APC: A Government Of Armature Politicians

By Abdulmumin Giwa
Today, Nigeria can be described as an orphan because it has no caring parents. The politicians that are supposed to set the country on good and excellent tracks have only succeeded in destroying the country.
Politicians with no patriotism, no nationalism and no sense of unity or federalism are the active components of Nigerian politics especially the APC government in power.
In dispensing politics they engage in negative trends dividing people on grounds of tribalism, sectionalism, religion and also inducing and institutionalizing hatred among the various divides in the country. They even go as worse as identifying themselves with religious sectarianism, shamelessly displaying to the public where they belong.
Their activities have not only founded and enhanced enmity and hatred among citizens but have also diminished the prestige and dignity of the police and military especially the Army in the eyes of the public. It is such that many of their victims no more fear the Army talk less of the police.
They misuse power to the extent that they employ military where they are supposed to use the police and the people are getting used to having encounter with the Army that they no more fear them. The Army will be shooting civilians with live bullets and the civilians will be throwing ‘stones and broken bottles’ at them. If the police throw teargas at the civilians they pick it and throw it back at them.
One wonders what else they will be using to manage crises now that they have put down the image of the military and the police with the tribal and religious crises they have invented.
What is even worse is that the politicians have created a very bad human right image of the Nigerian Army in particular which has led some senators in the US to protest the sales of arms to Nigeria by the American government because they use such arms in killing innocent unarmed civilians.
Human rights organization of international repute have labeled the Nigerian Army as engaging in acts of crimes against humanity and even calling on the army to come clean on certain issues.
The police on the other hand are no more friends of the public but tools in the hands of the armature politician that they use in suppressing the public and violating fundamental human rights of the citizens. It is such that one hears the police saying “is an order from above” any time they attack the public or violate human rights and constitutional provisions. A very unfortunate situation!
The politicians have no regards to law and order and only respect the constitution where it suits them. They are gradually destroying the largest black nation in the world and endangering the lives of Africans by their political misdoings.
The politicians are so power-drunk that they don’t obey court orders, they don’t respect the judiciary nor do they regard them and they act against the Nigerian Constitution willfully, in fact some of them even declare that they don’t fear anybody not excluding God in public. They constantly tell lies, run contradictory statements and hate speeches in public in the name of defending one bad deed of the government or the other.
Every institution has been destroyed by the armature politicians who only understand and see military and police forces as their tools of instituting their personal whims and greed on the public, you are either with them or you are their enemy.
They disregard all the tenets of democracy and act like some kind of gods that cannot be challenged by anybody due to their lack of leadership qualities. In fact APC in Nigeria today is more of a government of sorrow, tears and blood, and that indeed is there only trademark.
As Nigeria is set on the brink of a precipice, it has become imperative on Nigerians to emancipate themselves from this 21st century slavery and medieval politics being played by the armature politicians in today.

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