My Comment To A Blind Buhari Addict On Facebook

President Muhammadu BuhariBy Abdulmumin Giwa
Buhari is the worst enemy of himself when he chose to become a heartless tyrant that is not concerned with the plight of his people, a celebrated imperialist stooge that has lost his patriotism and nationalism in the wilderness servitude to his imperialist masters.
He is worse than Pharaoh that he can extra-judicially kill over 1000 of his citizens in just 48 hours and keep mute for a fortnight on the matter while he is quick at condemning the killing of a gay in the streets of America in less than 24 hours to please his master.
He only wears the cloak of a Saint whereas the devil is more human than him. He is the Messiah of corruption that claims to be fighting corruption. Nigeria is now getting sick and sick the more because it is being ruled by a non-repentant oppressor that only believes in bloodshed.
He exemplifies the features of that self-made politician that when he talks he lies, when he promises he fails and when you trust him he betrays you, what Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) calls the three signs of a hypocrite.

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