IMN is an exemplary in patience and tolerance

By Hon. Ebenezer Oyetakin21463258_10212707536096949_5022308950113781613_n
The various conferences, seminars and workshops being held by the Islamic Movement of Nigeria despite the unjust incarceration of their Leader :His Eminence Sheik Ibraheem Zarkzaky shows that his continued incarceration is meaningless, unwarranted and a mere vindictive act that has lost all senses morality.
As far as I know, this is a knowledge based organization that can even help to liberate our nation from both internal and international conspiracy, hegemony and bondage of unwarranted oppression due to ignorance.
From the responses of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria IMN since the unwarranted killings of many of their members and sons of their leader:one thing is certain, they are exemplary in patience, endurance and tolerance. In no way have they justified the pictures of violent and terror group many people including their traducers want to make us believe they are, irrespective of the fact that they have huge numbers of followers and sympathisers to create such discomfort, had they wanted to.
It is on these notes that I once again call for the immediate and unconditional release of Sheik Ibraheem Zarkzaky.
Hon. Ebenezer M. Oyetakin,
Executive Secretary Anti-corruption network

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