Elrufai, stop the arrogance and egocentrism, save the lives of innocent kidnapped students in Kaduna!

By Abdulmumin Giwa

The solution to the current problem of insecurity in Kaduna is not by allowing innocent kidnapped students to die in the hands of their abductors just to prove your arrogance and egocentrism Mr Governor.

If at all you are honest and you mean well, why not save the lives of the kidnapped students first, which is the most important thing at the moment, and then go after their abductors thereafter. The bandits have been there before, they are there now and will be there tomorrow but the kidnapped students might not.

If you honestly want to fight the bandits you know where they are and how to get them. You have the intelligence, the military and the police to do that. Stop deceiving the people and placing the lives of innocent students at stake. Save the students first, save their lives. Then go after the bandits if you are truly honest.

But it is now clear that you are not doing or planning anything to save the lives of the students or end end banditry. All you are concerned about is your political statements that have worsened insecurity in Kaduna state. All the useless grammar you are making in the media will not solve the problem, they will only aggravate them as they have been aggravated since you started.

Already they have started killing the students in batches and you are still pretending all is well and turning your face the other way. Please keep your arrogance and egocentrism aside and save the lives of the students. Thereafter, if you are truly serious that you want the bandits crushed you go after them to prove you want them all dead. Stop deceiving the public. Go and bring back the students alive using all options available including negotiations. That is what matters at the moment and not the noise making.

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