By Abdulmumin Giwa
A lot of people wonder why the Kaduna State Governor Nasir El-Rufai is engaging in an all-out war against Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) and its revered leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky. The reason is not far-fetched.
It would easily be recalled that El-Rufai condemned the Goodluck Jonathan’s administration for killing the three sons of the IMN leader in an attack on the IMN where 34 members were killed by the Nigerian Army. He was quick at going to the Sheikh’s Gyallesu residence in Zaria to condole him.
It even caused a dent on his political image on the side of his now newly found allies the Wahabi inclined Izala sect of whom Boko Haram is an offshoot, who accused him of becoming a Shiite. He had to go on radio to explain that he condoled a fellow Muslim on humanitarian grounds and that he was not Shiite.
At that time he never saw anything wrong with the IMN and its leadership because indeed nothing is ever wrong with them. At that time the Izala clerics were fully funded by the Jonathan’s administration to help campaign for him. They were even beneficiaries of the Dasukigate where they got N500 million.
They even published posters of El-Rufai shaking hands with Sheikh Zakzaky claiming that El-Rufai was coming with a Shiite agenda just to sway public opinion against him. But the blind APC change trend didn’t allow their propaganda against him to be effective. But a lot of those Izala sectarians did not vote for him but more IMN members went to vote in his favor for showing concern with the plight of their leader.
On assuming power, for reasons best known to the Wahhabi APC government, they decided to clampdown on the IMN with the intention of killing the Leader, dispersing the members and banning the IMN. This operation was strongly supported and planned by the global imperialists that brought the APC to power. That even explains the romance between the Buhari regime and John Kerry of America who visited Buhari before elections, attended the swearing-in, visited northern Nigeria, received Buhari in the US and also Buhari’s financial contribution to Hillary Clinton’s political ambition.
I am still on course, this team of Americans in a romance with the Nigerian regime are the same team along with the Saudi regime that are founding and funding terrorist organizations that include ISIS, DAESH, Al-Qaeda, Taliban and Boko Haram. There is nothing hidden about this and their activities in Syria, Bahrain, Yemen and even in Nigeria.
With their influence and control over the Nigerian regime they connected them to the international club where the Nigerian President confidently displayed himself as a Wahhabi agent serving the interest of Saudi Arabian monarchy. He hosted their world conference, he was visited by high leveled delegation along with their Nigerian agents from the Izala sect, they took President Buhari to Saudi Arabia and opened the gates of the Ka’abah for him and even presented him with a piece of cloth from the Ka’bah.
For this the president was ready to kill anybody that identifies with Shiite faith in Nigeria and so they plotted the Zaria massacre. The plot actually failed because the IMN leader they killed did not die and it became a problem for them trying to cover up genocide.
The Izala sect went closer to El-Rufai to exploit the situation to buy him over. The Saudis were willing to part with millions of Dollars for any northern Nigerian governor that would buy into their plot of eliminating the Shiites they see as a threat to their influence and interest in Nigeria.
On the side of the Izala and the Wahhabi regime of Saudi Arabia it was a very big problem for them how Shiite Islam was gaining grounds due to exodus of people from Sunni to Shiah Islam. They have funded the Izala to spread hate against the Shiites and division among Muslims in the country in general.
They used some relief foundations in funding the clerics most notably the Islamic International Relief Organization, IIRO. This organization was banned under the suspicion that it was providing funds to terrorists. It built several Izala schools and mosques in the country as part of its activities in the country.
The Izala had declared all other Muslims that don’t follow their ideas as infidels and polytheist. They have records of religious crises with the Christians in Nigeria especially in Kaduna and Jos in particular. A thing never engaged in by Shiites. In fact the extension of brotherhood and humanity to Christians by the Shiites is always condemned by the Izala.
The IMN to them is generally seen as the umbrella of Shiite Islam and if they successfully bring it down they have finished with Shiites and Shiism in Nigeria.
Already on the international scene the Saudis are allies with America and Israel who are all self-appointed enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran. America, Israel and Saudi Arabia see the IMN as a threat to their interests. The growth of IMN to them is a growing Iranian influence and so they must join forces together to eliminate it. That was why the Zaria massacre never attracted any mainstream international media reports. Because it was all part of the plot to play it low.
With his ambition of wanting to become Nigeria’s president, El-Rufai found an opportunity in joining the team full time to be able to be anointed by the team as the next Nigerian President.
The Saudis were said to have promised funding El-Rufai’s 2019 presidential campaign with millions of petro-dollars if he could bring an end to Shiites. They have also displayed this by bribing the governors with millions of dollars as they did to the Malaysian president to help disperse the Shiites.
He is now faced with crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court (ICC) for his role of mass buying 347 IMN members in violation of the Geneva Convention, Kaduna state laws and religious laws where many people were even buried alive. He has to make all possible efforts to ensure he blackmails the IMN to justify the crimes they committed against it.
He is now busy concocting lies and fabrications against the IMN accusing it of training a military, being a threat to Nigeria’s sovereignty, and not recognizing constituted authorities without even presenting any facts or evidence.
El-Rufai has funded a lot of provocative activities to push the IMN into violence but the movement had resisted, including attacking IMN members in communities in Kaduna, killing them and looting their property, burning their residences, demolishing their schools and health centers all with the hope that they react in violence. He started by banning the IMN in the state and spreading official hate speeches against the IMN. He is now happy with his newly found Wahabi Izala faith that he even went to apologize to for teargasing them during a leadership fracas they had some Fridays ago.
As a state governor the same lies he propagate against the IMN are the same lies members of his Wahabi Izala sect are propagating around but without presenting any proof or facts.
El-Rufai is so deeply confident of his funds for his 2019 presidential ambition from Saudi Arabia that he is now engaging his mentors by abusing and insulting people like former president Atiku Abubakar that brought him to limelight and Olusegun Obasanjo that made him the FCT minister. Both of them now describe him as a betrayer, a pathological liar and an opportunist.
These are simply some of the reasons why Nasir El-Rufai is in an all-out war with the IMN. But actually it will not succeed because the Saudis are fast running bankrupt being a mono-economy that depends solely on petro-dollars. The US has squeezed them so tight that they have made a whopping $30b dollar from arms purchase for its war in Syria and Yemen.
Saudi Arabia has been spending so much funding terrorism and war across the globe that it had fallen into recession. It has now reverted to using Gregorian calendar to raise more funds from workers’ salaries from the differences in days between the lunar calendar and the Gregorian calendar. Workers are now protesting non-payment of salaries in Saudi Arabia as well. Definitely El-Rufai will not succeed in his fight against the IMN as he is possibly going to end his life in jail for crimes against humanity as ICC is set to investigate him and others.

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