Sign of a hypocrite

Maxwell Kyon wrote:
I was in Court yesterday in the case of Stephen Gimba vs. Governor of Kaduna State wherein my clients filed an action challenging the action of the Governor of Kaduna State in purporting to sack the District and Village Heads in Kaduna.

The Court had earlier made an order of interim injunction restraining the Defendant’s, i.e. the Governor of Kaduna State and others from taking any other steps in respect of the matte pending the determination of the Motion on Notice.

Not surprisingly, we had before appearing in court yesterday received information that the screening process had begun to replace the sacked District and Village heads in spite of the orders of the High Court of Kaduna State sitting in Kafanchan.

I drew his lordship’s attention to the said order and his Lordship instructed the counsel from the Attorney General’s Chambers who appeared to represent the Defendants to advice his clients on the need to maintain the status quo pending the determination of the Motion on Notice.

It is sad that we have gotten to the point in Nigeria where the executive convince themselves that they are above the law.

They do as they please even in the face of court orders.

I just wonder what will happen if Nigerians also decide to do as they please and refuse to obey laid down laws and rules.

I heard El Rufal on Channels TV sometime ago suggesting that a group that I represent are a body of persons who have no respect for the law of the land and do not abide by the Constitution.

He suggested in that interview that the reason why he proscribed that group was because of this very fact.

I now ask the question:

Where a Governor does not obey lawful orders of Court, should we proscribe him too? After all that also amounts to failing to recognize and respect the Constitution of the land.

Just thinking out loud.12472318_449219681942701_2365670390928957424_n

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