The stupid Kaduna Declaration

By Abdulmumin Giwa 

This is funny and stupid. The Igbos are a tribe by virtue of the right definition of the term by historians. On the other hand Hausa is not a tribe. It is a language and a culture that anyone can become by simply dressing in their attire, speaking the language and adopting the culture. 

A tribe is founded from a single family but Hausa is not like that. Therefore it is wrong for a true Hausa to engage in tribalism because he is not a tribe. 

More so,  if the Igbo does something wrong and engages in tribalism, for the Hausa to engage in the same filthy act in reaction is even worse and stupid. 

If English could be imposed on Nigeria as the national language and be spoken by all including the Hausas,  there is no way Hausa cannot be adopted if the Hausa truly knows who he is. Hausa provides a common platform for Nigeria’s diversity because everyone can become Hausa and still belong to his tribe. Is just like all of us now speaking English as Nigerians and still belonging to our various tribes. 

Tribalism, racism and sectionalism are machinations of the imperialists who seek to divide us in order to have good control over us. It is  through these negative features that they exploit and control our human and natural resources and continue to exploit us in a modern form of colonialism. We have to rise against these negativities. 

Our diversity is a source of strength, power and developmental progress we must exploit. 

This form of enlightenment is part of the crimes of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky that has cost him the lives of six of his sons and also cost him to be kept out of circulation.  The imperialists want him killed in order for them to maintain the current dead status quo and continue to rip riches from us while we are left to wallow in hardship and instituted poverty. 

I think is high time we revert to our right senses and do the right things.

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