The Law of ‘Mahadism’

By Abdulmumin Giwa
The Law of Mahadism has no better period to be discussed than now, the 15th of Sha’ban, the birthday of Imam Mahdi (AS). It is the period in which the commemoration of the birthday of the Imam is trending within the circles of the followers of the holy Household of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA). He is the 12th Shiite Imam, also called Qa’im, Imamul Hujja, Sahibul Asri, Sahibul Zaman and others.
One would wonder what ‘Mahadism’ is. There is nothing surprising about the concept and idea for which a brief analogy would follow. It is mentioned in a popular prophetic saying accepted by both the Sunni and Shiaa schools of thought that even if it remains one day for this world to end, God Almighty will elongate that day and hasten the appearance of a leader that will fill the earth with justice and fairness after it had been filled with tyranny and oppression. That leader will hail from the Household of the Prophet SAWA and will also bare the name of the holy Prophet SAWA.
This law of Madism is derived from the simple saying that injustice and oppression will take over before the Imam will appear to fight it and establish justice and fairness. It should be noted that Islam had already been established by the Prophet SAWA but due to advent of time the Islamic system is given an entirely new dimension. This could be as a result of introduction new ideas, innovations, concoctions or others or even as a result of accepting part of the System and rejecting the rest.
When a situation like this takes place, it is not that Islam would have to be established again but that revivalism will take place. Revivalism or ‘Tajdeed’ in Arabic is what takes place. Why it is like this is that there is a difference between living in a totally zero Muslims, zero Islam world as it was when the Prophet Muhammad SAWA came and having societies where Muslims exist but there is no Islam as a system. These are the two distinct states. As the former necessitates the establishment of Islam, the latter necessitates the revival of the system.
The condition that necessitates revivalism is founded by the absence of the Islamic system despite the presence of Muslims in a given society. Tyranny and oppression shall reign and impunity shall be the order of the day. Islam would be limited to certain religious practices and not adopted as it should be, that is as a complete system of life. It is even named like other religions with people seen practicing part of it and leaving other parts. When it comes to spiritual aspects like fasting, prayer, hajj and others everyone is a Muslim. But when it comes to social, political, economic and judicial aspects Muslims adopt something else. It is as if they are part Muslims and part something else.
The law of Mahadism is the process through which the revivalism takes place. This is talking about the mass movement of the people, strong leadership, declaration and others. This is as against those who invent ideas in the name of bringing about change or establishing the Islamic system using their own ideas.
The law of Mahadism is the struggle for the establishment of fairness and justice. It is done under a leadership and Islamic ideology. It is not an armed movement but a movement for enlightenment and spreading of awareness. It has a lot of milestones and it is the one and only prophetic method of revivalism. People do introduce a lot of ideas like political and joining of system or voting of a particular leader and so on. But never had any of these ideas ever successfully worked before in history. We have seen such ideas in places like Algeria, Egypt and even in Nigeria where those weak ideas have woefully failed.
On the other hand there are several examples in which the law of Mahadism has been implemented successfully in history.
This is a concept of striving to establish fairness and justice where tyranny and oppression has prevailed. You fight against oppressors and tyrants and emancipate the oppressed and suppressed and give them a new life.
This concept has been applied in several ages in history that include the revolution of Sheikh Uthman bn Fodio who fought against tyranny and oppression of the Hausa Kings until he established the Islamic system based on fairness and justice. He fought against unnecessary taxes, witchcraft, oppression and impunity. He was successful after applying the law of Mahadism in his struggle.
This same concept can be seen in the Islamic Revolution of Iran. Imam Khumaini implemented the law of Mahadism there as well. He flushed out a western stooge and tyrant from leading the Iranian nation thereby establishing fairness and justice. There too the law of Mahadism is seen practically implemented.
Today it is also happening in Nigeria where there is oppression and tyranny by leaders. They have turned the nation’s coffers into their private accounts. They exploit the nation for their own personal whims and caprices to the detriment of the entire people of the nation. They disregard the principles of civility that call for law and order and always act with impunity, injustice and oppression.
This brings us to the emergence of another Mahadist in Nigeria who is striving to fight against tyranny and injustice. He is facing all the Mahadists features and crossing all the milestones and also having all the characteristics of Mahadism. Tyranny, oppression and injustice are now trending and Sheikh Zakzaky is applying the law of Mahadism in his struggle for the establishment of fairness and justice.
Coincidentally Sheikh Ibrheem Zakzaky was also born on the 15th day of Sha’ban just like Imam Mahdi (AS) which is equivalent to the 3rd of May 1953. He is today exactly 66 years of age. He is practically interpreting the law of Mahadism in its entirety.
Hence this law of Mahadism is the only genuine methodology of establishing the Islamic system it is the only way by which people get enlightened and mobilized towards true freedom and emancipation from suppression and tyranny. The law of Mahadism is the only law by which we can all become human again.

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