Where is professionalism? 

*This is not fair to us!*

Premiumtimesng is supporting authorities and doing their biddings.

Yesterday in Kaduna during the Quds Day procession, we were not attacked by any community. We were attacked by the military, the police and their hired thugs.

This was done in broad daylight with many witnesses among whom were non-Muslim observers, activists and other non- partisan witnesses.

It is wrong for the Premium Times to therefore toe the official tales that we were attacked by any community, when indeed we are very much part of that community. We have stalls in that market and fully socialize with other members of that market community. The attack has nothing to do with the market community. The thugs in display and action yesterday were ‘imported’ by the military/police coalition against us and were brought in police vehicles and their funding is from Kaduna state government.
Haven’t we seen before?
*#FreeZakzaky Campaign Committee, June 2017*

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