​Good Preaching… 

Some of the problems bedevilling the Muslims include intolerance and lack of understanding both of which give birth to fanaticism and extremism. It is indeed wrong for anyone to presume he knows it all or insist that if you don’t do what he knows then you are wrong. Who then says that what you are doing is right? Remember, whatever you are doing in the name of religion is based on faith and conviction because you have not lived with the Prophet to see the exact thing he did. You only practice based on what has reached you of either knowledge or information both of which could be subject to possible adulteration through channels of transmission before it gets to you. Please stop judging others or even declaring them infidels or polytheists. Practice the religion on knowledge and research and not on simple general information most of which could be extorted. Whenever you see something you are ignorant of you should not draw your sword on it,  seek knowledge about it even if you have to travel to China.

-Abdulmumin Giwa

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