Re-New Shi’ite group disown el-Zakzaky Movement.

10299071_1657394451201758_5874517390390978602_nBy Abdulmumin Giwa

I read with dismay from the Guardian newspaper and indeed other media that the Rasulul A’azam Foundation RAAF, has condemned the activities of Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky’s Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) and the clash with soldiers in Zaria last year, saying such action was unwarranted.

The group said the actions of the movement over years constituted security threat and are incompatible with the principles and philosophy of the Shiite origin.

We in the IMN are not in any way surprised by their actions because of what their character of shallow mindedness and gross myopia suggests.

Definitely, they are not safe from what befalls the IMN that is widely seen as a Shi’ite organization. By simply being Shi’ites they face the same agony as suggested in the speech of the Emir of Kano on the pogrom who declared Nigeria only for Sunni.

More so, the Saudi King congratulated the Nigerian president for killing Shi’ites describing them as terrorists simply because what was done was a Takfiri, Wahhabi Salafist agenda on Shi’ism and not IMN.

This suggests that the fight is not against IMN alone as a body but against Shi’ism as a faith and they are Shi’ites.

When they accuse IMN of Mut’a, Taqiyya, abusing the companions of the Prophet and upholding Ali AS above all the companions, they do it because they see it as Shi’ism and not IMN.

The RAAF would be most foolish to presume that if IMN is wiped away by the Nigerian government and they are left alone they would be free of the calumny.

The RAAF should have explained better that the Islamic Movement in Nigera IMN is not a sectarian organization like theirs. That is probably what they meant by IMN is not Shi’ite.

For the records, IMN is rather a Movement that carries along all faith inclinations and builds bridges between them. You could be Sunni, you could be Shi’ite and you could be Christian and still be part of the Islamic Movement.

IMN is not a secluded island for only those who subscribe to a particular faith. It is a Movement that unites all forms of people towards a particular focus of achieving fairness and justice to mankind irrespective of tribe, race, region or religion.

Unlike the perception of RAAF where they see Shi’ism as the only platform to practice Islam, the Islamic Movement sees it the other way: It sees it as Islam under which you could practice Shi’ism or Sunnism depending on you conviction.

IMN has the tendency of uniting and establishing a platform for peace and developmental progress of the country.

On the contrary, RAAF creates segregation, division and suspicion among Nigerians by their idea of sectarianism which is a negative concept that promotes intolerance, lack of understanding and division among people.

Definitely, Nigerians would choose to be IMN members than they would ever consider becoming sectarian bigots that will be castigating one another.

We know that the RAAF might have been hired by some interested apparatuses to castigate the Islamic Movement which has given them the cover to dare say they are Shi’ites in the midst of extremist takfiri, Wahabis in Nigeria over the years.

IMN is not a sect, it is Islam under which you can practice your school of thought be it Sunni or Shi’I and believe in your religion be it Islam or Christianity.

IMN is the hope for the threatened diversity of Nigerians who see themselves as sectionalists, tribalists or religious sectarianists. It unites them and give them a purpose and a course that would free them from the continued exploitations by global imperialism that has subjected them to living under instituted poverty.

The ideals of the IMN is the hope for Nigerians and not the RAAF’s sectarian mentality.

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