Dr. A U Tilde wrote in Political Repression Among Northerners:

“…….Arewa signWhat ingredient is there in our composition as Northerners that give many of us the penchant for repression and disrespect for fundamental human rights of our own people. I would understand an Obasanjo, Jonathan, Ihejerika or Minima killing hundreds of Shiites in Zaria and I would easily label them as Christian crusaders or southerners. But what can I describe the cold blooded massacre of Shiites executed with the approval or defense of a Buhari, Nasiru and Burutai? Do we have a self-annihilation gene in our DNA or perhaps it is a trait ingrained from our long history of slavery and feudal orientation?…..”

2 thoughts on “Dr. A U Tilde wrote in Political Repression Among Northerners:

  1. …And i add to this, “We have seen the OPC arrogance among the Yoruba but they were no killed by Obasanjo. We have seen the Niger Delta attacks on Nigeria’s economy, but they were not murdered by Jonathan as well, We have seen the response of the Igbo leaders condemning any attacks on their sons and daughters when Buhari was planning to clampdown on IPOB. But unfortunately Buhari and his hunting dogs murdered over 1000 IMN members in Zaria who are also northerners and dumped them in Mass graves simply because they differ in religious understanding and ideology. SHAME ON THESE SO-CALLED GREEDY NORTHERN LEADERS! We are forced to believe that our lives as Northerners are safer when none-Northerners rule Nigeria due to the wicked gene of intolerance among the northern leaders.


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