Yes, Speak Out, No To Injustice!

COAS celebrated by Wahhabi
By Abdulmumin Giwa
Following persistent attacks and intimidations on the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) by the Nigerian government, the general public is now forced to be asking questions and coming to terms with the IMN that the attack on them cannot be justified.
Recently when members of the Movement were commemorating the death of Imam Hussain AS in Kaduna during the annual Ashura event, the Nigerian police came to the scene located in a ghetto area outside the metropolis and fired gunshots and threw teargas at the peaceful religious gathering.
People in that area reacted by condemning the police for that and the youths were actually ready to attack the police if the IMN members would join them but luckily for the police IMN is an embodiment of peace and does not trade in violence.
They were asking questions that why is the government unjust to these people. If they claim they attacked and killed members of the IMN in Zaria because they blocked the way of the Chief Of Army Staff (COAS), whose way did they block here that they are coming to attack them? Moreover the place is there’s and they were only conducting a peaceful mourning session. Don’t Nigerians have the right to practice their religions again? They say.
Some of them are even saying that the government’s action against the IMN is a deliberate plot and not accidental, they just want to finish them.
The issue turned out that it were members of the IMN that were calming the people down. Almost the same things have happened in other places the police have attacked the IMN.
This development has been on for a while especially when the IMN staged protest marches calling for the immediate and unconditional release of their leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky. People always condemned the government for refusing to obey court order for the release of the IMN leader. You hear things like: “Let this people release this man now haba!” “Dis government self, na useless people dem be woo.” “So dem still de keep am? No be court talk say make dem release am?” and many other unpleasant statements about the government by members of the public.
Of course there are those who feel the government is doing well for them and they go about eulogizing the government for killing the IMN members. They celebrate it and even praise the government for that. In fact when the COAS attended a wedding ceremony at Sultan Bello Mosque in Kaduna the Izala group was full of praises for him calling him the defender of Sunna and destroyer of Shi’a (Garkuwan Sunna mai kashe Yan Shi’a).
These are the Wahhabi/Salafi elements that have produced a lot of terrorists across the world and in Nigeria as well. The government enjoys their support and praises for killing Shi’as simply because they differ in understanding of the religion. To them, they now have an opportunity of a government that can kill those they see as their opponents for them, and the government appears to be enjoying this romance between them.
The Wahhabi/Salafi elements help the government to preach and deceive the public in the mosques by inducing undue hatred of the Shi’a and blind support for the APC in particular. They exonerate President Buhari from the misdoings of the government and blame the ministers and lawmakers as though he is a saint. They do all these for free for president Buhari despite the hardships and recessions founded by the regime simply because he killed Shi’as and they see him as a hero for that.
One wonders the type of heatless people they are and the type of god they claim to be worshipping due to their level of inhumanity, certainly not the Almighty God.
But actually the army and the government on the other side are all trying to sweep the killings under the carpet and are even claiming that they only killed seven people and not over one thousand. This is even as the Kaduna state government was forced by the Amnesty International to declare that they buried 347 in a mass grave. In an act of practical hypocrisy by the government, they celebrate killing Shi’as whenever they are in the midst of their supporters and say the contrary to the public in attempt to exonerate themselves.
Presently more and more people are seeking more information about the IMN and a lot of them are directly supporting the Movement all as a result of the injustice and unfairness of the government on it.
Even non-Muslims have protested and have joined in the protests organized by IMN members calling for the release of the IMN leader. I have heard statements like these on several occasions from non-Muslims “We are Christians and we are Shi’a, Free Sheikh Zakzaky!” “Government must obey court order, Free Sheikh Zakzaky!”.
Definitely proponents of justice and fairness deserve to be encouraged to continue to speak out against repression and authoritarianism being played by the regime. No to injustice and no to oppression!

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