Quotes from: How Galant

By Abdulmumin Giwa
“We in Nigeria have grown to know that the mentality of the uniformed personnel especially the Nigerian Army is that of a superior citizen to other Nigerians. He could do anything extra-judicial and go away with it simply because he is wearing the army uniform. He could molest and harass a citizen, trample upon his fundamental rights and even crudely torture him in the name of punishing him for offending him.
“It is with this same military mentality that the Nigerian President is ruling the country. They even arrogantly and egocentrically describe other citizens as ‘bloody civilians’. Imagine this terrible and uncivilized mentality. A unit of the society that generates virtually zero income to the country whose job is to be paid by tax payers to protect the territorial boundaries of the country turning out to be killing innocent unarmed civilians. It is only in Nigeria that this incivility can take place unchallenged. It is also only in Nigeria that you find the military doing police work.
“These Army brutalities have gone along way creating resentments and hatred for them in the larger society in such a way that arrogance, suppression, inhumanity and terrorism have turned out to be the new definition they have given to gallantry of the Army. With this kind of new concept of gallantry one would not need to be told that the country is heading towards a doom as things are moving from bad to worse and from worse to…..? Somebody said hell. Funny, soldiers fighting unarmed civilians, how gallant.”
–Abdulmumin Giwa

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