Nigerian Senate silently supports massacre

By Abdulmumin Giwa
It is really unbecoming of it that the Nigerian Senate has refused to say anything on the mass murder of over 1000 men, women and children perpetrated by the Buhari regime in Zaria on the 12th to 14th of December last year.
Nigerian citizens were butchered, burned alive and buried alive in mass graves by the Nigerian Army and yet the National Assembly didn’t find it worthy of commenting. There was no mention of the matter at all as though they were part and parcel of the entire genocide.
The law makers watch on as the revered leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) His Eminence, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) is being detained illegally by the Nigerian government without charges for over nine months after being shot severally. They know very well that this is a contravention of the Nigerian constitution to which their job is adding value to it.
This is even after several attempts by the IMN who have staged protest marches and rallies at the National Assembly but yet the Assembly has chosen keep mute as though those murdered were ants. They have kept deaf ears to the peaceful calls of the IMN.
No efforts were made by the Assembly to even make an issue of rampant violation of the Army rules of engagement by the Nigerian Army. Instead they have shamefully turned themselves into eulogists of murderers.
Unlike the Nigerian law makers, the most recent law passed in the United State is that of allowing the victims’ families of the 9/11 bombing of the twin towers in New York to sue Saudi Arabia for damages despite its detriment on the US government and the CIA. Their main concern is the public interest and not the executive. They stand by their people even as their President and the CIA are against it.
Contrary to this, in Nigeria the law makers simply sit discuss and disperse and only make issues of what concerns the amount of money that goes to their pockets. Just imagine the shameful thing they engaged in on budget padding which looks more like they were bribed by the executive wing to mees themselves up.
Over 1000 Nigerians were murdered by the Nigerian Army with the government even confessing violating religious, state and international laws by burying 347 in a mass grave, most of who were not certified dead but had only bullet wounds, the Senate sees nothing worthy of discussing on the matter. What manner of law makers are these.
It seems as if the issues they make issues of are things that concern their families, friends and relations but not what concerns the generality of Nigerians.
Apart from Nigeria, where in the world would a Senate watch the state Army kill innocent unarmed civilians and still continue to pretend not to have heard anything. What would have been of the Senate and the country if the victims of the massacre were not peaceful in their approaches? What if theey had turned violent in their quest for redress, will the Senate have the serenity to even convene and direct funds to their pockets? Would it be then that they would be looking for ways to get arms and personnel to crush the IMN?
The irresponsibility of the Senate as regards the Zaria massacre is unforgivable because it further proves that they are less concerned about the lives of the citizenry.
Imagine just of recent, a bill seeking equal share for male and female child in sharing of inheritance scaling through second reading at the Senate. They are quick to allow it because they want to contest the Islamic code of sharing of inheritance which gives the male double share of the female.
They made no issue of the over 1000 people murdered by the Army because those killed were Muslims and now this bill that is anti-Islam they doing all efforts to pass it into law. Is the Senate an adversary of Islam and Muslims?
Could this be a silent battle against Islam and Muslims being perpetrated by the Assembly which reveals more of its weaknesses and anti-Islamic stance? Definitely someone would say there are Muslims in the Assembly and even the leader is one. Agreed it is true.
With their level of i-don’t-care-attitude on the Zaria massacre, one is tempted to ask whether they have any human feelings even before belonging to any religion. Religion nurtures such humanity which they don’t appear to be having. How would one describe people with this kind of hard heartedness as Muslims or Christians? Definitely their religion could best be described as ceremonial or even political for seeking votes and money and saving and protecting lives.
The public image of the Assembly needs to be improved by simply doing the right things without regards to individual interests. What the Assembly is telling the world today is that they are behind the crimes against humanity committed by the executive using the Army. Their role is to manage the executive out of the mess and cleanse them of crimes against humanity to the detriment of those they are representing. Definitely this is a very bad image they are displaying.
The Assembly should stand for the people and protect their lives and dignity and not to engage in eulogizing murderers and protecting their evil doings. And this message goes to all those in the Assembly no matter how good or godly they see themselves to be.
On a final note, could it be true that the Senate is being controlled by the global imperialists and not by their conscience? Are they serving the interest of Nigerians or their masters and modern colonialists? What hope do Nigerians have on them as they sell their conscience to serve imperialism and leave their people wretched?

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