Copied from FB… Just On Age President Buhari Is A Monumental Fraud. Please Read:


Our liar president made us to believe that he’s 75yrs old yesterday when indeed, he’s already a grand octogenarian.‎

Be the judge with this simple arithmetic…‎

Let’s play…‎

Buhari Obtained his controversial, questionable and still missing WASC in 1953!

2017-1953= 64yrs ago‎

‎Marking his 75th Birthday today…

75 – 64 = 11yrs‎


Our liar president obtained his WASC at the age of 11 in 1953? Wow! What a genius pupil he was in his days hey?! 😅

I still wonder how many kids in those days finished from the high school at the age of 11 except for a genius like Buhari….‎

Further more‎, because 1957, the year that he joined the army is a constant that can NEVER changed, back or forward dated on any record it means that our liar president joined the army at the age of 15.

2017 – 1957 = 60yrs ago‎

Subtracting the year that he joined the army from his age today…

75 – 60 = 15yrs‎

This means that Mohammadu Buhari was commissioned into the Nigerian Army as a full lieutenant with 2 pips (stars) ‎at the age of 15…

Another genius and brilliant feat there! 😅😅

You can fool some people sometimes, but, you can not fool all the people all the time…‎

The question is, do we still need a docile octogenarian to continue to rule this country when a couple of civilised countries have sound, agile and brilliant presidents even in their 40s?‎

Change begins with you!‎‎


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