By Abdulmumin Giwa
Just of recent the news about statements credited to Malam Sanusi Abdulkadir, representative of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) in Kano, that he made a War declaration on the Nigerian government to revenge the Zaria massacre, has gone viral in the media.
As a result of this, even people that have never commented on the mass murder of unarmed men, women and children in December 2015 by the Nigerian Army in Zaria have had course to vomit all sorts of trash.
It is stated that the security are already studying the statements which he made in Hausa and have already been translated to English to help put across the mischief.
Parts of the translations stated that we will never forget and we will never forgive the massacre of our brothers by the Army and that we are going to revenge. He was also said to have mentioned that the government comes to kill our members at will simply because we are not armed.
The security agents working hand-in-hand with some Wahhabi elements took the speech beyond its scope claiming that the IMN had declared war and the next thing was that the security are studying the speech.
Firstly, the position of the IMN is now clear to everyone around the world that it is a peaceful Movement that does not carry arms and does not have any plan of doing so. It is a Movement that is calling for fairness and justice to all irrespective of their region, religion and race. It does not engage in any form of violence even as it has been victim of several violent attacks by government and self-appointed rivals.
Even when the security plotted a mischief a few months ago as a means of justifying the massacre of IMN members by attributing violence to it, the IMN stated categorically that it does not issue threat or ultimatum nor does it engage in any form of violence.
It is this same Movement that is left with the burden of having to live with the sadness of losing loved ones which had turned hundreds of women into widows and hundreds of other children into orphans, in fact tens of such orphans were born after the Nigerian army had murdered their parents in cold-blood during Zaria massacre.
What is even worse is that about one thousand IMN members were incessantly killed and buried in mass graves without the knowledge and consent of their relations and loved ones all in violation of international, state and religious laws.
The same IMN members are left with the torture inherent in the treatment meted on the leader, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, whose additional three biological sons were murdered by the Army, his wife shot severally in the womb, his elder sister, nephew and some followers burned alive and his residence and other IMN properties demolished. The leader of the IMN was also killed but did not die and is left with one non-functional eye and a heavily shattered left arm.
The same leader of the IMN and his wife were kept in illegal detention by the perpetrators of the Zaria killings disallowing them access to medical treatment or meeting with their lawyers.
The same members of the IMN were severally provoked and attacked at will by the government killing them, demolishing their residences and shops and arbitrarily arresting them and jailing them on fabricated charges.
It is this same IMN that is banned by the Kaduna state governor Nasir El-Rufai and declared as an insurgent group just to satisfy his own personal whims and caprices not because it has violated any law.
With all these mischievous provocations, suppression, oppression and violation of fundamental rights of the IMN members, the movement never resorted to any form of violence despite the lawlessness exhibited by the Nigerian government against innocent unarmed citizens.
The IMN simply exhibited the extent of maturity and unequalled sense of reasoning and remained steadfast on the path of peace and tranquility and sorted for redress in the courts of law.
Now that the IMN leader that is lawlessly detained and maltreated in a manner only similar to terrorism by the Nigerian government has gotten the court to issue an order for the enforcement of his fundamental rights, the security is at it again engaging in another mischief.
They now want to use the speech of Malam Sanusi as alibi to convince the public that IMN is an insurgent group thereby justifying their crimes against humanity.
So what if Malam Sanusi said we will never forgive and will never forget what happened to us. The heart of the man that could forgive and forget the inhumanity meted on the IMN by the APC/Wahhabi regime in Nigeria must be bigger than the universe. What do you want us to forget? Is it the families that were completely wiped out or those murdered children that have left behind their mothers as widows? Is it our close friends and associates that you want us to simply forget the happy times we spent together? It is only the one guilty of crimes against humanity that would wish all these inhumanities to be forgotten or swept under the carpet.
Nothing will ever make the IMN members forget how Buhari, El-Rufai, Buratai and their accomplices mischievously killed our people and dumped them in mass graves with many probably still alive. Definitely nobody can forget these crimes against humanity. They have already been written in the black books of history which will definitely form the curriculum of education of future history students.
Now the bombshell he was said to have made “we will revenge” is simply the explosion of anger caused by the extent of provocation in Malam Sanusi. Because he can on his own self do nothing as he is guided by the principles of the IMN part of which is remaining steadfast and focused even in the most turbulent form of provocation as one observes restraint from engaging in any form of violence.
I know of several individuals that cannot stand the simple mention of the names of the perpetrators of the Zaria massacre without showering the curse of Almighty God on them due to the torment in which they have been placed.
Imagine the feelings of a young graduate whose loving husband was shot by Nigerian army in her presence just ten months after their wedding; Imagine the feelings of a lady whose 4 or 5 or 6 or even 7 sons were killed by the Nigerian army in Zaria; Imagine the feelings of the young lady raped by a soldier or had her breast cut with a bayonet or a sharp object forced in her private part; Imagine the feelings of the relations of an entirely wiped out family. Definitely, with thousands of cases like these, in which everyone has a sorrowful tale to tell, these vampires of leaders have only succeeded in broadening the scope of their enmity with humanity. The feeling deep inside of everyone here is worse than saying we shall revenge because even that will not heal the pains.
The only thing that will heal the pains is that faith in God Almighty the destroyer of tyrants and tyranny and oppressors and oppression for indeed there is atonement for the grievous sins they have committed. For this, the IMN has since taken the steps towards that revenge through persistent prayers and seeking the intervention of God Almighty and not arms, the weapon of the foolhardy.
Definitely we are already revenging by placing our complaints before God Almighty through prayers and devotions and God is not a member of APC/Wahabi Nigerian government but the destroyer of tyrants and oppressors. He is in a better position to deal with the perpetrators in the best way He feels will heal our pains and our trust is in Him.
It is worth asking, why would anyone be afraid that the IMN is going to avenge the massacre with all the inhumanity and violations it’s members have suffered? Could it be that he is afraid of death? How could you be killing or be pleased with the killing and destruction of others and then be afraid of death again. This only proves that you are a coward. This could even be seen in the way the Nigerian army takes pride in using heavy weapons on IMN members that are unarmed and made up of mostly women and children and whenever they are thrashed by militants or terrorists they run away and come back crying that they don’t have enough weapons.
To us in the IMN, guns are for the foolhardy as we believe and uphold that the greatest weapon is prayer and not guns. Hence the whole noise about Malam Sanusi’s speech is much ado about nothing but a calculated mischief against the IMN by the perpetrators of the mass murder. Definitely the blood of IMN members whose lives have summarily been terminated by Nigerian army in Zaria and elsewhere to satisfy the personal greed of some ‘Pharoic’ Nigerian leaders shall forever continue to chase those leaders to the end of time.

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