As pressure mounts, Buhari’s government becomes fretful

Since the last few weeks when there has been an intensification of #FreeZakzaky campaigns in all fronts, the government of Buhari has been made to speak incoherently in discordant tones.
On the home front, there were continued #FreeZakzaky processions, especially that #500days since the illegal detention of Sheikh Zakzaky in Abuja and the follow up processions at the Human Rights Commission in Abuja, Kaduna and other towns.
There were also renewed calls from the legal team of the Islamic Movement for the acting President to obey court judgements. In the same vein, many prominent Nigerians have come to increasingly make open and clear declarations seeking the release of Sheikh #Zakzaky in obedience of court orders. Prominent among these recent calls were those from Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Senior Advocates of Nigeria (SANs) and even Prof Sagay. There have also been media pressure as well with some insightful articles, commentaries and editorials. Even on the legal front, courts have started to view negatively the government of Buhari and have aptly labelled it repressive. The House of representatives only recently cited the continued detention of Sheikh #Zakzaky as example of how the executive arm of government is increasingly becoming repressive and anarchistic. Added to these were pressures from civil society and other Rights groups such as concerned Nigerians and Amnesty International.

On the international scene, pressure was mounted by the visit of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) and her meeting with members of the #FreeZakzaky Campaign Committee as well as other civil society groups. On the diplomatic front, the recent refusal to sell Nigeria weapons and combat planes by the US government because of Human Rights abuses including the continued detention of Sheikh Zakzaky against court orders apparently jolted the government severely. Then there was the joint statement by Human Rights groups at the ongoing 35th session of the UN Human Rights Council session in Geneva condemning the human rights record of the Buhari administration and the continued detention of Sheikh Zakzaky.
These plethora of activism at home and abroad made top government officials start to have verbal diarrhoea and begin to sing their discordant tones in trying to justify the unjustifiable. Notable ones in this infamous shame are Information Minister, Lai Mohammed and Presidential aide Garba Shehu.
Whatever it is, the government is feeling the pinch but their only let off will be the immediate release of Sheikh #Zakzaky in conformity with court judgement and the rule of law.
*_This is brought to you by:_* 
*#FreeZakzaky Campaign Committee*
 *_June, 2017_*

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