Sheikh Zakzaky, The Buhari-regime’s Political Score-card

By Abdulmumin Giwa
The Muhammadu Buhari-led Nigerian government has turned into propaganda, blackmail and torture to achieve its political aims. The popularity of the Buhari-regime has dropped drastically to the extent that he was even booed during the recent Kaduna state visit. Only a few people are now interested in supporting zero-performance regime.
Of recent, the records of bloodshed in the country perpetrated by both state and non-state actors might have led to the death of thousands of innocent citizens since the coming into power of this regime. The brutality with which the killings have taken place especially by the state actors is with unalloyed impunity and suppression.
Taking the case of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) as a case study, president Muhammadu Buhari’s regime has turned the revered Islamic scholar into its political score-card.
The regime has segregated the Shi’a community and abused the fundamental rights of its members to meet up with its contract for the support it got from America, Israel and Saudi Arabia during the election that brought the regime to power.
The regime might have also received hundreds of millions of dollars in bribe from Saudi Arabia especially the Kaduna state government.
Globally the world has segregated into camps uniting interests together. One of such camps is that of America, Israel and Saudi Arabia. This camp in particular is in an all-out war with whatever it considers not in its interest. One of its major concerns is crushing the influence of the Islamic Republic of Iran anywhere around the globe.
This is because Iran has blocked the plans of Israeli superiority in the Middle East. It has created a wall using Hamas in Palestine and Hizbullah in Lebanon. Iran has destroyed ISIS in Syria which is receiving the backing of Israel and America and the funding from Saudi Arabia.
More so, the Shi’a Clerics in Iraq with the goodwill of Iran have crushed ISIS in Iraq which was earlier a den they have been using to terrorize the Middle East.
The trio decided to tame all what they see as Iranian influence anywhere across the globe. The Saudis descended on innocent Shi’a civilians in Yemen killing them in their thousands in the name of fighting war. They also murdered the leading Shi’a cleric in the Kingdom Sheikh Nimr an Nimr and placed the IMN on its list of extermination.
The Sheikh Zakzaky-led Islamic Movement is also seen as a very big threat to them especially that it is considered as the most formidable mass movement of the people in West Africa which they see as having Iranian influence because they are Shi’as.
Part of the plans they implement include engaging the services of stooges in countries of interest to implement their plans even at the detriment of the citizens. It is based on this that they agreed with the Buhari regime to eliminate the IMN. Their agreement is to kill Sheikh Zakzaky, disperse his followers and ban the Movement.
In doing this to serve the Imperialists’ interests the Buhari regime segregated the Muslim community along sectarian grounds. It over-looked the crimes of the Izala sect in particular in its claimed fight against corruption. It is known to all that over N500 million was given to the group from the arms procurement funds for which Sambo Dasuki is being kept in detention even against Court orders including the ECOWAS court.
The Saudis through the regime fund the clerics to propagate lies against the Shi’as to justify the regimes clampdown on the IMN. The IMN leader is in illegal detention also in contempt of court by the government.
During the attack and arrest of the IMN leader he was shot severally by the Army and injured to the extent that he lost an eye and the mechanical function of an arm. The remaining eye, which is hardly functional, needs expert medical attention.
The Nigerian government is torturing the IMN leader by refusing him medical attention to the extent that his health condition is deteriorating by the day. This is even as a Federal High Court has ordered his unconditional release from illegal detention.
With the situation on ground, there is likelihood that the Buhari-regime is fearful of a woeful loss and disgrace in the coming 2019 elections. Hence it is holding Sheikh Zakzaky in illegal detention to appease the Izala sect and hold on to their support for the next election. More so, it is keeping him as a score-card they could use to create state of emergency in the country to be able to hold on to power indefinitely.
The Kaduna governor Nasir el-Rufai on his side is working hard to see that he instigates IMN into violence using the police. The police clampdown on peaceful protests of the IMN members killing them at will. Their intention is for the IMN to turn violent so that they could suspend electoral processes and cling to power indefinitely.
Just as the government has not given any genuine reason for the attack on the IMN and killing of over 1000 of its members over two years now, it has also not given any genuine reason for the continued illegal detention of the IMN leader Sheikh Zakzaky. This is even as the health condition of the leader is deteriorating and they are deliberately refusing to give him treatment with the intention that he dies. There could even be possible attempts at his life and his health condition might have been worsened by them.
But one thing for sure is that there is nothing the Buhari-regime can do that will make the IMN to lose focus to the extent of engaging in any form of violence to achieve its mischievous plots. The IMN will definitely continue to resist all forms of suppression and impunity through all available peaceful means.

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