Government of Hypocrites and Hypocrisy

6849_839134526197133_888418187678392907_nBy Abdulmumin Giwa
In his response on the recent protest staged by Civil Rights Groups led by Concerned Nigerians calling on the dying President Buhari to resume office or resign, the presidential mouth piece of the government of hypocrites and hypocrisy Garba Shehu said that the groups have the constitutional rights to stage peaceful protests. I was shocked and suprized that they are claiming to be respecting the laws. Garba Shehu so Nigerian laws recognize peaceful protests?
Why then do the police persistently attack and harass peaceful protests staged by IMN members in Abuja and other cities in the country with teargas and life bullets and attack their peaceful religious gatherings and disperse them, was the government ignorant of the laws at those times? Or is it because the Shiites are seeking for justice and the release of their leader from illegal detention? Or is it because the tyrant Buhari killed over 1000 of their members and they condemn the illicit murder by the Tyrant and his team of zombies? Bloody hypocrites!.
Or are the Shiites not Nigerians? Or is it because you want to force them to become violent and take up arms to fulfill your greed of destabilizing the country.
Cowards, you didnt attack the protesters calling on tyrant Buhari to resume or resign not because you respect the Nigerian laws or have any regards for them but because of the political repercussions it would cause on your government of hypocrisy and mischief. If you truly believe in the Nigeria laws then obey Court Orders and respect the judiciary. You must not be seen engaging in contempt of court and setting bad precedence. When you murdered women and children and even pregnant women for their crime of being Shiites in Zaria in December 2015 because you are Wahhabi Sunnis you didnt realize that Nigeria has a constitution that allows freedom of worship, you dint realize that Nigeria does not have a state religion nor does it see Sunni Wahhabism as the only Islam Nigerians must belong to.
You disregard human rights and murder people you don’t like at will with impunity, oppression and tyranny. All you do is kill, kill, kill murder, murder, murder, illegal detention, illegal detention and illegal detention without any respect for the law or the constitution.
You even disgrace Nigeria and Nigerians in the eyes of the world by exhibiting the feature of a government that does not respect human rights at all. Imagine the Police attacking and disrupting an international conference in Abuja with representatives of Embassies of other countries in attendance simply because it is organized by IMN. You see people protesting and condemning the Nigerian regime for violating human rights and acting like a military regime, people have protested on the streets of London, New York, India and Malasia condemning the irresponsibility of the regime and even calling it a terrorist regime. The legislators in the US have refused to allow the sale of arms to Nigeria because of its bad human rights records, the Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, UN Human Rights Committee and various Nigerian Civil Rights groups have all been speaking against the deliberate flaunting of human rights by the regime.
To prove me wrong that you are not a government of hypocrites and hypocrisy simply respect the judiciary, obey the court and release Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky

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