*Between observing the rule of law and being an imperialist proxy*

*Between observing the rule of law and being an imperialist proxy*_By Dauda Nalado, PhD_

It is believed that two thirds of World resources abound in Africa. As colonization became old fashioned, the New World Order has adopted false flag terror in the name of Islam as a form of neo colonization to grab and control resources.

Thanks to the extremist Wahhabi doctrine which the imperial powers find handy and created Alqaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram & Co. In Nigeria the highly resourceful areas (Lake Chad Basin, Borno trough and the Zamfara plains) which are rich in oil, gold, platinum, diamond and Uranium, are targeted. The CIA- MOSSAD hub, in collaboration with other imperial security outfits, facilitates the clandestine operations. They had earlier hinted categorically on what they called revolutionary trends in Africa to assert Iranian influence. They have specifically mentioned the name of Ibraheem El Zakzaky of Nigeria.

One therefore easily finds the link between the Zaria carnage in December last year with the global merchants of terror. The trio of imperialists, Zionists and Wahhabi extremists were at play. The Nigerian Army was only a stooge at the disposal of this evil axis. The Islamic Movement in Nigeria, IMN, under the leadership of Sheikh El Zakzaky has established stark facts that the Zaria Massacre of its members was pre meditated, well planned and executed. The issue of “clash” or “road blockage” as many citizens were deceived to believe, was only used as a pretext. The Nigerian State security operative, subservient to that evil hub, has been attacking El Zakzaky since the 80’s: Buhari military Junta detained him without trial in 1984/85. Abacha cracked down on IMN, killed scores of members and jailed him 1996-98. Umar Yar’adua ordered his Gyallesu house to be bombed in 2009, not minding any consequences. Allah saved him.

Ebele Jonathan attacked the Movement in July 2014. Soldiers murdered 34 IMN members, including 3 of Zakzaky.s biological sons. From 12th-14th December, 2015 the worst oppression in recent history was perpetrated by the Buhari so called democratic administration. The Army, within 48 hours, killed an estimated 1000+ IMN members. Call them any name but they are human beings and Nigerian citizens.. The list includes the aged, armless men, students, women and children. Some injured were burnt to death. Corpses were dumped in a single mass grave as attested by Kaduna State government that they mass buried 347 corpses. A lot hundreds are up to now “missing”. From all standards, the pogrom was a gross violation of fundamental human right and indeed a gruesome crime against humanity as attested by Amnesty International and the Islamic Human Rights Commission. The recent submission by the partial and dependent Kaduna Judicial Commission of Inquiry has affirmed the earlier stance of the IMN that it was formed to indict but not to inquire. They deliberately shielded the principal culprits: COAS, C-in-C and Kaduna Governor and decided to make GOC 1 Div the sacrificial lamb. They battered their professional integrity to the extent of proffering recommendations that clash with fundamental constitutional provisions.

The imperialists, through their local surrogates, had intended to eliminate the only obstacle in their hegemonic quest, El-Zakzaky and then disband the IMN through Muhammad-Yusuf-style carnage. They had calculated that the merciless brutality would certainly provoke the IMN into taking up arms. This they could then use to unleash false flag terror in the North West axis under the guise of Shi’ah vengeance. Thus their dream of disintegrating Nigeria in order to control its vast resources would materialize. After killing everybody at sight including his three (additional) children, shooting his wife several times, well armed soldiers together with professional snipers gathered around this single armless, pure, innocent soul and unleashed all their killer bullets at close range but he survived by the will of His Creator. The grand design failed woefully right from the onset. Allah showed them that life and death are in His Divine control. El-Zakzaky uses wisdom, knowledge, intellect, true teachings of Islam and reliance on Allah. He does not engage in hate preaching nor dine with tyrants. This is the secret of his ever increasing followership and prosperity of the IMN which many are either oblivious or jealous of.

For eight months now, this victim of the century is still incarcerated at the hands of the DSS without even a framed up charge. They made a fool of the citizenry by claiming that he is in their “protective custody” as if they were not party to his illegal and cruel abduction. Who really benefits from his continued unconstitutional detention? Certainly, it is not Nigerians who are now looking for the fitness to survive. The present administration is brought about through the rule of Law. Why are they turning deaf ears to the yearnings of Nigerians? Millions of citizens constantly protest peacefully for the release of El-Zakzaky. He is in dire need of medical attention. Therefore his right to medical care of his choice should be given with immediate effect. Oh Strong, most Powerful Allah, cometh to the rescue of Your oppressed servant! Flagrant disregard to the rule of law only confirms the assertion that the country is ruled by proxy. The Masters are there in Tel aviv, Washington and Downing Street. They want to keep us in perpetual slavery engaging us with pseudo insecurity while usurping our wealth. Allah is on our side.

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