Copied… The blind thought about IMN becoming violent due to government’s deliberate persistent suppression

By Aliyu SmithPresident Muhammadu Buhari
Well many self-acclaimed pundits seem to continuously warn that the continued brutal crackdown on the Shiites would in the long run leave them with no option but resort to insurgency. This is a wrong prognosis promoted by uninformed analysts whose visceral hatred towards the IMN prevents them from properly understanding the dovish mission Sheikh Zakzaky has for decades accepted.
The media outlets are hell-bent on likening members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria to potential terrorists, comparing their persecution as a time bomb, similar to the same device as was used to create Boko Haram but the media will never tell you, if pushed to the wall, we can be forced to use our swelling population as a weapon to punish our killers during elections with our voters’ cards.
Even Zakzaky’s eldest son, Muhammad Ibraheem once wrote an incisive missive to remind the government that all option was on the table. They will hardly tell you that our activities are never meant to inflict harms on anybody. It is a non-violent movement that aims to reform souls and institutions via good conducts, altruistic service to humanity irrespective of religious or sectarian inclination. This is why no matter how bias a person is he will never cite an instant where we have for once killed any person; in fact, this is why Zakzaky has been able to converts millions of followers in just a few decades.
I admit persecution is forcing us to rethink our stance, but do not ever think that we will resort to violence. Think of Jews: they had been subjects to massacres, genocidal policies, marginalization and expulsion for many centuries, but believe me, without the persecutions, Jews would not have been able to be who they are today. They are less than 20 millions on earth but they have, by utilizing their persecution, controlled every powerful institution in the world. This is a fact nobody can deny.
Necessity, they say, is the mother of invention. Shiites are being killed and media are being used to cover the atrocities, but one of the greatest blessings of the ongoing persecution is Zakzaky’s followers are more united than ever, many of them are devoted to channeling their energies in academia, businesses, entrepreneurship, thank God, persevered members are now bagging PhDs more than ever before.
The new generation of Shiaprenuers has emerged (no details for now) and many people now resort to believing that creative imagination, education and commitment are integral parts of the Islamic Movement under Zakzaky. Unlike Salafists who often transmogrify into terrorists whenever they are provoked, be it in Nigeria, Middle East or Central Africa, Shias on the other hand respond to persecution and provocation by rethinking their ways, and I am very sure, we too here in Nigeria, will respond to change. It is just a matter of time!
The path to prosperity may be filled with spikes, hardships and seeming insurmountable setbacks; the persecution may not stop at this time of adversity, but we will surely survive as we always used to.

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