Pro-Buhari Protest: Another Danger Of Poverty And Lack Of Good Governance

nigerian map
By Abdulmumin Giwa
Awesome indeed! The cry out by some patriotic Nigerians that the ailing Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, now living in London, is truly going places that the Nigerian government is now responding in its natural deceptive pattern. What is more is that the Nigerian Police have immediately heeded to the Senate advice and are now respecting he rights of citizens to stage peaceful protest. The same Police that harassed the ‘Resume or Resign’ protesters just two days a go are now the ones escorting some hungry Nigerians in the name of pro-Buhari protest in Abuja.
Some of the placards they carried include “Nigeria is moving forward no cause for alarm”, “Our President is recuperating” and “We repose confidence in President Buhari”. Oh dear, poor Nigerians. Yes it is indeed true that Nigeria is moving forward but towards hunger and collapse. It is even possible that those carrying the placards could not read what was written on it due to the level of benefits they have enjoyed from the government in the field of education.
More so, they were too hungry to stay longer hours to prove they were truly pro-government. They could only stay long enough to rip the benefit of carrying placards and chanting what they don’t believe in on the streets of the capital city, with some of them covering their faces away from cameras due to shame. All they were after was to earn enough money to make them eat the next meal. This is spelling serious danger to the country.
This is how I explain it: this so-called pro-Buhari protest is a display of total breakdown of the government. Nigerians are so hungry and sick that they could collect whatever type of money for whatever purpose just to feed. The government has failed to the extent that it cannot provide life’s basic amenities to Nigerians to such an extent that they could trade in anything including pro-Buhari protest. Anyway it is in a way better than those that have been pushed to the extent of engaging in criminal activities like armed robbery and kidnapping due to extreme poverty and hunger.
The extent of poverty and hunger is such that some Nigerians are even willing to trade their conscience for food as displayed today by the pro-Buhari protesters. The situation is extremely terrible and devastating. Definitely if all was well for them such that they have access to life’s basic amenities like food, power, water, good roads, good health delivery services, standard education and a good economy they would have no course having to trade their conscience for food. This proves some of the placards they raised during the protest to be false.
The current instituted poverty supported and empowered by inflation and total economic breakdown is what has forced them into the shameful act. Virtually, almost all of the protesters were either jobless or workers with several months of unpaid salaries or even traders that hardly sell enough to eat. They are struggling to survive under the intense situation of hardship founded by the same government they are forced to support in order to be able to eat the next meal.
If Nigerian leaders were honest and truthful, as a way of responding to a cry out by Nigerians calling for the President to resume or resign in order for things to move on in the country, they would not have wasted public funds sponsoring pro-Government protests. They would have rather listened to the cries of the patriotic Nigerians and initiated honest and convincing ways of instituting corrective measures.
For instance, the ‘Resume or Resign’ protesters have called on the government to be responsible enough and respect the Nigerian Constitution. They have called on the government to respect the judiciary and set good precedence by obeying court orders and releasing people like Sambo Dasuki and Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky from illegal and unconstitutional detention.
They have also called on the government to be honest enough to either prove their honesty that the Nigerian President is healthy enough to continue leading by simply resuming his duties or simply impeaching him because he is incapacitated. Instead the government has chosen its usual path of embarrassing the nation in the eyes of the world by sponsoring pro-government protest. This is a big shame indeed.
Shame on the Nigerian leaders who have placed Nigerians under bondage and hardship that they even trade their conscience out of intense poverty, hunger and lack of good governance.

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