KDSG vs Mahdi Munkaila and 90 others: Case could not hold today

13139233_1026853240734982_1283019737671557857_nBy Abdulmumin Giwa

Following an earlier adjournment in the case between the Kaduna State Government and Mahdi Munkaila along with 90 other members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria IMN, fixed to hold today, the sitting could not take place.

The State High Court judge, Justice Hajara Gwada is attending the Judges Conference while the court is still not conducive due to renovation works taking place in the court rooms.

More so, the other available court room is being used for the 2015 General Elections Tribunal and sitting could not take place in the court.

Following this development, lawyers representing the IMN members have started processing for a change of court in order not to hinder or delay the case as the other sister cases have reached stages of hearing already.

Members of the IMN were not brought to court from the Kaduna Central Prison today.

It would be recalled that 191 members of the movement have been kept in jail and are being charged to court by the Kaduna State Government since the attack on the movement in Zaria last December.

The IMN members are being charged for culpable homicide and possession of firearms among other charges. The defendants have been grouped into four different groups and are facing charges in the Kaduna State High Court.

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