Police Disperse March for Prophet Muhammad In Kaduna

kaduna maulidBy Abdulmumin Giwa
Muslims commemorating the birthday of Prophet Muhammad in Kaduna were dispersed by the Nigerian Police using life bullets and teargas when a peaceful march for Prophet Muhammad was fiercely attacked along Kano road by Lagos Street in the metropolis.
Without any warning the peaceful march for Prophet Muhammad was clampdown upon by the police casing traders to close down their shops in the affected area.
Although most of the participants were members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) who were also said to have been the organizers of the march, the Police were generally condemned by the public and accused of ant-Islamic acts depicting the government as the enemy of Prophet Muhammad.
Eye witnesses that spoke to newsmen said the police came with an enforcement of thugs carrying clubs and sticks with which they attacked some innocent persons suspected of being participants in the march after it had been dispersed.
As at the time of compiling this report it was not clear how many people were injured or arrested by the police but the public was angered by the police action.
Seeking anonymity, an eye witness angrily said “It is now becoming clear that the government is hiding behind fighting the Shiites while in reality it is covertly fighting Islam and Muslims.”
Another eye witness also said “It is wrong of the government to interfere in the issue of the birthday of Prophet Muhammad to the extent of clamping down on those commemorating it. It only depicts them as enemies of Prophet Muhammad.”
Earlier there were rumors doing the rounds in Kaduna that the state Governor Nasi El-Rufai had banned the commemoration of the birthday of Prophet Muhammad in the state especially in Zaria. Part of the rumor also said that he only allowed a rally to take place on Sunday at Murtala Square in the metropolis as against the annual march for Prophet Muhammad commemorated by Muslims across the country on the 12th of Rabi’ul Awwal (Friday, 01/12/2017).
When the police attacked the peaceful march for Prophet Muhammad otherwise called Maulud, the police took over the affected area from Ahmadu Bello Way along Kano Road for almost an hour thereby causing unnecessary tension on commuters and traders.

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