IMN As A Bedrock For National Unity

By Abdulmumin Giwanigerian map
This is supposed to be a lecture i delivered at an event recently organised by the AFIMN of ABU Zaria
Salam Alaikum, I have been asked by the organizers of this event to present a lecture on the above mentioned topic as a result, I have been able to compile the following:
IMN is the acronym of Islamic Movement in Nigeria. You would notice that the Movement is mentioned as being in Nigeria and not of Nigeria as wrongly or mistakenly mentioned by some people: Islamic Movement in Nigeria and not Islamic Movement of Nigeria.
Why this is so is that the IMN is just a part of the Global Islamic Movement that is struggling to emancipate Islam and Muslims from the shackles and domination of Global Imperialism.
What the IMN is doing is playing its own part in our immediate environment as an initiative to be provided as our excuse before Allah in the hereafter when we shall be judged for serving Allah partially or believing in part of the religion and disbelieving in the rest. So it could be Islamic movement in any country at all and it is a description of what we are doing and not our name even though we are identified with it.

Brief Background:
The imperialists through various methods that have grown from level to level were able to take control of the world and place it under their interest and determination. They determine whatever happens in all the countries across the world in such a way that it does not go against their whims and greed.
These include the stages of slavery, then colonialism, then neo-colonialism and resource control, then global imperialism and now terrorism. The stages expanded from level to level and even made them stronger and more powerful than ever before.
With all these they have been able to decide the fate of various independent and sovereign nations and established a form of global classism that rates nations based on materialist ideas like economy and technological developments.
Some countries are termed third worlds while others are termed first worlds. Some countries are also termed under-developed nations, some developing nations while others are termed developed nations. All these are as a result of the concept of the world order.
They have full control of the political order and even impose stooges as leaders in sovereign nations just to have full control over such nations. In some cases they even render nations ungovernable through the imposition of institutionalized wars.
That is even why they have the power to control governments and impose economic recessions whether systematically or imposed through stringent economic policies and sanctions.
All these power display are based on their ideology of manipulating the global economic, military, scientific, diplomatic, social and political institutions. Their imperialist ideology is made to be the supreme global ideology and is imposed as the book of reference for all nations.
Historically we can say that the world has always been controlled by two powers. We can recall the Roman and the Persian Empires of the past and the capitalist and communist ideologies of the recent past.
Talking about the ousting of the communist ideology after a period of a cold war between the two major adherents of the two ideologies of communism in the east headed by the former Union of Soviet Socialists Republic USSR, and capitalism in the west headed by the United States of America USA, the global imperialism with America in the lead was able to garner more strength and control over sovereign nations and exploit them at will.
It is such that most countries are subservient to their interests and obedient to their policies and they also influence global decisions made even at the United Nations. More so, they choose what to and what not to obey among the global decisions made. For instance, the Treaty For None-Proliferation of Nuclear is a good example. Part of this treaty does not just stop at stopping the production of nuclear arms but also disarmament. America and Israel have over 500 nuclear warheads but are in an all out war with the Islamic Republic of Iran claiming that it is planning to produce nuclear warheads.
America is the only country in the world that has ever used mass destruction weapon on human beings in the history of the world at Hiroshima, Nagasaki and even in boarder towns of Iran during the Gulf War when they used Saddam Husain of Iraq to bring down the newly established Islamic Republic of Iran. Millions of people have been killed by America. This is evident in all the wars that have taken place in the world so far.
More so, it is in violation of the international laws and war conventions to use chemical bombs and cluster bombs but these bombs have frequently been used in many places by America and Israel. Their leaders cannot be tried for crimes against humanity in places like the International Criminal Court ICC because they are not signatories to the treaty establishing the court at The Hague. But they still press the court to indict their opponents that have committed the same crimes they are committing.
Look at what George W Bush has done in Iraq in the name of searching for WMD, (Weapon of Mass Destruction) and compare it to crimes against humanity Omar Al-Bashir of Sudan is being accused of committing.
Also they claim to be the pioneers of democracy and bar all forms of dictatorship governance whether military or authoritarian. They claim to be promoters of democracy but are in the most interesting romance with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which is completely anti-democracy because the royalties ruling the Saudi are totally submissive to America in such a way that they are just like another state in the US. For that reason they don’t talk about democracy to Saudi Arabia.
More so, the global imperialist hegemony impose leaders to do their bids in various countries. An example is the case of Nigeria where they imposed President Buhari on Nigerians to kill the IMN leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky who they see as a threat to their interest. The deal is to eliminate the IMN leader, disperse his followers and ban the Movement. Buhari has been able to make an unsuccessful attempt and now it will be their turn to show him that they have no permanent friend but permanent interest.
We have now seen how the world looks like in brief. We can also understand that the result of imperialist hegemony in the world is that of war, terror, insecurity, crises, instituted poverty and diseases, unlimited deaths and all forms of hardships faced by the majority who are treated like slaves by the imperialist. This is not excluding sovereign nations like our country Nigeria.
With this brief background we can also comprehend that it is humanity as a whole that is the victim of imperialism. It is human beings, irrespective of their race, region or religion that are victims of these inhuman acts of the imperialists.
In our immediate environment Nigeria we are victims of these wicked acts of the imperialists. If we can recall, some few years back they set an agenda of rendering Nigeria ungovernable and even placed an ultimatum which they said was 2015.
Although they have not been able to meet the target but the effects of what they are doing is now vividly clear to all. We can see the emergence of various agitations in Nigeria moving from level to level, starting from resource allocation to secession.
We can also see the imposition of the imperialist weapon of terrorism in the country in the name of Boko Haram. One wonders what the Boko Haram is fighting for and how it can ever achieve it slaughtering both Muslims and Christians. This is crazy.
Nigeria’s federalism is threatened to the extent that some regions are struggling to secede to form their countries and all these are the machinations of the imperialists. More and more people are already thinking in the direction of breaking the country already while the imperialists are counting their successes.
Extreme tribalism has been reinvigorated in the country with the north and its leaders rendering the north asunder, mass murdering their people and imposing extreme sectarianism. A good example is that of the Zaria massacre where over 1000 members of the IMN were killed extra-judicially by the government of the country whose leader is from the north. It was clear that the massacre was planned and executed in the interest of the imperialists. Those involved in it were rewarded including the President to whom the gates of the Ka’ba were opened for killing Shias.
On the other hand in the East, the agitation for Biafra is waxing stronger in such a way that the politicians made up of governors, senators and members of the House and their lobby organizations made up of their elders are condemning all forms of attacks on the agitators from their region.
The regime has imposed hunger and hardship on the populace who are facing terrible recessions under stringent economic policies dictated by the imperialists that have also led to inflation of over 100 percent on essential commodities that include food and medicine. Let’s not forget that it is everybody that is suffering from these difficulties and not a particular group or tribe.
As I have mentioned earlier about the two leading ideologies in the world, since the advent of the Islamic Republic of Iran, it is now the Islamic ideology, with Iran in the lead and the imperialists’ ideology, with America in the lead that are in-charge in the world today.
Already there are about 1.6 billion Muslims in the world that the imperialists would not want to come under the influence of Iran as that would pose a threat to their hegemonistic interests in the world. In that case they have to ensure they dominate the Muslims by all means, divide their ranks along sectarian sentiments and blackmail them using the theory of terrorism. It is such that they have set the Muslims apart.
Another fear they are having is that Islam has the capacity to influence more nations than imperialism because of its adherence to morality, justice, fairness, rights, freedom and independence. Hence the emergence of Islamic Iran is truly a threat to them.
America and her cohorts like Israel and Saudi Arabia are struggling to see the downfall of the Islamic ideology. The Saudis are making the greatest contribution through spreading hatred and enmity among Muslims in the name of sectarianism and funding of terrorism.
They are doing all these to ensure that since they cannot stop the existence of Iran as an Islamic entity, they should contain its influence within its territories. But even that they have not achieved. Iran has changed the composition of the occupied Palestinian struggle with the emergence of Hamas, it has limited the excesses of the illegal state of Israel in the Middle East with the emergence of Hizbullah and has influenced politics in nations like Lebanon, Syria, Yemem and Bahrain. In Nigeria, the Islamic Movement is also making waves.
Nigeria is the largest black nation in the world and is endowed with both human and mineral resources such that out of every 10 black medical doctors in America at least 7 are Nigerians. This is not impossible because out of every 5 black people in the world one is a Nigerian. Nigeria has the potentials of strengthening Pan Africanism if allowed to develop. It also has the power to influence and control a lot of decisions that include politics, economy and even military, because it can form a continental force in Africa if allowed to develop.
With all these potentials of Nigeria they are seeing a struggle for the emancipation of the nation taking along the Iranian path in the IMN. Iran is now going beyond the Middle East and is reaching out to Africa and they are scared of this development. That is why they make IMN their target using the Saudi influenced extremist scholars and the Nigerian government to forcefully stop the IMN. In doing this they are using all their available weapons that include terrorism with which they have attacked the IMN and government who have use the Nigerian Army.
Now looking at the enslavement of the people of Nigeria by the global imperialist hegemony and the hardship and inconsistency it has super-imposed on Nigerians, definitely the true solution lies in adopting the opposing ideology to imperialism. IMN is therefore the bedrock, substratum and base of that emancipation of Nigerians to true freedom and independence because it is the only advocate of that true freedom and independence on the African continent.
The issue of national unity requires that base and not the ones alloyed with imperialist tendencies like sectionalism, tribalism, sectarianism, regionalism and party politics. These negative weapons of imperialism will never emancipate Nigeria from the ills of imperialism but will further dominate them and invent more problems and confusion such that the imperialists goal of breaking Nigeria and enslaving its people the more will be achieved.
The one and only ideology that will unite Nigeria and set it free from the clutches of imperialism and also set it on the track of developmental progress is that ideology being propagated by the IMN. It is that ideology that respects the human being in you and protects your humanity from greed and exploitations. It is that ideology that propagates the tenets of unity that holds every Nigerian as either a brother in faith or a brother in humanity without consideration to your tribe, region or religion.
It is then the duty of every Nigerian to rise against the imperialist slavery and call for the immediate and unconditional release of the IMN leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky to lead us to our freedom. Come join the boat of salvation in IMN and set yourself free from modern slavery and exploitation.
Wassalam alaikum warahmatullah
Thank you.

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