The evil called secession 

By Abdulmumin Giwa

Those going to promise support and arms to the secessionists are the same people that go to tell the government to keep Nigeria one and they will be the same people telling the north not to accept the Igbos. 

Their plan is to render Nigeria ungovernable so that they will take over our resources.  They have done the same thing in Somalia, Libya and other places and if they are able to bring Nigeria down then they can have a field day in Africa. They are just after our natural resources most of which we are yet to even exploit. Let’s not be so foolish to allow them to use us to destroy ourselves. All the hardships we are facing are instituted and not natural. Come back to your senses before you begin to migrate to neighboring countries looking for what to eat while the entire country is filled with American and European so-called peace keeping forces stealing natural resources. It will be a stupid thing to do.  

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