If they but knew

By Abdulmumin Giwa
It is worth observing the way some self-appointed “jihadists” were deceived into attacking and looting properties of members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) by government, security agents and their Wahhabi collaborators.
The Wahhabi collaborators in some communities spread rumors and promoted sectarian hate speeches and phobia against Shiites and Shiism to the generally ignorant members of the public in the commercial centers they call mosques. They even spread the rumor that IMN members were planning to launch attack in certain communities in order to instigate them into violent-ready states.
Even when the IMN members went to clean up the Kaduna center following the announcement by the Kaduna state governor Nasir El-rufai calling for calm and assuring that the situation was under control and that he had instructed the security to arrest those guilty of attacking IMN members on Ashura Day, while he also commiserated with the victims, a lot have happened.
Even though the governor’s announcement ended up becoming deceptive there was relative calm to permit for the cleaning of the center. On arrival those that instigated the attack on that day went round streets spreading rumors that IMN members were planning to attack them thereby instigating a violent-ready minds into action.
They were drawn in their thousands (not less than five thousand) with a lot of them carrying local weapons. The police saw them and did not do anything to stop them. They attacked and injured IMN members and were later escorted by the police to attack IMN members from community to community.
They cheered the police while the police in return told them that they were doing a good job and that they should not leave behind any Shiite. They were so blood-thirsty wanting to kill any Shiite they see as a result.
At the end of it all, the government was put to shame by the IMN members who simply stayed away and left them without any retaliation or attempted violence. This disgraced the governors involved into a confused state looking for explanations to give to the public for illegally clamping down on the IMN members.
Some condemned the act to claim ignorance of the plan, some after the clampdown rushed into the next stage which is to ban the IMN in their states and later on withdrew the ban, others had to engage in public embarrassment of fabricating lies to justify their actions claiming that IMN members attacked police with dame guns while the most stupid of them came out to condemn the IMN for disrupting public peace after paying thugs to attack them. What is more is that the public witnessed it all but they still shamelessly tell them different stories.
The funniest part of the drama is that in Kaduna after one unit of the police escorted the thugs to commit arson, another unit of the Police went round making arrests. They were arresting those that were escorted by police to attack and loot IMN members.
Those arrested are now regretting how they have been used by the state and even given police protection to commit arson with confidence and now some of them are being picked up as culprits and scapegoat to cleanse the government’s involvement in the act.
The government needs to do this to prove to the public that it was not involved and to also prove that the governor was serious when he ordered the arrest of the thugs in his announcement in his announcement condemning the attack on Ashura.
Now that they have committed the crimes they have no one to point at and say this is the government that led us into attacking the IMN members. They have been used and dumped. They were simply deceived into the act by the police and the Wahhabi collaborators in their mosques but cannot point directly at the people that led them into the arson.
The police involvement was actually clear to all because the public saw them and watched what happened and even snapped their pictures. More so, there were rumors that police were seen removing their uniforms and dressing like thugs and carrying local weapons to lead the other hired thugs. Even if one would doubt this, he cannot doubt the pictures of thugs being conveyed to scenes of the incidence in police and other security vehicles.
If only the public was aware of the fact that the operation was just to satisfy the personal whims and caprices of some individuals who will stand to gain either financially or through promotion of sectarian sentiments or through creating mischief to save themselves, they might have stayed away. But they were already mischievously induced with hate.
I said financially here because of the governors and self-appointed scholars that hope to get their hands on the $100 million earmarked for the contract of eliminating Shiites and Shiism in Nigeria. I said through promotion of sectarian sentiments because of the Salafists and Wahhabists that see the killing of Shiites as a big Jihad. And I also said creating mischief because of those directly involved in crimes against humanity after the mass murder of IMN members in December 2015 in Zaria that have a case to answer before the International Criminal Court ICC. They want by all means to blackmail and paint IMN black to destroy its reputation before the ICC to save their heads.
The worse things that have happened to the IMN for now are the incessant killings and damages to property. On the other hand, the worse that has now happened to the perpetrators of the plots against the IMN is that they are speedily losing the battle as they fetch more and more sympathy to the IMN.
If only the thugs knew who Sheikh Zakzaky is they would never have allowed themselves to be deceived by desperate individuals into attacking his followers. Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky will never ever lie, deceive or betray them as done to them by government and its Wahhabi collaborators.
To them I will say, if you but knew, all they need from you are your services and not you because they are to you as rulers and exploiters and not as leaders and guides. On the other hand, to the IMN His Eminence, the revered Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky is to us a leader, a guide and a father. For that we chant and will continue to chant Free Zakzaky until he is unconditionally released from illegal detention.

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