#ZariaMassacre: A failed mission of destabilizing Nigeria

By Sani Bello 
December 12th’ 2015, was the day set aside for creating another opportunity for senseless killings in Nigeria worse than that of boko haram disaster. It was that day when the enemies of humanity had staged a trigger incident at Zaria, that avail them the opportunity to massacre thousands of defenseless Nigerian citizens. The killings was a calculated mission targeted at eliminating the Leadership of the peaceful Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem El-Zakzaky, who has tens of millions of followers that can turn this country upside down, if they choose to go violent. 
The wahabi mission began in a dramatical form when the ugly Presidential dog, the highest ranking dog in the Nigerian Army, in his quest for human blood staged a road blockade scenario using some of his disguised dogs who infiltrated, blocked his way as Shiites to enable him secure a reason to use in quenching his thirst for human blood. 
After which, they brutally murdered three biological sons of Sheikh Zakzaky, shot him severally, burnt his sister alive and slaughtered over a thousands Shiites minority Muslims faithfuls. They captured Sheikh Zakzaky in the most inhuman way, with over two hundreds of his followers also arrested, they wanted Sheikh Zakzaky to die of bullets wounds in captivity which didn’t happen. The inhuman massacre was intended to finish Shiism and to turn IMN into a murderous terrorist group like they succeeded with boko haram, which was ignited in the same way and style. But Allah is greater than the devil. 
Foolishly but evidently, these mad dogs were chanting the Slogan of “No more Shi’a in Nigeria” while unleashing mayhem, going into house to house at Gyallesu area heartlessly slaughtering both women, Men, Old and Young not sparing even crawling infants for three bloody days. The slogan was a clear pointer that unveils their evil plans which Allah has made it a failure by the refusal of Shiites to trade the path of violence. On the contrary, the Shiites shamed their enemies by seeking redress in court, won the case head on and defeated wahabi led government of criminals. Thereby thwarting the evil plan. 
To the disappointment of agents of destruction, Shi’a ideology in Nigeria is continuously growing stronger and spreading faster than a wild fire within the Muslim community in the North. Shi’a ideology totally abhors, reject and discard any idea connected to bloodshed or destruction. The idea of killing in whatever name doesn’t exist within the Shi’a community, the only way a Shi’a can be forced to fight is in the constitutional case of self defense. 
But Wahabism is a hate and intolerant ideology in the Islamic world that values no human life. Wahabi considers all non wahabis as infidels, and if they become devoted followers in their deviant beliefs, they culminate into murderous creatures like boko haram, ISIS and their likes. Unfortunately for us in Nigeria, Our very own London residential Nigerian President and his Chief dog that executed Zaria massacre, they all belongs to this deviant wahabi sect. 
Furthermore, instead of eliminating Shi’a, that monumental crime against humanity has turned out to be a blessing for the oppressed Shiites community. Before the massacre, many people from the southern part of Nigeria knew very little or nothing about Shiism, but after that inhuman Zaria massacre… The name is going viral, local and international, more popular and more relevant. Non Muslims are coming to know that not all Muslims are violent, and that their is a community within the Muslims circle that are peaceful and tolerant of other beliefs. 
The aftermath of Zaria massacre has led to the emergence of hundreds thousands Sunni Muslims embracing peaceful Shi’a ideology. Sheikh Zakzaky that his followers had to travel to Zaria to listen to his lectures/preaching before, now they can watch him on TV everyday spreading the Shi’a message in a wider reach, in a global broadcast: Through AL-WILAYA satellite TV and other mediums. 
The message of the progeny of the Holy Prophet is being conveyed into every household by the will of Allah. From India to Pakistan, Lebanon, UK, Iran and Iraq, including many African countries the issue of Zaria massacre and Sheikh Zakzaky has fully become an international affair. 

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