By Tukur Mamu…As Nnamdi Kanu constitutes a Government within a Government
Then why is Sheikh Zakzaky in detention?
By Tukur Mamugawarwakin yan uwa a asibitin shika
Despite the treason charges against him and the stringent bail conditions that includes barring him from granting interviews and holding rallies, leader of the so called IPOB, Nnamdi KANU has continued to defy the Court that granted him bail and the Federal Government that facilitated his release with unprecedented impunity. While the Federal Government has succumbed to blackmail and intense media propaganda designed by the sponsors of the criminal agitation, KANU has now constituted a Government within a Government in today’s Nigeria and under an administration that promises change.
Since his release, KANU has severally violated the laws of the land and challenges/threatened the nation’s helpless security agencies. In gross violation of his bail conditions and with the full support of his kinsmen and financial backing from some foreign countries notably Israel, KANU has not only granted provocative and inciting interviews but has continued to hold rallies with thousands in attendance and without seeking Police permission in ANY of such unlawful rallies. Kanu’s intimidating convoy with Israeli trained private body guards armed with all kinds of weapons looks more than that of the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. In Kanu’s case, the federal government is setting a bad and dangerous precedence. In my opinion, the only difference between KANU and his IPOB with Boko Haram, is he has not yet (at least officially) started killing in the name of his struggle but has so far exhibited all the attributes of BH.
As usual, Kanu’s visit yesterday (Monday) to ABAKALIKI, the Ebonyi State capital has again exposed the double standards of the Igbo political elite particularly the governor of the state and the incapacitation of the nation’s security agencies to squarely contain such glaring threat to national security. Kanu’s visit to Ebonyi which has no Police permission was allowed by the governor to hold even as he has the powers and the resources to prevent it from holding. The visit has disrupted business and government activities to a standstill. Motorists have waited for hours to allow Mr. KANU and his convoy to do as they want.
In a clear message to the Government that allowed him to do as he wished (which we never witness since the civil war), KANU who is supposedly on bail declared categorically and with impunity during his rally at Abakaliki that, “I will teach the Federal Government what they don’t know. I will teach them that nobody can stop Biafra. Biafra has come to stay. I will transverse all parts of Biafra land with out anybody stopping me including POLICE and SOLDIERS. I will continue to walk in their midst as you can see and I dare them, they can’t arrest me. They know they can’t stop Biafra. I have come to declare EBONYI a Biafra State and when next I come, I will shut down the state for three days”. So far and as at the time of writing this piece, the Ebonyi State Governor has not responded to Kanu’s acts of defiance nor has he consider it appropriate to condemn what was done yesterday in his own state. The federal government too did not make any statement regarding Kanu’s acts of lawlessness, impunity and breach of the Nigerian constitution.
And yet the federal government will justify applying the law to others that don’t have the kind of backing Kanu has.
A very clear case is that of the Shiite movement. For allegedly blocking the road for the Chief of Army Staff, General T. Buratai, hundreds of them were killed by the soldiers while hundreds including their spiritual leader are still being incarcerated In the most inhuman and unlawful manner. Is it because the Shiite don’t have the kind of propaganda machinery, the financial and international backing IPOB and Kanu has? Is it because they choose to conduct themselves peacefully and chose not to defy the federal government like KANU is doing today? Why did the APC led government refused to release their leader, Sheikh Ibrahim EL-ZAKZAKY and his wife despite Court orders but chose to release a person that is clearly threatening the corporate existence of the country, KANU? Is it because the Shiite don’t know how to make noise and don’t have the instruments for propaganda? My readers should know that I am not a Shiite follower and have never admired the Shiite leader.
By the actions and inaction of the APC led federal government on these and many issues of national importance/security, the nation as it is now is sitting on a time bomb waiting to explode at any time if the government continues to lack the political will to squarely address concerns that are threatening the security and existence of the country.
My humble advise to the APC government is that if they chose to accommodate Mr. Kanu’s excesses and allow him to consolidate the government he is making within a government, they should hasten to give ‘almighty Kanu’ the Biafra he wants with ALL the states he demands so that the rest of the country can live in peace.
In my view, the Igbos are free to go their separate ways. In the event of them vacating the north they will create a lot of opportunities for especially we the northerners. For the Igbos, since they and their leaders have demonstrated undoubted loyalty and support for Mr. Kanu’s agitation, they should make sure they all vacate the north while all northerners should leave their territories as demanded by the patriotic Northern Youths. We are all witnessing today the crisis and calamity the people of the Southern Sudan subjected themselves to while we know better by now the progress, peace and security Sudan is achieving in the absence of the South. It is still very fresh in our memories how the so called western powers sponsored secessionist leaders of the Southern Sudan to separate from Sudan. Now they left them to their faith, killing each other, engaging in all forms of rivalry with starvation threatening its citizens despite the so called oil they have.
The pictures below are those of security agents disrupting a peaceful shiite gathering in Zaria today.

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