By Abdulmumin Giwa
The desperation on the side of those who perpetrated the mass murder of members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) is on the brink of a precipice as the plot is now open.
The Muhammadu Buhari led Nigerian government that killed over 1000 members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria in December 2015 lacked any justifiable reason to present to the world and this is affecting its image within and outside Nigeria.
It has no reason for infringing on the fundamental human rights of the IMN leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) who it has kept in illegal detention without trial for over nine months now. This is not talking about the killing and burning of innocent unarmed civilians and illegally mass burying them.
Against their hope, expectation and aspiration that the IMN members engage in mob actions and violence, the Movement rather displayed a sense of maturity and focus by remaining calm and peaceful while seeking redress through peaceful means. This appears not to have gone down well with the government.
The stance of the IMN has disgraced the Nigerian government in the eyes of the world and had even threatened its human right image and the way it is being perceived by various groups and governments across the globe. They wished the IMN was violent so they could implicate it to justify why they clampdown on it. It will be embarrassing for them to release the IMN leader on the one hand and on the other they have no substantial charges against him with which to sue him before a competent court.
On the other hand the IMN had remained peaceful and resolute and conducted itself peacefully calling for the immediate and unconditional release of the leader. There has never been any report of breeching of law and order in its quest for the freedom of its leader throughout the period of almost ten months it has been thriving. The government had no choice than to embark on intimidations and provocations to instigate the IMN into violence which the IMN had resisted.
In its most recent plot, the government deliberately heated up the polity by sponsoring protests and rallies in Abuja, Kaduna and London calling for the prosecution of the IMN leader who they falsely accuse of terrorism. Those paid to protest were hoodlums and jobless youths who had no idea what they were doing and why they were doing it.
Prior to that they had sponsored write-ups in the news dailies and online full of jargons and contradictions and making efforts to link the IMN with Boko Haram and claiming that it is being sponsored by ISIL and Iran.
The Kaduna state government also sponsored a Church and some Wahhabi elements in Saminaka town to raise false alarm on the IMN to give it additional negative public image. The IMN was building a center in the town for its usual activities and the Church was sponsored to raise alarm that they are under threat with the presence of the center close to their Church. The Wahhabis as in their usual habit threaten bloodshed if the government allows the IMN to build the center in the town. The land and ownership documents are all intact. It deliberately instigated a phobia and sponsored it in the media to further blackmail the IMN.
All these plots were complemented with a purported ultimatum issued to the Nigerian government for the release of the IMN leader within two weeks, another one week reminder and an end of ultimatum statement made. To prove that it was the government managing it for a purpose, nobody was arrested or invited for questioning on the matter threatening the peace of the seat of Nigerian government which ordinarily should have attracted the interest of the security. Instead it was given a very wide coverage so that the IMN would be seen to be planning violence in the FCT.
Aware of the mischievous plot, the IMN issued a declaration that it was not in the character of the IMN to issue ultimatums and had nothing to do with that ultimatum issued. Although the declaration by the IMN was not given the same publicity as the ultimatum was given, it made a serious impact on the general public who were confident about the peaceful nature of the IMN. More so, even those that might have earlier been carried away by the ultimatum among the members of the IMN withdrew and dissociated from it. But the advocates of ultimatum insisted and gave Monday as the day to occupy Abuja with one million people.
On its part the IMN was able to avoid false-flag operations by the government in its name as a result of declaring its stance.
All of a sudden, still insisting in carrying out its plot, a government sponsored group called the Advocates of Social Justice to All (ASJA) went to call on the Inspector General of Police and security agencies to arrest, detain and prosecute anyone that goes out in the name of Shite Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) or its subsidiaries to take part in protests in any part of the country on Monday. To show that it is a plot they were harmonious about the date. Those that announced the date for their action and those that went to the police and security to call on them to attack it seem to be acting the same scripts.
One would wonder why a group will simply come out and go to the police and security to tell them not to allow some aggrieved persons to protest or even ask them to arrest detain and prosecute them. The police had earlier attacked a peaceful IMN protest with teargas in the FCT with a deliberate intention of raising tension. And now they are seeking justification for a planned attack using a fake NGO.
Where did the NGO get the information that the IMN was planning a violent protest? To cover-up, it simply referred to the two-week ultimatum issued and now mischievously ascribed to IMN and not the group that issued it.
To show how seriously they have planned another massacre in this joint false-flag plot, the NGO referred to the speech of the Kaduna state Governor El-Rufai, a major actor in the plot, saying “the planned protest has been largely overshadowed by an order of the Kaduna state government proscribing the IMN, which it accused of continuing to foment trouble even in the aftermath of the December 2015 clash with the military for which the proscribed Shiite group was indicted”
So it is all a grand plot to blackmail the IMN judging by the fact that the government was aware that it was going to lose in the battle as the courts have shown it signs. Justice Kolawale of the Federal High Court Abuja described everything as embarrassing to the Nigerian government and advised the government to settle out of court with the IMN to avoid him issuing his ruling when next they meet in court.
So the stance of the IMN remains clear that it is not in the character of the Islamic Movement to issue ultimatum or threats and does not have anything to do with the one issued. The IMN condemned any false-flag operation in its name as it continues to seek redress through peaceful means.

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