Shi’ah Cannot Be Crushed, Government Should Reconcile With Them –Prof. Tahir Yahya

Prof Tahir YahyaBy Abdulmumin Giwa
The Nigerian government has been called upon to reconcile with the Shi’ites as it is impossible to crush them as has been historically proven.
This was stated by a renowned academician and expert in history Professor Tahir Yahya while delivering an address at 8th Annual Sallah Feast organized by the Resource Forum at Katsina recently.
He explained the milestones the faith had gone through to get to its present state giving a major historical event of an attempt made to crush the faith at the plains of Karbala which it still survived.
Advising the Nigerian government on the need to be just and fair in its dealings with the Shiites and others he warned on certain features that easily bring down a government making reference to the sayings of Sheikh Uthman bn Fodio. He said, “Sheikh Fodio said that there are three things that easily bring down a government, for a leader to be unjust to a minority, for a leader to be surrounded by irresponsible people and for a leader to be unfair in his dealings with different groups”.
“There is need for a leader to be just because injustice can bring down any government” the professor of history added.
Condemning the extra-judicial killings of the Shiites by the Nigerian government, Prof. Yahya called on the Nigerian government to take reconciliatory steps and compensate all affected relations of the victims. He also called on the Nigerian leaders on the need to be rightly educated about the people they are leading.
He explained that the major agenda of the Nigerian government is its fight against corruption but ironically it is involved in the worse corruption of extra-judicial killing.
Absolving the Shi’ites of accusations he challenged anyone to produce a Shiite member involved in any form of massive corruption in Nigeria. He said, “Shiites don’t have any records of corruption wherever they are.”
He quoted statements credited to world leaders like Kofi Anan, Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Ghandi who have eulogized the Shiites as most exemplary people.
Prof. Yahya called on the Nigerian government to set good precedence and obey court order and not to be the one guilty of contempt of court.
He finally reminded the government that Shiites are also Nigerians whose lives and property are protected by the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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