By Abdulmumin Giwa
A lot of people wonder why the revered leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) enjoys a very strong followership and unalloyed loyalty from his followers, such followership as one is ready to give his life for him. It is very easy to understand, he is not a liar, he is not a deceiver and he never says what he will never do.
Sheikh Zakzaky is most fearful of God Almighty and has never engaged in any act in the entire history of his life that can be used against him in any way. He is loving, caring, kind, gentle, truthful and honest. He never betrays or even bothers to speak evil of his opponents. He is a true spiritual guide that preaches peace, unity and understanding among adherents of all religions. The revered leader frowns at tyranny oppression and injustice. He is a practical interpretation of a true leader.
He has exceled to even greater heights when it comes to knowledge, wisdom and intellect such that he is no match to the hungry Arabic speaking idiots that have submitted themselves to the control of greedy politicians. In fact I have said nothing about this God made Saint of a scholar.
These ethical virtues he has are all that make good people to submit to him willingly any time they encounter him. This is even the reason why agents of the devil work tirelessly to keep people away from him through various means.
No sane person can compare him to the wicked politicians that are after his life who the Prophet of Islam Muhammad (SAWA) had described as hypocrites. Yes Prophet Muhammad called them hypocrites when he said “the signs of the hypocrite are three, when he talks he lies, when he promises he fails and when he is trusted he betrays” and these are the practical features of Nigerian politicians irrespective of their political platforms.
It was very embarrassing and unbecoming of the Kaduna state governor to have disgraced lied against Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky our beloved leader and father. I am not surprised because I have heard that former president Olusegun Obasanjo called him a pathological liar.
Based on this, I will like to respond to some of the noises made on the IMN by the Kaduna Governor who said IMN is not a religion but a political group that does not recognize any country in the world except Iran. He also said that who will waste his time going to seek votes from the IMN members when they don’t even have voters’ registration and don’t recognize the government when he responded on those who accuse him of going to seek for votes by condoling Sheikh Zakzaky after the Nigerian army killed 34 of his followers including three of his sons in 2014.
The governor also lied against the IMN when he said they do not regard constituted authority and have their own Governors in every state. He lied, he lied, he lied….. all against the Sheikh and the IMN.
IMN members are Nigerians holding Nigerian passport and national identity cards and have not declared any part of the country as theirs. They are not an organization or a society but a congregation of Muslim worshipers. To even prove that we are Nigerians, when you mass murdered us in the Zaria massacre we did not pick up arms but still remained our peaceful self and went to the court of law to seek redress. Even when you sponsored thugs to kill us and loot our property we didn’t take laws into our hands, we waited for the police to do their job. How better Nigerians do you want us to become?
The good side of it all is that Govrnor El-Rufai did not make mention of any single reference of any indictment against Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky whose side of the story has never been heard by anybody anywhere since they abducted and illegally detained him for almost ten months now.
He and those he is leading in persecuting the Sheikh are the ones fabricating lies and telling people about the Sheikh and not the Sheikh or his followers. To even prove their hypocrisy, as the Prophet has rightly described them, they hid him away from the Judicial Commission of Inquiry (JCI) that he claims has banned the IMN, so as not to allow anyone to hear from him. They then gathered the Sheikh’s self-appointed sworn enemies to fabricate lies against him and get paid for it.
Any time they open their mouths to speak concerning Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzkay (H) they lie against him, nobody can boldly say he heard the Sheikh said this or saw him did that.
I challenge El-Rufai and the Nigerian government to charge the IMN leader His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzkay to the court of law if they have anything against him. They can’t because all they have with them are lies and lies and lies and fabrications that cannot withstand court cross-examinations. What did he do? What has he done wrong? And what is the punishment of the wrongdoing if any?
Is it burning his sister and nephew alive, killing three of his sons, shooting his wife in the womb, shooting him severally and turning him blind, burning down and demolishing his house and abducting and detaining him illegally that is the punishment for that wrongdoing he committed as enshrined in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria? What manner of patriots are Nigerian leaders.
Yes, the Islamic Movement in Nigeria has nothing to do with politics as a religious movement and does not, as a body, participate in politics as well. It is not part of its policy. IMN is simply a religious people practicing their religion. But at the level of individual members everyone has his right and choice to vote or not to vote or to even contest or not to contest. As a result, there are a lot of IMN members that have voted and there are a lot like other Nigerians that still see voting as waste of time in Nigeria because leaders are not elected but selected. Is it a crime for a Nigerian not to vote if does not want to?
There are some IMN members as individuals that have contested even in the last elections. I am a Shiite, an ardent follower and loyalist of His Eminence Sheikh Zakzaky (H) and its my choice and my right. I have a voter’s card and I voted for Buhari as President of my country Nigeria, El-Fufai as Governor of my state Kaduna and Comrade Shehu Sani as Senator from my zone the Kaduna Central Senatorial Zone. I voted at Shaba ward in Kaduna metropolis.
It didn’t even stop there, I even produced a jingle for the APC with my broadcast voice which the governor himself listened to and approved and was aired several times especially on Freedom Radio and Liberty Radio both in Kaduna. In fact, because of the way I campaigned for him at the Nigerian Union of Journalists Press Center in Kaduna some of my colleagues named me El-Rufai. I even have pictures with Governor El-Rufai due to the enthusiasm taken at Freedom Radio Kaduna after a live broadcast when he was campaigning to become governor.
More so, a lot of my friends did the same and even more. If in my own case I have to contend with the pains of watching Governor El-Rufai suppressing the IMN and insulting its leader, some of my friends that even did more for the APC were killed by the APC government. Shahid Buhari Jega even had an NGO that promoted them but they killed him. Another friend of mine, a university lecturer and also an active IMN member had four of his children killed by the government after mobilizing lecturers and students to vote for the APC in several universities in the country.
Definitely I have no choice but to uphold the saying of former president Obasanjo that El=Rufai is “a pathological liar” to have said during his live media chat, Thursday night, that IMN members don’t even have voters’ cards and don’t vote. For indeed I not only voted but also campaigned. And thousands of Sheikh Zakzaky’s followers that did the same will say the same to you.
Even if we don’t vote, these are some of the reasons why we shouldn’t vote because is more like digging our own graves ourselves. Definitely the IMN is not like other religious groups or organizations that you can bribe their leaders to mobilize their followers to vote for you. The IMN has religious discipline and morality.
For the fact that the IMN is so disciplined and morally upright and you cannot get what you want to achieve your political goal from it is not a reason why you should ban it and insult the leader on radio. As individuals they voted but as a group no! And this is a benchmark for other religious groups to learn to respect individual choices and stay away from corruption by mingling with politicians.
More so, for the love of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, tens of thousands of his followers in Kaduna voted for El-Rufai in particular as a reward for condoling their leader when he lost three of his biological sons killed by the Nigerian Army. But unfortunately the governor had to lie after betraying the IMN to convince people of the state that Sheikh Zakzaky is a bad man. He even tickled the emotions of the public saying IMN members don’t like Buhari so that his blind followers can hate the IMN and possibly even attack them.
Well the only and best answer for whosoever feels he can disperse people away from His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky because he is in possession of power, guns, ammunitions, thugs and jails has been given to him since the Zaria massacre of 2015 where the Nigerian Army had to kill everybody present to be able to get to the Sheikh. In like manner to be able to drive us away from Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) you have to be prepared to kill millions of us remaining.

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