Government hypocrisy

By Abdulmumin Giwa
It is now no more news that a combined team of Police, Army, Civil Defense Corps, plain cloth security agents and paid thugs launched a coordinated and planned attack on the members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria IMN in some major cities in northern Nigeria on the occasion of the commemoration of the martyrdom of Husain (AS) called the Ashura.
The coordinated and planned attack on IMN took place in Sokoto, Kano, Kaduna, Funtua and Jos using the same mode of operation with the same intention. The police will attack IMN members using teargas and life bullets while the thugs will clampdown on them and loot and burn down their property.
IMN members numbering seventeen were killed by the team and a total of four buildings made up of schools, residences and IMN centers were burnt down or demolished in Kaduna and Jos in particular. Over three hundred IMN members were also arrested in all the affected areas including women and infants all of who are put in jail to face court charges.
These incidences occurred in broad daylight before the very eyes of the general public, the Police and other security agents attacked a peaceful procession of the IMN members in Funtua shooting sporadically at the procession. They gunned down 10 IMN members.
The police commissioner hypocritically fabricated a script and read it to the media shamelessly claiming that they clashed with IMN members. After killing the IMN members he went ahead to lie to them again, sin upon sin, that they wanted to attack a police station when they were nowhere close to a police station and that they exchanged fire with them. He produced dame guns, machetes and others claiming that they recovered them from the IMN members they killed. This is in effort to convince the world that he did well. He made a video of the whole thing and it was aired on the Nigerian Television Authority. He is so mindless of the fact that he still has God to convince on the matter when he dies if at all he believes in God.
In the case of Kaduna, the Ashura procession ended peacefully while the police watched on. IMN members left for their houses while the police attacked and harassed some of them. They launched a major attack on the IMN center at Tudun Wada where they brought hired thugs to burn down the place and subsequently demolish it while they watch. The same thugs went and demolished and carted away building materials of the IMN’s Fudiyya Primary school.
They harassed IMN members and injured many and they also looted property from their houses. They brutally killed three IMN members and gathered at the IMN center singing “no more Shia”. After the operation as the police and others in the team were leaving, they were cheered by the hired thugs while they ceremoniously waved at them and blew siren in jubilation.
They went further and demolished another primary school owned by the IMN at Nasarawa Kaduna, Imam Sadiq Primary School. The IMN members are placed in a situation whereby even the Sisters don’t dare dress in their usual black hijab attire or in some cases even dare put on a black socks on the legs.
Following criticisms from all and sundry, the Kaduna state Governor Nasir El-rufai also shamelessly came out to deceive the public that he is condemning those who attacked the Shiites and then ordered the police to arrest anybody guilty of attacking them. He said he commiserates with the affected families that lost loved ones and property.
This is in fact very funny. How can one sponsor and commandeer such an operation and then come out shedding crocodile tears? Who is to be arrested? Is it the police, army, civil defense, plain clothes security or the hired thugs that were paid two thousand naira by the government to kill and maim any Shiite at sight? Maybe the governor should start by ordering himself arrested so that the tears he is shedding can have human touches.
El-Rufai had visited sorrow tears and blood for a second time on the IMN members. One of those brutally murdered by the El-Rufai boys, Shaheed Jaafar Ali never lived to see his newly born child that his wife gave birth to two days after he was murdered.
What is even more surprising is how the security men dressed in mufti like thugs as they were conveyed to attack the IMN members in Kano. There too they descended on the IMN members returning to their homes after the peaceful Ashura procession. They made large arrests injuring scores.
In Jos they surrounded the IMN center and sporadically shot at the members inside. They cleared the floor for the hired thugs. But in this case they were mostly security agents dressed like thugs leading the other thugs in the operation. They also burnt down the center and demolished it as well but not without resistance from members off the public who saw no reason for that animal act.
The response of the government which had earlier “unofficially” banned the black hijab worn by the IMN women was a final ban on the IMN by the state government. Several IMN members were also arrested and detained by the police.
Also in Sokoto the hired thugs attacked the peaceful Ashura procession killing one IMN member and injuring several others.
Why is the government very hypocritical and mischievous about the IMN? They have planned something big but it failed. Their intention was to send imposters dressed in black to join the IMN procession carrying guns which they will use in attacking the security personnel that will come to stop the procession. They want to prove to the world by all means that the IMN is armed and violent to justify their crimes against humanity of December 2015. But to their greatest surprised the procession didn’t take place the way they expected. They therefore had an only option of directly attacking the IMN and using hired thugs, which they did.
The general intention is to divert the attention of the IMN from the December 2015 mass murder that led to the illegal detention of the IMN leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky. They want to create another scene to justify their evil machinations against the IMN and painting it black. But from what is on ground now they have also lost woefully in another round of the battle. The IMN shall remain undeterred, focused and resolute and will never be provoked into undue violence. These are difficult times but the IMN had gone through such difficult times to become what it is today. The more you despise the IMN the stronger it waxes and so shall you die in agony for indeed the IMN lives on.

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