Whose Children Could Be More Children Than The Other’s?

By Abdulmumin Giwa
It’s indeed very sad that Yusuf Buhari, the son of President Buhari is involved in a bike accident that has even led to limb fracture and head injury if the media report is true. This is indeed an affliction of pains that could traumatize any family in the same situation. It’s really very sad that the young man and his family are going through these hard times.
Since the news broke out I have read a lot of postings and comments of various dimensions on Facebook concerning reactions of the public on the matter. Some of the responses were political with some others even doubting the integrity of the president as to the type of training he is giving to his children most especially with the public image he is presented with considering what happened.
Still others are even wondering how expensive the bike he was riding is and comparing all that to the situation in which Nigerians are in today especially the over four million people that have lost their jobs this year.
I was attracted to a particular post on the wall of a friend, Umar Hassan Gololo, who stated that were President Buhari to visit Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, who is in illegally being detained with the DSS today, he is sure the revered leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) will express sadness over what happened to Yusuf and even pray for his quick recovery because he has a pious heart of saints.
His post, which is also very true, pushed me into meditation on the worse situations the revered Sheikh Zakzaky is going through as a result of the suppressive actions of president Buhari and his regime on his person.
It is indeed true that the Sheikh’s level of piety, love and humanity will certainly make him feel sad for Yusuf and even pray for him and if anyone were to ask him why, he would probably say the young man is innocent unless it could be proved that he played a role in his father’s inhumanity to him. It is simply so because he wears a Godly anointed heart and enjoys the baptism of God Almighty.
This is a virtue that can never be purchased from any supermarket across the globe and is a virtue that is completely absent in President Buhari and his cohorts that afflicted the man of God with sorrow, tears and blood.
It would be recalled that just a few months after Jonathan’s regime killed three undergraduate sons of Sheikh Zakzaky and the Sheikh was hardly getting over what happened to his sons that were abducted by soldiers and taken to the army barracks and tortured to death, President Buhari took another even worse turn on him.
Not talking about the over 1000 followers of the revered Sheiikh Zakzaky that were ruthlessly murdered and buried in mass graves, with some even burned or buried alive and others tortured to death, President Buhari inflicted pains and sorrow on the revered Sheikh as a person.
Yes, president Buhari’s army threw the Sheikh’s elder sister, an old lady and his nephew, a young chap into a room, locked it and set it ablaze. She was chanting “are you going to burn us alive?” until she could shout no more and that was how they were burned to death.
Just imagine the extent of terrorism by the Buhari’s army on unarmed women and children for a crime that is yet to be mentioned by the regime that perpetrated it.
They shot the revered Sheikh severally and he was down in a pool of his own blood losing an eye and the mechanical function of a limb. They even celebrated his death and molested him by putting him in a wheel barrow and spreading the pictures on social media.
They killed three of his sons and were looking for the fourth and final one to finish to ensure that they exterminate the entire family as part of their plot. Yes to exterminate the family for their faith because not even the mother of the three children was safe as she was also shot severally in the womb and is kept along with the Sheikh in illegal detention without proper medical attention.
The killing of the Sheikh’s children was done in the most brutal manner. One of the sons was shot in the head and his brain splashed on the Sheikh’s face and the other was slaughtered with gun sons on the neck. Imagine all this brutality on an individual for no justifiable reason but what could only be described as power drunkenness.
To even show that the President is taking the whole matter personal and with rage, he defies court orders for the unconditional release of the Sheikh who has remained in illegal detention for over two years now. One could imagine the kind of pains inflicted on the revered Sheikh Zakzaky by the head of the first family now in pains on the situation of their son. Where is justice? Where is fairness? …and where is humanity?
But the revered Sheikh Zakzaky will definitely see Yusuf as the innocent young man involved in a bike accident that needs his prayers for quick recovery.
The issue here is, if President Buhari will be saddened by the situation of his son and hypocritically or not, some people will send goodwill and prayers to comfort and identify with him, what more of Sheikh Zakzaky whose three sons were murdered in cold blood by President Buhari’s army.
It is a very sad thing to lose six sons within the span of a year, three killed by President Jonathan and the other three killed by President Buhari who also killed his elder sister and nephew, razed his house to ground level and suppressively detains him even with contempt of court in his position as a democratically elected president.
Could the love for a son by tyranny, impunity and oppression be more than the love for a son by piety, love and humanity?
If the Sheikh has a saintly and pious heart and could pray for Yusuf in this condition how would one describe the heart of the one that inflicted the sorrows on the revered Sheikh? Definitely every son is a son and so are the three sons of Sheikh Zakzaky that were murdered by the Buhari’s army for a reason yet to be mentioned by his government. Indeed no children could be more children than other’s.

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