IMN’s Alarm on Plans to Assassinate Leader, Attack Members Serious

By Abdulmumin Giwa
In a recent statement issued by the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) raising alarm on the regime’s plans to assassinate the leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and attack its members, the IMN stated that the planned attack will be linked with an important national announcement.
This has left members of the public in darkness concerning the said plans of the regime on an imminent massacre planned to take place in a few days or weeks as stated by the IMN.
It is not far-fetched to subject the issue to possible analyses based on past occurrences and experiences of the regimes onslaught on the IMN.
Firstly, such leakages of state terror plans have always appeared to be true in the past. For instance the IMN leader spent several months warning of an imminent planned massacre of the IMN members by the regime. This was hardly taken serious by the public and even the media, but it came to pass.
The Nigerian government under President Muhammadu Buhari killed over 1000 members of the IMN including women and children in December 2015 in Zaria. They attempted to kill the revered Sheikh and his wife but they survived. However three of their sons were murdered by the Army.
The massacre the IMN leader had warned of actually took place and IMN members were brutally killed in the attack with some burned alive, some buried alive and majority others were simply shot at in the state sponsored killing spree by the soldiers. But a lot of people hardly took the warnings by the IMN leader serious when he talked about them earlier.
More so, after the pogrom, the government realized that its plans of killing the IMN leader, dispersing the members and outlawing the Movement was not close to being achieved due to the IMN’s ability not to succumb to their plots. The government hatched several other plans that include blackmail, instigation and persistent suppression with the hope that the IMN will resort to violence but it all failed.
Government security agents and thugs clamped down on members of the Movement in 2016 during the Ashura events where several other members of the Movement were murdered and their shops and houses looted. In Kaduna an adviser to the state governor was seen leading armed thugs to the IMN center which they demolished and some people were killed.
Also, it is on record that rumors were spread by government agents that the ailment of the Nigeria’s President was as a result of prayers by the IMN members. They used this to instigate the public, mostly Wahhabis who enjoy the backing of the Nigerian government for supporting the murder of the Shiites by the regime.
The rumors became so serious that the regime sponsored clerics and musicians to induce the false claim in the public that the IMN members were responsible for the sickness of the President. This propaganda was not for nothing but for their plans to attack the IMN. Rumors were also spread that the IMN will be attacked when the President returns from the medical trip to disgrace them and show them that their plot against the President has not worked.
Indeed as if it was a joke, when President Buhari returned from his first medical trip to London, in their usual wild celebration they launched the attacks on the IMN members injuring hundreds and looting their houses and shops in various cities in northern Nigeria while the state governments looked the other way and there was no authority to report to because they too were involved in the acts.
IMN members became a threatened minority that could not enjoy their rights as citizens simply because the government is in an alliance with the majority Sunnis and are clamping down on the minority Shiites.
In the same manner now this rumor has started that the IMN is going to be attacked when a national announcement takes place. They would use the same situation to assassinate the IMN leader and kill as many IMN members as possible.
Judging by past experiences this issue is a serious one and not a joke. No observer of past incidences between the IMN and the government will joke with this information. Most especially as the government has chosen to act in contempt of court and refused to release the IMN leader from illegal detention despite court order fearful of possible revelations from him on the state terror act launched on the Movement.
They consider releasing the IMN leader who they wanted dead as a threat to their interest most especially that the Movement has refused to take to violence and are using peaceful and legal means to seek redress which the terror laden government has never envisaged in their plot of exterminating the Movement from the beginning.
Could it be another round of the President Buhari’s return attack on the IMN again? More and more Nigerian leaders including the ruling APC stakeholder Chief Bola Tinubu have of recent told newsmen that President Buhari will soon be back in a few days’ time. Could this be the announcement they want to rely on to kill more IMN members and assassinate the leader?
More so, could the announcement be that of the death of President Buhari with which they would exploit the public anger to launch another attack on the IMN and assassinate its leader and claim that they were responsible for his death by praying against him?
Whichever the case, no right thinking or responsible person would ever conceive in his brain that the prayers of the IMN is responsible for President Buhari’s sickness because if such is true, then the IMN will not be an endangered group as it is but a dangerous group for which whosoever attacked them would suffer the same fate.
If it is true that the prayers of the IMN members is this strong then those attacking the IMN and those plotting the attacks within the regime would be fearful of the aftermath because they too would certainly suffer the same fate and the IMN would no longer nurse any fear of being an endangered minority suppressed by government with impunity. It will then become an invincible and strong group which is certainly not the case.
Definitely there is no reason why the IMN should take such threats as a joke because they have been victims of such in the past. It is now the responsibility of peace lovers and defenders of humanity to stop the government from hatching this plan. There is no reason why Nigerians will continue to watch the government breeching peaceful coexistence and imposing crises and insecurity.
If this alarm of another imminent attack and planned assassination of the IMN leader by the Nigerian government is not true, it is the responsibility of the government to come out and deny it and condemn it as well. Keeping silent about it is a display of an element of truth that the government is planning such.
More so, the Nigerian government should be more concerned with its image both within and outside the country. If you are in power today, definitely you would not be in power tomorrow and would certainly be held responsible for the crimes you are committing today. The government should be concerned with its human rights image as it commits war crimes against the IMN members. They should be concerned that the International Criminal Court (ICC) is already showing interest in their crimes against humanity. The government must also be concerned that reputable international human rights organizations see them in very bad light. The government must lead Nigerians by good examples and respect the law and the judiciary. Only an irresponsible and hopeless government will be acting in contempt of court by disobeying court orders and judgments and still call on citizens to be law abiding.
All these senses of responsibility will begin with simple obedience of the court order and freeing the IMN leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky.

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