Saudi America indeed

By Abdulmumin Giwa
Since the global Sunni Muslims gathered to declare that Wahhabism and Salafism, the Saudi ideologies, are not Sunni but something else, more and more revelations about what the Saudi rulers stand for in the world are coming to bare.
My personal take is that Wahhabism is simply an ideology that is created in the name of Islam to support the atrocities of the Saudi Kings using Islam and deceiving Muslims across the world due to the presence of the two most holy mosques under them.
The Saudis are lucky to have forcefully taken over the Hijaz in 1923 and named it after their family, thereby arrogating control of the two holiest mosques of Ka’bah in Makka and Masjidin Nabawi in Madina to themselves and swaying the support and sympathy of ignorant Muslims from around the world.
Throughout its existence the Saudi regime had always served the interest of its western political allies in the United States, Europe and Israel even if such interests are detrimental to the interest of Islam.
Of recent, the Saudi monarchs have declared turning away from the Sunna of the holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) they claim to be living on by declaring that they will no more go by the Islamic calendar as they embrace the Gregorian calendar for their activities.
They have fallen into economic recession in such a way that workers in some parts of the Kingdom have even started staging protest marches against the authorities demanding for salary payment.
The Kingdom had cut the salaries of its officials by 20% due to recession and is even making attempts to seek loan from the World Bank for the first time in its history in addition to the historic global downfall in the price of crude, the major source of income of the Kingdom second only to the annual Hajj.
The Saudi kingdom decided to drop the Prophetic calendar initiated by the holy Prophet since the Hijra (migration of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) from Mecca to Madina) on which a lot of Islamic activities including the Hajj, fast of the month of Ramadan and other activities are based still trying to find economic concession.
The reason for adopting the Gregorian calendar as against the Islamic calendar by the Saudi monarchs is that there are more days in the Gregorian calendar than there are in the Islamic calendar and each of the two has calendars has 12 months. The Islamic calendar is fifteen days shorter than the Gregorian calendar. Hence adopting it will reduce the amount of monthly payment to workers by an increase of fifteen days which could reduce expenses for the authorities. It is just this US economic idea that is making the Saudis dump the Sunna of the Prophet.
Of recent also the Saudis have been plunged into war with adversaries of its allies in the Muslim countries of Bahrain, Yemen and Syria. It has also made it the gravest enbemy of Iran even as Iran is operating a purely Islamic system.
More so, the Saudis have spent billions of dollars in the wars it is fighting and billions more in financing terrorism especially in the name of Al-Qaeda, ISIS and DAESH.
Nobody now needs to be told that the Saudis are sponsors of terrorism with the recent revelations that the Saudi government was involved in the Al-Qaeda bombing of the twin towers in New York termed 9/11. To this regard the US Congress had voted in favor of victims’ families to sue the Saudi regime for damages, an action which does not please two of its partners in the deal, the American government and the CIA.
Earlier the Saudis have taken economic steps of flooding the crude oil market by increasing its output thereby exploiting the absence of Iran in the market which subsequently brought down the price of the crude worldwide to have enough money to buy arms and fight wars and sponsor terrorism. Now that Iran is back in the market after the withdrawal of Sanctions the Saudi economy is trembling.
The US that has plunged the Saudi monarchs into war mongering and sponsoring of terrorism across the globe is the sole beneficiary of the Saudi recession as it had ripped over $30b profit in arms sale to Saudi Arabia and the Saudis are still looking for more money to give them every day.
The US and its global imperialist machinery has gotten the Saudis into the job of spreading hatred and enmity among Muslims in the name of sectarian differences where the Wahhabis declare fellow Muslims as infidels for not subscribing to their idea of Islam. As a result of this more Muslims have subscribed to sectarianism instead of Islam.
The Saudis spend billions of dollars sponsoring clerics, publishing hate literatures and lies across the Muslim world inducing hatred of Shiah and Shiism in particular. In the case of Nigeria it even financed the mass murder of over 1000 members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) who are anti-America, anti-Israel and pro-Iran and are seen as a threat to global imperialism in the Nigerian West African block.
To please the US the more, they mistreat other Muslims during the annual Hajj using the notorious police called Askar who could beat up a pilgrim praying by the holy Prophet’s tomb in Madina saying he is committing polytheism.
The US has used the Saudis to keep away Muslims from the Islamic Iran which they see as a threat to their interest. They have to stop the Islamic ideology as presented by Iran from prevailing using all means possible including blackmail, terrorism and war. They have passed religious decrees that even if one concocts lies against Shias and Shiism, Almighty God will reward him for that.
Meanwhile the Saudis are not finding it easy as things are falling apart most especially that the US Congress had voted against the interest of the monarchy. The Kingdom is threatening to sell off its US-based investments worth over $750b which can affect the American economy in a way and the American President Barak Obama is doing all possible to protect the Saudis’ interest and cover the CIA secrets.
In as much as the US is using the Saudi monarchy to destroy Islam and Muslims, it is also benefitting from it economically and deceiving the Muslims as well.
To the Saudis who claim to be adopting the Islamic system, are actually using the religion to pass the interest of the enemies of Islam across the Islamicdom.
In a true Islamic state, the rulers and everyone are all under Islam and it’s laws unlike the Saudi Wahhabi system where Islam and its laws are under the Saudi rulers and are concocted to suit their selfish whims and caprices.
We are getting closer to the time the Saudis will declare to opt for the American constitution and do away with the extremist misinterpretations they call Wahhabism. Very soon the White House shall decide for the Muslims when to fast and when to go to Hajj as their puppet Saudi America is ever willing to serve their interest at all cost even as to their own detriment. Saudi America indeed.

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