive uprising that led to the creation of Pakistan from India, which even makes Pakistan the only country that is 100% Muslim but yet could not achieve its basic objective to mention but a few.
Such ideas as using Voters Card to oust politicians, is only a mirage and distraction from the real path and course of any genuine mass movement. This is so because there is a difference between reform and revolution. Reform takes place under an existing system where people strive to bring changes and update their existing system through various ways like referendum, elections, constitutional reviews and others.
On the other hand, revolution has to do with changing the entire system and establishing another system through raising public awareness and conscience. Through a mass movement, the people just adopt an entirely new system and oust the old one.
Hence whosoever is on the revolutionary track is not influenced in any way by reform ideas. Reform ideas cannot be adopted as revolutionary ideas because they are even less functional and misdirecting. Where a total change of system is required, reform ideas could only lead one to adopting changes within the same system through voting, referendum, constitutional review and others and not bring about the change of the system. It should be clear that where total change of system is required, then it is only the revolutionary processes that could be adopted and not the reform ideas. The right treatment should be given for the right ailment.
At least Nigerians have witnessed that, through the recent change they voted for where no change has been seen and there is no hope of seeing it in the future, that the solution to their problem does not lie in reform or getting a new leader. Their problem is the system which needs to be changed and it is the people that will do that through a mass movement with a strong and dedicated leadership. For as long as the system continues to exist, even an angel from heaven will be run according to it and nothing would be achieved when he leads it, because it is the system in place.
It should also be noted that the struggle for the establishment of fairness and justice is universal and has no boundary. It is not a racial, sectarian, tribal, religious or sectional affair. It is rather a humanitarian affair. Every individual not only has right to his ideas or beliefs but also has the right to propagate them. If the people accept such ideas based on conviction and not imposition and decide to adopt them, then no one can stop them. It is their own prerogative, stopping them will tantamount to extremism and fanaticism for anyone to fight them because of their conviction and belief. On the other hand he should be civil enough to present better arguments to convince the people. This is simple civility.
Thinking of using Voters Card to do some political wonders in the name of IMN only leads to distractions. They are better left to individuals’ personal discretions and not the policy or principles of the Movement. Why I see them as distractions is that the perpetrators of the Zaria massacre are trying to use this to distract the movement from its true course and the real campaign for now, which is what they want to forcefully douse down by all means. They want to divert the movement from chanting Free Sheikh Zakzaky!
For instance the Kaduna Governor El-Rufai has been spreading lies that we don’t vote and we don’t recognize the voted. He claims that we do not recognize the President as President and him as the state governor, which is like saying that was the reason why they killed and mass buried IMN members. They are trying to justify this by wanting the IMN to come out and call on its members not to vote. If on the other hand the Movement buys into the plot and engages in politics it will automatically derail from its course and it will end up the way other Movements have ended like the Ikhwan in Egypt and the FIS in Algeria.
Therefore this issue of using the Voters Card to oust the government does not add any value to the struggle. It could even be seen that the same people we used the Voters Card to bring in to get justice for the murder of 34 of our members are the same people that have murdered over thirty times the number of those we planned to seek justice for through them. Some of those murdered in the Zaria massacre participated actively in the political processes using none-governmental organizations in both academic institutions and the public, social media and the main stream media. I don’t need to mention names. Some of them have their families entirely wiped out, killing the husband, the wife and the children in the Zaria massacre while some have lost up to four children and people like myself have my wife’s Chemist and other properties destroyed by government sponsored hoodlums and retrenched from work.
Whosoever it is that you plan to vote out tantamount to voting in his opponent in, what tells you that the opponent is not your next contracted murderer? I think what should be of concern to the members of the Movement is reaching out to the public and spreading awareness. People need to know what the Movement is all about and how bright a future it has for them. All the energy and resources to be expended on political activities of ousting the tyrants should rather be expended on promoting the virtues and activities of the Movement instead of engaging on the Voters Card mirage.

Violation of Medical Immunity against IMN during the Zaria massacre

By Saminu Muhammad

Medical Immunity or Neutrality refers to a principle of non-interference with medical services and the health care givers in times of armed conflict and civil unrest. Health personnel must be allowed to care for the sick and wounded, and soldiers must receive care regardless of their country of origin or political affiliations. All parties must refrain from attacking and misusing medical facilities, transport, and personnel. Concepts comprising the principles of medical neutrality are derived from international human rights law, medical ethics and humanitarian law. Medical neutrality may be thought of as a kind of social contract that obligates societies to protect medical personnel in both times of war and peace, and obligates medical personnel to treat all individuals regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or political affiliation. Violations of medical neutrality constitute crimes outlined in the Geneva Conventions.
In Islam, human dignity has being placed on a high status due to its unquantifiable value. An armed soldier when surrendered his weapon has immunity against aggressions to talk less of health personnel and as well un-armed. In the same vein, health personnel must treat all clients even if from enemy side for life saving. Therefore, the principle of medical neutrality has roots in many social traditions.
– The Hippocratic Oath, which requires health personnel to practice medicine ethically, dates back to the fifth century.
– The idea of ‘do no harm’ (non-maleficence) has histories in “Jewish and Islamic, as well as Chinese and Indian medicine”
– Geneva Conventions (the core of international humanitarian law, supported and protected by the International Committee of the Red Cross):
The First Geneva Convention was written by Henri Dunant in response to seeing such the difficulty of treating wounded soldiers at the Battle of Solferino.
1) The first and the following Geneva Conventions created the Red Cross, outline the protections of medical personnel in times of war, codify the protections of citizens, soldiers, medical personnel, etc.
2) The First Geneva Convention states that there should be no “obstacle to the humanitarian activities” and that wounded and sick “shall be respected and protected in all circumstances.”
3) Article 19 demands that medical units, i.e. hospitals and mobile medical facilities, may in no circumstances be attacked.
4) The Declaration of Geneva was created as an amendment to the Hippocratic Oath in 1948, a response to the human experimentation on Nazi prisoners.
Let us come to the situation here in Nigeria during the so-called ‘democratic dispensation’ during President Muhammadu Buhari. Democratic dispensation is meant to give equal right to all citizens regardless of socioeconomic status, political/religious affiliations, and race e.t.c. But to the dismay of IMN, its members were attack in broad daylight without any prior provocation to the Nigerian military personnel. Later, IMN came to realize the incident to be a pre-planned agenda to please the West, USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia under watch-dog of the ailing Nigerian president. Look at the five items above and see whether one has not been violated by the Nigerian state against its citizens.
The second item talked of protection to medical personnel and all citizens in times of war and violence. There was no any war between IMN and Nigerian security operatives, rather an all-out subdue and extermination of innocent Nigerian tax payers by those responsible to protect them. Nigerian army violated the rights of IMN members on 12-14th December, 2015 without sparing anybody including medical personnel present at the scene to assist the wounded persons.
They did not spare the dignity and honour of the wounded IMN members at Hussainiyya, Gyallesu and Darur-Rahma all in Zaria in the aforementioned days. Their slogan was ‘whoever you see with hand-gloves shoot him is their doctor’. That was how they assassinated our medical personnel during the three days of crackdown on human rights and dignity. That was how they killed and mutilated medical doctors, nurses, community health officers, medical laboratory scientists and first-aiders e.t.c.
Article 19 of Geneva Convention on Medical Immunity prohibits attack on medical facilities such as hospitals and ambulances and anything serving as their improvise. They attacked our ambulances at Husainiyya and assassinated some medical personnel there example of whom was Abubakar Naira. While his friend Aminu was arrested now in Kaduna Central Prison. Malam Awwal Hanwa, laboratory scientist was among those battered and imprisoned for almost 14 months. There were two camps were first-aid treatment was given to the wounded persons and both places were attacked and destroyed by armed men form the SSS and Nigerian army.
When the Declaration of Geneva was created as an amendment to the Hippocratic Oath in 1948, a response to the human experimentation on Nazi prisoners, Nigerian army killed medical personnel in Gyallesu and Husainiyya on cold blood engagement and mostly at close range. Some were burnt alive and some wounded personnel were exterminated by shooting on the head and heart location. And some medical personnel could be among those buried alive with injuries that can be revitalized when given prompt care.
Where is Dr. Mustapha Sa’id a medical consultant, a resident of Gyallesu, Zaria and Alzakzaky’s medical doctor? What of Chief Nursing Officer, Garba Ishaq; the Incharge of main theater Murtala Muhammad Specialist Hospital, Kano? Tell us the where about of retired Community Health Officer, Malam Ayuba Ibrahim also from Kano. They were all in Gyallesu helping the injured persons till 13th December, 2015 when Nigerian army silenced them. ISMA Medical Care Initiatives wants to know their graves if among the deceased and how they were extra-judicially killed. If they remain alive and in your custody, then what crime qualified them to be treated the way you are treating them? And in case you burn them alive, give us the ashes as it deserve our respect. And IMN in general and ISMA Medical Care Initiative in particular is surprise with your conduct against the Geneva Convention on Medical Immunity. This is because IMN expected compliance with rule of law in this regime as the second citizen of the Federation is a lawyer, Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) as well a Professor in same field. Now same person is the Acting President with full capacity to run the government according to the provisions of the constitution. *IMN and ISMA Medical Care Initiatives* expect justice to be done on this issue of violating our immunity against of forms of maltreatment we suffered from 12-14th December, 2015.
*Peace be upon those who follow righteousness*

Re-Biafra agitators, IMN, Boko Haram threats to National Security –Intelligence Report

By Abdulmumin Giwa
Recent media reports have shown that a new report has emanated from the office of the National Security Adviser (NSA) to President Muhammadu Buhari declaring some groups including the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) as threats to national security.
The said classified document was titled ‘2016 Annual Threat Assessment’ and was an analysis by a created multi-agency and multi-disciplinary organization called the Intelligence Fusion Center (IFC). The activities of the IFC include analyzing information from different sources and agencies with respect to threat to the country. It then integrates all information gathered by different security agencies into a single intelligence product.
Some of the parameters used in determining the organizations that constitute threats to the security of the nation include intent and capability.
What is of concern is how the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) led by Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky made the list as it is clear that the Movement does not in any way share the same characteristics with the other groups that have made the list.
Firstly, the IMN is simply a minority religious group in Nigeria that is inclined to the Shia ideas of Islamic religion, the IMN is not armed or violent in its activities, the IMN does not have any records of attacking or posing any form of threats to anybody at any time in its forty years of existence, the IMN is not an insurgent and is transparent in its activities and owns worship centers, medical facilities, over 300 schools, news media, various organizational fora, Property, millions of membership from all strata of life and is peaceful in all its dispensations. Its activities include peace promotion among adherents of various religions and sects as well as encouraging fairness and justice to all irrespective of tribe, region, section or religion. It has had records of being the highest blood donors for several years in the country.
More so, with all dirty records of religious intolerance and crises in the north of Nigeria especially, the IMN has never been identified in any of such as do other religious groups that spread hate speeches in their worship places and incite people into violence.
One is left to wonder how such a group would make the same list with terror organizations like Boko Haram and ISIS recruiting cells. More so, what form of serious intelligence would declare Bokko Haram and ISIS as a security threat and leave out organizations that produce and breed the Boko Haram and ISIS. These terror groups are offshoot of the Wahhabi/Salafi organizations sponsored by Saudi Arabia like the Izala. They are known to have killed over 10,000 people in Nigeria including Shiites in the last few years.
More so in all their attacks on mosques it is clear that they have never bombed any Wahabi/Salafi Mosque before. All their attacks were centered on non-Wahhabi/Salafist and Shiites. The Maulud attack on the Tijjaniyya Sufi order in Kaduna where hundreds were killed, the attack on Friday mosque in Kano where hundreds were also killed, the attack on the Shia Arbaeen trek where tens were killed are all examples of Boko Haram attacks on Muslims but not on their Wahhabi/Salafi brothers.
Definitely this IFC intelligence report only raises suspicions because it looks as if those who prepared it were not actually basing it on practical facts and information but on certain sentiments and inclinations.
Everyone is aware that highly reputable Human Rights organizations like Amnesty International (AI) and Human Rights Watch (HRW) have indicted the Nigerian government of human rights abuses, extra-judicial killings and impunity. They have at various times condemned the use of excessive force by the Nigerian Army on unarmed civilians especially what they did on the IMN in Zaria in December 2015.
The Nigerian army during the attack displayed all forms or even worse of terrorism in the way it clampdown on innocent and unarmed IMN members using a flimsy pretext. Apart from being heavily armed, they were chanting anti-Shia slogans as if the army is a Sunni terror organization, they killed women and children in a fierce killing spree, they burned people alive both young and the aged, they demolished and bombed civilian enclaves with ease as there was no form of defense or retaliation whatsoever from their opponents who were unarmed for over 36 hours. All the opponents of the Army were doing during the attack was striving to dock and hide while those who surrendered from among them were simply shot dead. Afterwards they buried all their victims numbering over a thousand, both dead and living in secret mass graves.
This has attracted attention from a lot of humanitarian quarters across the globe with even the International Criminal Court (ICC) announcing its intention to run a preliminary investigation into what it sees as crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Nigerian government. Similarly, several reports have been presented on the same matter before the United Nations Human Rights Council by various concerned groups to which there was once a response by the Nigerian External Affairs Department seeking to deny the accusations. The Nigerian Government’s human rights records have woefully deteriorated since the inception of this regime.
More so, the government had identified itself with defiance to judgments and court orders by the judiciary. To even show that its defiance is based on impunity and disrespect to judiciary and not the claimed corruption in the judiciary, it even disobeyed orders from the ECOWAS Court.
Shamelessly, everybody has seen in the news how the Nigerian Army insulted the Amnesty International, how hoodlums were sponsored to attack the Abuja office of the Amnesty, how the government is joining other countries to accuse the ICC of bias against African countries and how the Nigerian government is violating the Nigerian Constitution and detaining innocent people incommunicado like the IMN leader Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky without any forms of charges or crimes.
It is against all these that the government seems to be establishing the IFC so as to have a point of ‘padding’ intelligence report. They could use the IFC to indict anybody at will or justify crimes committed by the state with the claims that they were intelligence reports.
The Zaria massacre for instance is seen as an act of state sponsored terrorism planned with the intention of killing the Shiite leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, banning Shiism and dispersing its members simply because the President and his men are all Sunni-Wahhabi inclined in religion. They unleashed terror on the IMN using state machinery because they are in power. This was even noticed by the High Court Judge, Justice Kolawole in his judgment for the release of the IMN leader from illegal detention, who described it as a Sunni majority in power suppressing a Shiite minority.
Judging by these facts the intelligence report by the IFC will fail any integrity test by declaring IMN as a security threat to Nigeria. It is simply seen to be providing defense frontiers for crimes committed against Nigerian citizens by the government and not intelligence report. All independent, diligent, reputable and highly respected organizations and groups have declared IMN as a peaceful and non-violent organization that has set a benchmark in seeking redress through most peaceful means even after being victims of terror attacks by the government.
If the Islamic Movement in Nigeria is a security threat to the nation the entire Zaria massacre story would be a different thing entirely. Everyone is watching how the Nigerian government is engaging on persistent come-kill-and-go operations on the IMN members killing them at will, demolishing their schools and centers, imprisoning their members on cropped up charges and yet they remained peaceful, focused and resolute.
Hence, the IMN is not a security threat to the Nigerian nation as wrongly depicted by the IFC report. It is simply a victim of terror and intimidation by some Wahhabi sectarian bigots using government machinery. The government has committed crimes against humanity in contravention of all known laws including the Rome Statute and the Geneva Convention. Some of those involved in perpetrating the crime and are potential candidates at The Hague are the ones using the IFC to justify their crimes and this as all the other lies, propaganda and blackmail will also not work. The IMN shall forever remain peaceful.