Islam, Phobia, Sentiments, Indoctrination

By Abdulmumin Giwa
In attempt to pass a comment on a response by an indoctrinated Wahhabi I found myself going deeper into the issue and giving it a wider perspective. The discussion was on the write-up by Dr. Aliyu Tilde titled Political Repression Among Northerners.
The Wahhabi’s problem was my take in the write up where the expressed dismay over the killing of Shi’as in Zaria and the Wahhabi tried to show that the Shi’ism is something else and not Islam.
I cautioned him against embarrassing himself in public and displaying his ignorance and told him that his comment has exonerated our elder in the pen activities and my humble self because he has displayed his ‘gene of intolerance’ as a Northerner.
He then went ahead and brought a write-up by one of his adored clerics Jalo Jalingo to support his point that Shi’ism is something else and not Islam using the content of the write-up which stated that even Shiah clerics have mentioned that Imam Hussain AS was killed by Shi’as themselves where the writer gave references in many Shi’ah books.
Naturally a lot of people called him to order trying to put him aright but but chose to remain astray and after reading through the various comment I made this submission.
What this empty-headed man of a thing is quoting to us from that ‘Arabic speaking idiot’ is similar to saying every Muslim is going to hell because the Qur’an says “Fawailun lil Musalleen”. Definitely who ever says such is quoting the Qur’an out of context. What the Qur’an is saying is different and what he is saying is different. Hence in like manner, anything the Wahhabis say about Shi’ah is never based on knowledge and research but on lies and sentiments.
What do you expect of a person that says the parents of Prophet Muhammad SAWA are in Hell fire? What do you expect of a person that reigns insult and abuses on Ali AS for no other reason than the Shi’ah adore him? What do you expect of a person that that says Allah will reward you when you concoct lies on Shi’ah? What do you expect of a person that compares the Prophet Muhammad to envelope? If such a person says Shi’ahs that killed Imam Hussain AS will you ever be surprised? No because he can say worse than this because he is indoctrinated.
Just go and read all the references the cleric quoted in his write-up you will realize that he is a liar because he is quoting everything out of context that is if he had ever seen some of those books he is mentioning before in his life.
They are already brainwashed and they are practicing a brand of Islam invented by CIA and MOSSAD with the intention of spreading hatred and extreme sectarianism among Muslims and most of the universities in places like Saudi Arabia and other Arab allies of America use specially prepared syllabuses to produce scholars of that brand of Islam. Most of them dont even understand what they are studying because they are simply indoctrinated. You will even hear some of them saying ‘Allah ya hana bincike’, meaning you should just accept and don’t ask questions. That is the brand of Islam they are taught.
That is why they dont sound knowledgeable at all and any time they speak they spit out sentiments and foolishness instead of wisdom and knowledge.
It is the same indoctrination they have used to found terrorist organizations as all terrorist organizations are their off-shoots, they do the theory and the terrorists do the practical. They call Muslims infidels and polytheist because of simple conceptual or jurisprudential difference. Everyone else is a Kafir except them.
The plan of the enemies of Islam is to finish with Islam before the middle of this century or risk losing global control. This is because they see Islam as the only threat to their supremacy across the globe.
These foolish Wahhabi elements are just the machinery the enemies are using among Muslims and there are a lot of CIA agents among those clerics you see whose mission is to give Islam a bad name, create a misconception and set it on a false track. They use politicians, media and cultural infiltration in this global battle against Islam.
Actually one will wonder, “Why Shi’ah?” is simple, they see Shi’ah as impenetrable due to its historic principles and policies that are basically the natural philosophy of fighting against suppression, tyranny and injustice. They also see Islam as the only challenging strength of Islam they need to crush in order to finish with Islamic influence in the world.
Hence, they have joined all forces together including the Wahhabi/Salafi Muslims and their other planted agents to ensure that they blackmail Shi’ah, keep other Muslims away from it after which they will then descend on the other Islam they have founded and then relieve Islam of its potential strength across the globe.
Everyone could see what they are doing to Islam and Muslims around the world today. They have invented a lot of forms of ideas that suits their interests in the name of Islam in the West especially America and are exporting them to other Muslim across the world. They have founded female Imams of Mosques that even lead Friday prayers, they have invented fashion and style in female Hijab and they have opened satellite TV to export all these innovations to other Muslims to mention but a few. This is not talking about terrorism and instituted phobia on Islam as well as blackmail. Will it not be very stupid of a Muslim to allow himself b used in destroying Islam whether consciously or unconsciously? Is a pity!

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