Secessionist views in Nigeria are an Advanced Colonial Mentality

By Abdulmumin Giwa Nigerian-flag
We should stop deceiving ourselves, the actual solution to the problem bedeviling Nigeria does not lie in secession. Our real problem is the system and not the individuals running it.
Not even an Angel leading Nigeria can effect any change for as long as he is run by the same system operating in the country.
More so, no reformation or referendum can resolve the Nigerian problem as well. What Nigeria needs is a Revolution under a committed leadership that is an embodiment of fairness and justice to all irrespective of tribe, race, region or religion.
We are being run by a neo-colonial mentality and system that has become a sickness even in our University professors and secessionist agitators, and this is unfortunate because the situation is worsening the more and is turning people to tribalists and sectionalists in in this century. No right thinking person can describe this as developmental, whether ideological or technological nor can anyone explain the goodies embedded in such mentality.
We should all remember that Nigerians did not start existing with the coming of the colonialists, they have been in existence long before the coming of the colonialists, it was the colonialists that came and met Nigerians, killed those they could and imposed their system that suits their colonial projects and not our own interests as colonized entity.
Today the same colonial system has reached an advanced stage and has become a point of reference to those who still harbor the colonial mentality. In as much as reference could be made to countries that have chosen the path of secession to justify this negative mentality, we should also be fair enough to make reference to countries that have realized the ills of secession and have re-united.
These are some of the reasons why the colonialists and their stooges in Nigeria are blackmailing the IMN leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky in order to kill these positive ideas and continue to maintain us in an under-developed state and in crises such that we remain economically, socially and politically dependent while we continue to deceive ourselves that we are an independent entity.
All these modernized colonialism should stop, lets free Sheikh Zakzaky and save Nigeria.

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