REFLECTIONS: FreeZakzaky Campaign Committee 

*#FreeZakzaky Campaign Committee, in continuation of its look back at some successes in the last 18 months since #Zariagenocide, will today remind us about the altruistic character of Sheikh Zakzaky (H), which earned him international acclaim and laurels. This was what we his followers imbibed.*
 *This has very much helped our cause in the struggle to #FreeZakzaky👇🏼Happy reading:*


*Sheikh Zakzaky and the Islamic Movement in Nigeria have been commended severally in the past for being the largest single voluntary blood donors in the country.*
*The practice of massive voluntary blood donation campaigns by members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria has continued even after the infamous brutal #ZariaMassacre*
*_Wednesday June 14, is World Blood Donations Day. Members of the Islamic Movement will again show the World that members of the IMN donate blood freely to save other people’s lives even as the government sheds their blood to exterminate them._*
*_ISMA, the medical care initiatives of IMN will bring out a schedule of how the Movement will partner with National Blood Transfusion Services in the drive towards this year’s campaigns in various places_*
*Watch out!*
*Brought to you by #FreeZakzaky Campaign Committee*

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