Sheikh Zakzaky’s death rumour: Mischief of agents 

Absolute nonsense. The tyrannical and wicked Nigerian regime is testing the waters on the issue of Sheikh #Zakzaky!
How can one held captive against his wishes, against reason, against natural justice, against the rule of law and against court judgement be said to be ‘hale and hearty’?
Talking about visits, when was the last time he was allowed visit? Who are they deceiving? That visit by the Nigeria Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs the so-called “top intelligence officer” referred to, was in January, 2016! There have been only sparingly limited visits by some family members since then and that was all. He has not been allowed medical attention of his choice. He has not been given access to his solicitors and followers. He has not been treated with the dignity his status deserves. He was last publicly seen in December, 2015!
The court has since set him free but the murderous government of Muhammadu Buhari and Osinbajo is holding on to him in contemptuous defiance of the judgement.
 Therefore, we won’t relent in our vigorous #FreeZakzaky Campaigns
No stone will be left unturned!
*©#FreeZakzaky Campaign Committee, June, 2017.*

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