Happy Democracy Day 

By Aliyu Smith 

Two years since he was sworn-in with pomp and fanfare, the man, Buhari has proven to be the most confused leader that ever ruled Nigeria. He has woefully failed in virtually everything he promised to fulfill during his electioneering. He attracted votes from mostly poor voters who madly needed security, jobs and sense of belonging, as a result of his seeming hard stance on corruption, a cancer many people blamed for their economic and social stagnation. Shortly after his inauguration, the man went haywire, focusing the radius of his anti-corruption crusade on his political enemies while the looters who worked for his victory are walking freely. On economy, he promised to create jobs for millions, strengthen the naira, subsidize fuel and attract foreign direct investment, but two years after, our economy is still in recession, millions of jobs were lost; poverty is unprecedented since the return of democracy and inflation has reached an apogee. 


On security, he claimed to have defeated Boko Haram, but the victims are abandoned to starve; the Nigerian army under his command, descended on the members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and massacred over one thousand people including women and children with impunity. Suspected Fulani herdsmen have killed thousands of innocent Christians and nobody is booked. Biafra activists are being killed like ants and the president isn’t there to do anything. The state of fear Buhari has created, has made Nigeria one of the least stable countries on earth. Human rights do not exist in his dictionary. If failure is the dividend of democracy, if flagrant violation of human rights and lopsided economic policies are the rewards for voting the ruling party, if marginalisation of other sections of the country has now become synonymous with inclusive leadership; if lies, deceit and phantom promises are what people deserve for their sacrifice, then we have reason to celebrate democracy. Happy democracy day!

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