Re: Coalition Wants FG, AGF To Declare IMN A Terrorist Group

12932651_1052905004747687_1924224296205528091_nBy Abdulmumin Giwa​
This is in response to a write-up by one so-called Coalition of Civil Society Organizations for Transparency and Good Governance COCSOTGG which was sponsored by the perpetrators of the Zaria genocide to blackmail the Islamic Movement in Nigeria IMN and its leader.
The fabrications and false claims alloyed with some form of insanity contained in a statement they issued to the press are what made me to write this rejoinder as a reminder to our right thinking Nigerians who are so resolute and can never be deceived by this regime of liars.
In my opinion, this group claiming to be speaking on behalf of Nigerians is only a collection of mad people who are not only insane but irresponsible. How can we as Nigerians watch the Nigerian government engage in acts of state terrorism and murder of innocent unarmed civilians killing over one thousand of the IMN members including hundreds of women and children, burning some of them alive and burying some of them alive in mass graves and you will come and start telling us this trash?
It is these same IMN the group is blackmailing that have refused to be pushed into violence by the incompetent Nigerian government despite efforts. We have watched the IMN take the path of peace in seeking redress despite the terrorist acts of the Nigerian government they still went to court and won a case against the government.
The Federal High Court in Abuja ordered the release of Sheikh Zakzaky the IMN leader and compensation for violating his right but the government that sponsored this blackmail against them acted in contempt of court and blatantly refused to respect the judiciary. The IMN still remains calm and engages only in peaceful rallies and protests calling for the release of their leader and yet this coalition of idiots are coming to tell us rubbish trying to blackmail innocent people. We have ll seen how the Nigerian government has been killing them any time they come out for peaceful protest calling for the release of their leader, which is allowed by the constitution, but they still remain calm and resolute.
To even display their stupidity the so-called coalition is telling people lies that dont exist. The IMN is Shiah and ISIS is Sunni founded by Saudi Arabia, America and Israel who are they fooling by linking ISIS to Iran? Are you trying to tell us that those who practice same faith should not relate to their brothers in other places, the Wahhabi Sunnis should not relate with Saudi, the Catholics should not relate with Rome the Anglicans should not relate with England the Sufi Sunnis should not relate with Morocco and the Shia should not relate with Iran.
If you are so foolish to call Iran a terrorist state i think you should start by calling on Nigeria to cut diplomatic relations with Iran to prove that it does not support terrorism. From there you can extend it to the illegal state of Israel which is illegally occupying the Palestinian lands and calling itself a state and yet Nigeria is befriending it..Iran has nothing to do with terrorism but is ather a victim of terror activities perpetrated by Anerica, Saudi and Israel the triangle of evil. .
The IMN has existed in Nigeria for the past 30 years and has no record of any violence but is always a victim of extremism by the majority Sunni who cannot accommodate any understanding other that theirs. It is the same Sunni group that the Nigerian leaders that perpetrated the murder of IMN members belong to because they are intolerant and cannot accommodate other views including the president.
Now that the government is so fearful of the protest it is sponsoring these hungry idiots to feed the public with lies which has been their usual trade in its usual pattern of deceiving the public.
I think a responsible group will speak against the crimes against humanity being committed by the Nigerian government under Buhari that is murdering innocent unarmed civilians. Reputable internationally accredited groups like Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the IHRC of London have all spoken against the Nigerian government on this matter and have called for the prosecution of those involved. For the information of this coalition of idiots the International Criminal Court has since commenced preliminary investigations into the matter. The same genocide perpetrated by the Nigerian government has pushed Senators from the US to vote against any sales of arms to the current Nigerian regime because they use such arms to kill innocent civilians siting the Zaria pogrom as an example.
I think those in this coalition should try and find jobs for themselves because if at all they exist they cannot make any fortune promoting tyranny and oppression perpetrated by this regime.
I think with a display of this stupidity by Patriot Sabo Ode, if at all he exists, he truly needs to see a psychiatric doctor.

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