IMN to NSGF: Prioritize Mass burial of 347 corpses not JCI

13103550_849875268473106_615725468912393823_nAbdulmumin Giwa

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria IMN has advised the Northern States Governors Forum NSGF to prioritize the disturbing issue of mass burial of 347 of its members instead of calling on it to cooperate with the JCI.

“What we had expected the NSGF to have dwelt up is not our absence from the proceedings of the Commission but the disturbing facts emanating from the confessions of the Kaduna state government in the mass burial of 347 people and the denial of such a war crime by the soldiers involved” the statement said.

This is contained in a statement signed today by Ibrahim Musa, the president of the Media Forum of the movement responding to a call made by the NSGF to IMN to cooperate with the JCI.

Following this revelation of mass burial the movement stated that there are still over 400 persons that are still missing since the pogrom which should be of concern to the NSGF even as the Army is claiming it handed over “a few corpses” for burial to the state government.

“The Islamic Movement sincerely believes it is not too late for the NSGF to demand for the immediate release of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and other members of IMN in detention. It is only when victims of the military attack in Zaria are savoring their freedom just like their attackers that justice might be expected from any judicial commission of inquiry” the movement finally stated.

The statement further described the continued detention of the leader of the Movement, Sheikh Ibraaheem Zakzaky as the foremost reason why it stays away from the JCI, “among the reasons is the continued incarceration of the leader of the Islamic Movement, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky”.

The movement explained that it is only rational that its leader be released because the soldiers that perpetrated the Zaria killings are freely working the streets while he the victim is kept in detention.

In a related development the IMN has recently released a list of 780 missing persons since the December pogrom and 374 have been confirmed to have buried in a mass grave by the state government.

Amnesty International Senior Adviser on Crises, Donatella Rovera has stated recently in London that there might be some mass graves that have not been discovered because there are still about 350 persons still missing and they have not been seen in prison or any detention facility.

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