US and Jerusalem: Redirecting The Thinking Of The Nigerian Christian

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So I ran into some friends who were celebrating the declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel as a fulfillment of a Christian prophesy. Then it hit me that we live in a world ruled by debates about Bobrisky and his Gateman Jacob and so people forget to invest in knowing the truth about serious stuff.

So here are some facts;
Out of the 8.585 million population of Israel Christians constitute 2% of about 169000 unlike is Saudi with a 4.4% Christian population or Jordan with a 4-5% Christian population or Lebanon with a 40.4% Christian population.
Of the 2% Christians in Israel, between 60 – 80% are Arab Christians.

A tiny fraction are Coptic Christians
Jews who believe in Christ are called messianic Jews and are only 15000 in number out of the over 8million population. Several application by Christian Jews to immigrate to Israel has been rejected and you will see why when you read below.
Those who found their way into Israel were still denied citizenship until 2008 when the Supreme Court ruled that people who themselves were never Jews but are descendants of Jews can become citizens. Till date where an adult Jew converts to Christianity just like is the case with any other religion, he or she loses his protection by the state of Israel under the Law of Return.
Jews consider Christians as pagans for their belief in Trinity and claim that God is an Incarnate human who died to forgive sins committed against him. Therefore, Christian Jews who are the most educated in Israel are the most discriminated against.

The law in Israel recognizes the religions of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, the Druze, and the Bahai Faith. Christian religious communities recognized according to the adopted Ottoman millet (court) system include: Eastern Orthodox, Latin (Roman Catholic), Gregorian-Armenian, Armenian Catholic, Syrian Catholic, Chaldean (Chaldean Uniate Catholic), Greek Catholic Melkite, Maronite, Syrian Orthodox, and Evangelical Episcopal. The Anglican and Bahai communities are recognized through a British Mandate-era law adopted by the government. The government does not recognize other religious communities, including major Protestant denominations with a presence in the country, as distinct ethno religious communities. (This is contained in the International Religious Freedom Report issued in 2016 by the US State Department).

All none recognized faiths pay a Property Tax on their places of worship and Jehovah’s Witness has been the most hit by these taxes.
Public preaching is only allowed with permit obtained and it is against the law to give gifts while preaching or preach to a person below the age of 18.
13 of the most Senior Christian Leaders in Jerusalem wrote to Trump begging that he does no go ahead with the proclamation he made yesterday and since the announcement the Pope has condemned the decision.

They know that access to Christian holy sites will be under threat once full control is given to Jews whose orthodox sect already spit on them in public for wearing Christian robes.
If you notice this piece does not address whether what Trump did is right or wrong because that is a bigger conversation and I do not believe it matters as Trump only seeks to advance his country’s interests based on how he sees them. He, as President is entitled to that just as those affected by the decision are allowed to find sensible ways to protect their interests.
This piece is not a demonstration of hate for Jews! No way!! All you see here can be confirmed as factual from open sources if you just make the little effort of researching.

I merely seek to clarify one point to my friends who feel this declaration is a victory for Christians. It is not! Israel of today is a Jewish state which looks out for one religious group only; Judaism. In fact Israeli Arabs who constitute 18% of the population have fared better in Israel than Christians as there is currently an Arab Israeli Supreme Court Judge and several members of the Knesset who are Muslims. The same cannot be said of Christian Jews and that should be your focus.
We pray for the peace of the world and the unity of its people.

– Ghani Rotimi

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